“Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord." - Luke 2:10-11
Dec. 20th

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A special thank you:

National Charity League partnered with RO and bought & wrapped all of our after-school children presents this year to be opened at our Christmas party. We are so thankful for their generosity along with a few other generous individuals who also bought presents for our kids. Hope to see you at the party!
Staff Highlight:
Meet Jessica
Meet Our New Program Director
Help us congratulate Jessica, our new program director. Jessica joined RO working with our after-school children on May 29th, 2019. Jessica is finishing her education while studying to attain her National Child Care License. Her heart for children is evident to all. She comes from a big family, and has a strong background of 12 years in child-care experience. In addition, Jessica served as a missionary helping children in countries such as Japan and India. All of our RO kids and staff love to see her each day as she works hard in our program. Jessica brings a special warmth and humility to RO, and we are so honored to have her on our team.
Looking ahead...
On February 1st, 10am, you are invited to a children's event Reconciliation Outreach and Ya Basta are hosting together in the gym. Ya Basta is an on-site Hispanic ministry that helps prevent child sexual abuse through community empowerment, counseling victims, and sending their incredible books across the world. Ya Basta will perform a skit with their volunteers and talk to parents at the event, as well as give out children's backpacks with their books that help talk about boundaries in a kid-friendly way and empower children to have a voice to fight sexual abuse.

Ministry Highlight
One of our favorite things at RO is to partner with other ministries and non-profits serving Dallas so we can work together, share resources, and partner to truly help transform generations through Jesus Christ. We so enjoy working with Exodus Ministries as they help formerly incarcerated mothers to reunite with their children. Most mothers come to Exodus immediately upon being released from prison. Their solid discipleship program is one year long, and often times, upon graduation, these families come to The Refuge at our ministry for their next step to a successful life.

More info on Exodus:
"At Exodus they re-invent themselves by developing life and money management skills, becoming employed, starting a savings account, and most importantly – becoming a positive influence for their children to make correct life choices. Purpose, self-esteem, courage and trust are integrated into the “new” parent role model and passed on to their children where the wounds from separation are most often the deepest."

Reconciliation Outreach is excited to have so many moms from Exodus come move in to The Refuge Apartments!
It's the end of the year and we would like to extend the invitation to make your last donation for 2019. Reconciliation Outreach is fully funded through grants and donors like you. Thank you for giving to us for over 30 years to transform generations in East Dallas!
From all of us at RO: