Winter 2021 Newsletter
Welcome to the Yoga House!

We hope you are healthy and well during these unpredictable times, and we hope that yoga is helping you to calm your mind and keep your immune system strong.

Please read on for many exciting upcoming events, including our popular Sunday free class, Happy Hips Workshop part 2, and a special sadhana offered by Krisna. Also included is our asana feature to help calm the nervous system, an immunity sequence, plus a lovely article and poem from Melissa. As well, enjoy a recipe for a healthy, warm beverage.

Our new President's Report feature will inform you of the current status of our very special non-profit yoga house, so please read on below.

We appreciate our members, your loyalty and ongoing support of KYH. We wish everyone a peaceful, comfortable and healthy winter!

For a complete overview of our schedule, please click the link.
President's Report
by Dianne Kapty
Kelowna Yoga House Society is a not-for-profit society, run by a board of directors and the dedicated service of its many volunteers! I offer this report as a peek behind the scenes at the studio and in the neighbourhood. I include comments on the downtown homeless situation and the activities of Metro Community (our next-door neighbour) as I believe we need to understand what is happening so we can learn to co-exist with the less fortunate around us.

By way of introduction, I retired to Kelowna in 2011. My mother’s next-door neighbour took me with her when she ran an errand to the KYH studio, and it was such an inviting space even empty. My first class was with Krisna, and I soon settled into Tracy’s beginner class (and coffee afterwards). I joined the work exchange program and washed the floors once a week. I was elected to the board of directors at the 2013 AGM. In February 2015 I switched my work exchange task to receptionist/office person one morning a week. At the height of the unlimited pass, I took 3-5 classes per week. At the depth of the pandemic, I took one online class per week. Despite the pandemic persisting, I realized that Kelowna Yoga House is important to me and put my name forward for president of the board. And I realized that Iyengar yoga is important to me and I am now taking three online classes per week. As Melissa said in a recent class ‘yoga is amazing for the body at all ages and all stages’.

A big thank you to the 108 individuals who responded to our survey. A committee has been formed to analyze the results. We will start with action items that can be done in the near future. A report will be prepared for the February meeting of the board to guide the future of the Kelowna Yoga House Society.

COVID-19 in BC - Restrictions on events and gatherings have been extended to February 5, 2021 at midnight. KYH in-studio classes follow the Public Health Guidelines for Group Low Intensity Exercise (December 14, 2020). These days it seems that life is best lived one day at a time.

Metro Community (our next-door neighbour) works with individuals living in Kelowna who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness. To learn more about Metro Community visit New staff... Click to read Dianne's full report.
Upcoming Events
For the Love of Yoga -
a free community online yoga class!
Sunday, February 14
10:30 am - Noon

All levels and abilities welcome!
Family Day
Online Yoga Classes
Monday, February 15
All Levels with Tracy
10:30-11:45 am

Back Care with Krisna
10:30-11:30 am
Sunday, February 28
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm PST
$25 + tax
This 2.5 hour workshop will focus on creating good range of motion and stability in the hip joints, plus openness in the pelvic region for good organ health.
Online Sadhana: February 12 -21
B.K.S. Iyengar said, “The Body is my temple, the asanas are my prayers.”
Join Krisna for prayer—in and through the body. 10 days of consecutive morning asana practice in the Iyengar tradition. These will be quiet, led morning practices to start your day off in a mood of devotion and gratitude for the gift of this life.

Open to those with 1-year minimum experience who know how to set up for shoulderstand. Please click the link for times and cost:
My Temple: Cleaning the Temple Detox optional program
Add on another layer of sadhana—śauca, the niyama of purification. We will meet Thursday evening online (7:30-9pm) to customize your own detox program for the period that you are taking the morning sadhana. Krisna will provide support in designing your cleansing diet and lifestyle for the next 10 (or 5) days. Private 20-minute consult with Krisna is included in package pricing. Other elements of detoxification will be included and each participant will be able to choose their level of intensity. $50 add on.
Asana Feature:
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
(supported bridge pose)
A Relaxing Pose for Body and Mind,
by Laurie Longden
Try this supported and restorative version of Setu Bandha Sarvangasana!
This is a wonderful pose to help relieve fatigue and calm mental restlessness. In this variation, the calves are supported on the chair seat, the strap holds the thighs from rolling outward, and the sacrum is resting on a block.
Blood flow is directed toward the heart in this open chest position allowing the breath to move higher in the upper chest. The positioning of the head, neck and throat gives balance to the thyroid glands and has a calming influence on the mind.
There are many benefits to practicing this pose, one of them being the cultivation of greater flexibility in the upper back and shoulders. Interlacing the fingers behind the block brings one more to the top of the shoulders and further opens the upper back.
It is beneficial to hold this pose for at least 5 to 10 minutes before your final Savasana.
For those who have stiffness in the neck, lower or upper back, this pose can be done using two blocks at mid-height (as shown) or using a bolster with feet supported at the same height. Extra blankets may be needed to support the shoulders and back of
the neck and head.
Relax and Enjoy!
Breath, a poem
by Melissa Perehudoff
Breathing in, breathing out.
Smiling, letting go.

The oxygen can heal me.
The droplets can kill me.

Inhaling my body rests.
Exhaling my mind lets go.

Surrendering from the crown of my head to the tip of my toes.
Redirecting vital energy and following the flow.

Collar bones are widening, shoulders descend.
Eyes become quiet, spirit ascends.

Diaphragm is releasing, face is softening.
Heart is opening, wonder is awakening.

Inhaling oxygen, exhaling toxins.
Watching with curiosity, letting go with compassion.

The inhalation is soft, smooth and quiet.
The exhalation is slow, steady and deep.

Ribcage expands 1,2,3. Mind becomes still 4,5,6.
Seeing the beauty 1,2,3. Feeling the fear 4,5,6.

The breath animates, the life force permeates.
Nourishing the body, radiating spirit.

Breathing in light, breathing out stress
We share the air, we connect with awareness.

Allowing the space, accepting grace
Breathing in love, feeling safe.
Take a Deep Breath and Exhale
by Melissa Perehudoff
The antidote to stress is relaxation. So we just need to take a deep breath and relax. Does this seem easier said than done? You are not alone. The speed of events in modern life, environmental conditions and personal tensions, have all increased our daily stress. The slower pace and deep breathing in a restorative yoga class interrupt the effects of the regular fight, flight or freeze stress response. Yoga asanas or postures maintain the smooth functioning and health of all the body’s systems. They relax the body and mind allowing both to recover from fatigue or weakness and the stress of daily life. Asanas improve blood flow to all the cells of the body, revitalizing and strengthening the nerve cells (1). In a restorative yoga class we learn to use the breath as a bridge to relax the body and the mind since really they cannot be separated.
In a restorative yoga class we use the props to put the body in a supportive position to relax and open. Then we place our attention on the breath to use inhalations to overcome fatigue and exhalations to release tension. Yogic methods of relaxation... Read Full Article
Gold Milk
Compliments of The Joyful Belly, School of Ayurvedic Diet and Digestion


2 pinch CARDAMOM
2 pinch CINNAMON
1 tsp HONEY
1 c MILK
2 pinch TURMERIC

1. Heat milk with spices until it just boils.

2. Remove from heat. Let cool a few minutes and pour into a cup with honey. Be sure not to heat the honey with the milk and herbs. The honey can liquefy in the warmed milk, but heating honey is not recommended.

Gold milk is the fabled "milk and honey" of the promised land and provides tremendous nourishment. Its fragrant spices will awaken your appetite for its nurturing satisfaction. In South Asia, people believe milk is sacred because it (along with fruits) are one of the few foods freely given without violence to the plant or animal. A mother freely gives milk to a calf with love. Gold milk is thus a loving way to relax and enjoy the winter season.

Gold milk strengthens and rehabilitates those with weak constitutions. Cow's milk is the star of this drink and it is a supreme rasayana, or rejuvenative, aiding you through the chilly, demanding weeks of the holiday season. Just as milk nurtures a baby, it can satisfy your every nutritional need. However, there are many misconceptions about milk and the best ways to consume it. Cow's milk is difficult to digest and many find it downright indigestible. Thin, emaciated, weakened individuals (Vata types) need milk's nourishment most, but often these are the very individuals who cannot digest milk. Gold milk makes the nourishment of milk accessible to all. The key to this improvement on milk is in the spices. Vata individuals often suffer from poor digestion due to dryness, cold, weakness and digestion. The turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom in this drink add heat and stimulate extra blood flow to the digestive tract, counteracting coldness and making the milk easy to digest.

Vata types aren't the only ones who have trouble with milk. Milk can create instant congestion for those with a Kapha-type body (i.e. those who tend to have low metabolism and gain weight). Kapha people who drink too much milk soon end up with excessive mucus in their digestive tract and sinuses. Since it is nutrient-dense, milk has a tendency to cool, congeal, and clog the blood. As circulation becomes more stagnant, thick mucus and fluids tend to collect in the lungs and sinuses. This kind of mucous lodges deep in the lungs and can be very difficult for Kapha individuals to expectorate. The spices in gold milk, on the other hand, actually destroy mucous in both in the respiratory and digestive tract, making this nutritive tonic supportive even for Kapha types.

The herb that gives this recipe its namesake, the golden turmeric, heats, thins and invigorates the blood. Thin blood circulates freely, mobilizes the immune system and making Kapha body more warm-blooded in colder winter months. Additionally, turmeric is a natural antibiotic and antimicrobial that is appropriate for even weak individuals. The heat in cinnamon, beloved in many fall and winter desserts, also helps you rebound from a cold or flu.
A Good Night's Sleep

Suffering from insomnia? Spiced milk is an age old formula for relaxation in Ayurveda. From a western standpoint, the calcium and magnesium levels in milk indicate its ability to relax a racing mind and tight muscles. From an Ayurvedic perspective, Gold Milk contains all the qualities that bring on sound sleep- it is heavy, warm, and nourishing. Milk is what lulls babies to sleep; it innately offers a sense of peace.
Lost & Found
Boots in Search of Owner

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Students who are financially unable to pay for classes may apply for a bursary to help pay for a session or workshop. Please email us (or your teacher) who can forward your request onto the Bursary Committee. Priority is given to students who have proven devotion to the practice of Iyengar Yoga, as funds are limited.

Please note that we offer a free class once every month on a Sunday. Please see our schedule for dates.
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