East Coast Workshop at Garrison Institute, October 9 - 11, 2015
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  • From the Executive Director: Updates and changes
  • 2015: The year in review
  • Amazon Smile program
  • Report on the 2015 East Coast workshop at the Garrison Institute
  • Two vital programs developed by SAF leaders
  • Upcoming national SAF workshops:
    West Coast Workshop: May, 13 - 15, 2016 in Menlo Park, California 
    East Coast Workshop: October 7 - 9, 2016 in Garrison, New York
  • Workshops in New York City
  • Articles, photos, poetry: Submission information

for newsletter From the Executive Director:
  A big "Thank you" to all those who made donations to the SAF last year. We received more donations in 2015 than we have for many years, almost three times as much as in 2014!  Your generosity means that Sensory Awareness will continue to expand and touch the lives of more people across the globe.
A special thanks to the three anonymous donors who gave matching funds so generously in December, to our board members and to everyone who faithfully gives of their time and money every year. 
And thanks to Richard Lowe, former SAF Executive Director, who remained on the SAF board through 2015 to support and advise us during this transitional period as I assumed the role of Executive Director of the SAF.
Richard stepped down from the board on December 31, 2015, as he had planned to do, but he is now on our Advisory Board. We are very grateful that he continues to serve in so many ways.  Richard continues to offer Sensory Awareness classes at Fort Mason in the San Francisco area. He is also reaching out to organizations which share our values and vision with the goal of building community and sharing support and resources.

If you'd like to find our more about what he is doing, visit his website: 
New SAF Board Member: Enric Bruguera

We are very pleased to announce that Enric Bruguera is now on the SAF board!  He joined us in December 2015. He brings a lively intelligence and many years of experience. We are especially pleased to welcome a European leader to round out our board and reflect a broader range of the development and influence of Sensing in the world.
A professional photographer as well as a Leader of Sensory Awareness, Enric was first drawn to sensing by his observation of body language, and the subtle insights to which it led. He began studying Sensory Awareness a quarter century ago, and found it opened a new way of living for himself and his students. He is director of The Center for Bodily Learning (Centre de Pedagogia Corporal) in the Catalonia region of Spain and he teaches workshops across Europe, as well as in Mexico and India. The SAF would like to see more connection between the European and North American leaders.  Many of these leaders studied with contemporaries of Charlotte Selver, who, in turn worked with Elsa Gindler and Heinrich Jakobi. They offer a very rich heritage and contribution to this work. Welcome Enric!
HIghlights: 2015 in Review 
  • We held the first national SAF East Coast Workshop. Due to it's success, we will continue to offer an annual workshop in the U.S. on both the East and West coasts.
  • A new program, Sensing Sundays, supports people in an on-going practice by offering sensing experiments through conference calls twice a month.  The calls are led by members of the Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild.
  • Scholarships made it possible for numerous veterans and college students to attend our two national workshops in 2015.
  • Donations have been made to programs developed by leaders who are working with under-served populations. (See below)  
  • The SAF continues to support members of the Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild (SALG) through resources in a special section of our website, the posting of their workshops and by collaborating on the two 3 - day Leaders' Guild meetings that occur before each national workshop.
  • Thanks to Enric Bruguera and Lee Klinger Lesser, "Waking Up" will be available in Spanish in the near future.
  • We are continuing to develop the new SAF website.
  • The SAF has had hundreds of hours of video footage of Charlotte Selver leading the classes of the 2002 Study Group. We now have five finished DVDs thanks to the patient, dedicated editing of Patricia Baxter.
  • Michael Atkinson and Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt are collaborating on creating short videos on Sensory Awareness to make the work more accessible and understood. See their first finished video, "Spontaneous Mindfulness", on our home page, click on: Spontaneous Mindfulness and scroll down to the the video on the right. They are currently working on a new project, with ideas for more.
  • There are now many audio files of leaders leading experiments.  Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt and Lee Klinger Lesser have generously given us permission to use some of theirs on our website and we plan to edit others. Thank you, Beate Heckner, for offering to do some of the editing.
The "AmazonSmile" Program  
When you shop at AmazonSmile, 0.5% of the purchase price goes to the nonprofit of your choice. To support us every time you shop, please bookmark the link below:
OR you can click here www.smile.amazon.com and follow the simple instructions to designate the Sensory Awareness Foundation as your chosen nonprofit. That's it. After that, you'll be given the choice to click on AmazonSmile whenever you go onto the Amazon website.  
At the end of the year Amazon sends out checks to the nonprofits who have accrued AmazonSmile donations. Amazon does not charge any administrative fees, so the full amount of monies raised goes directly to charities.  
East Coast Workshop
Garrison Institute, New York: October 9 - 11, 2015
82 people attended the workshop at the Garrison Institute. It was the first national SAF East Coast workshop in many years. Here Pat Meyer Peterson is leading her session.

Michael Atkinson, Carol Buck and Ray Fowler, SAF and SALG board members, worked with our Secretary/Treasurer, Sara Gordon, to organize this very successful workshop.  It was not only well attended by 82 participants, but there was a waiting list. This workshop brought together many long-time students and leaders of Sensing from the United States and Europe.  It was very moving to see old friends reconnect, some of whom hadn't seen each other for over 30 years. Just as inspiring, about half of the participants were new to Sensing. You can view more
photos of the workshop here: Garrison photos.  

Sessions were offered by Enric Bruguera, Sara Bragin, Carol Buck, Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt, Lee Klinger Lesser, Pat Meyer-Peterson, Krista Sattler and Eugene Tashima.  
Old friends and highly respected leaders, Krista Sattler (Austria) and Lilith Pincus (U.S.) sharing a moment at the 2015 East Coast workshop.  
Nine college students were able to attend due to scholarships they received from the SAF  These were students who had experienced Sensory Awareness as part of their college curriculum.  Six were from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro (UNCG), which also provided them with travel stipend grants. They have attended Theatre/Movement classes taught by Assistant Professor, and Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild member, Denise Gabriel. She has offered Sensing as a part of her classes for many years, even taking a class to Barra de Navidad for an intensive Sensory Awareness retreat, co-led by Patricia Baxter.

Three students came from Donald McCown's classes at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. McCown is Assistant Professor in the Health Sciences Department and Co-director of the Center for Contemplative Studies at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He has been at the forefront of integrating mindfulness approaches into curriculum, health services and psychotherapy for many years. 
The presence of people of a wide range of ages, cultures and backgrounds greatly enriched the total experience of the workshop.   

Leaders and long-time Sensory Awareness Students from Europe 
From left: Gloria Lerin (Spain), Krista Sattler (Austria), Enric Bruguera and his wife, Nuria Vives (Spain), Petra Rappitsch (Austria), Guenther Bechler (Austria). 
These leaders attended the Sensory Awareness Leader's Guild gathering that preceded the workshop. Many other leaders joined them at the workshop itself. Several came from Europe (Austria and Spain). 

A story of hope and healing......

We listened as Carol Buck told us of her despair, some 40 years ago, when she was diagnosed with advanced Scleroderma, a terrible, degenerative, connective tissue disease. A soulful, talented cellist, she could only hold down the strings of her instrument using the index finger of her left hand. She was told that her illness was terminal and that there was no treatment available.
Somehow she happened to go to a Sensory Awareness class with Charlotte Selver and she "felt a difference right away. I could feel where the frozen areas in my tissues met the areas that were still alive." That was the late summer. She explored Sensing daily in a study group with Charlotte Selver and by December, she was moving with much more ease. Her recovery continued as she continued to study and the practice of Sensory Awareness permeated her daily life.
Now, in her 70s, still agile and mobile, she performs in several musical ensembles in New York City, including the Ron Carter Nonet. She is also an active member of the Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild. Carol played several beautiful classical pieces for us and invited listeners to place a hand on her to feel the resonance of the music through her as she performed. It was a special highlight at the workshop and a testimony to the power of cultivating deep sensory presence in our lives.
Lilith Pincus (above center) suggested that we have a silent auction and donated one of her paintings and two stools that were designed especially for Sensing experiments by the late Charles Brooks. She donated all of the proceeds to the SAF.  Sensory Awarness has been a part of Lilith's life for over 50 years. Thank you, Lilith!
Donations to vital programs developed by leaders  
Veterans PATH:
As some of you may know, Honoring the Path of the Warrior (HPW), has an new name: Veterans PATH. This program was developed by Lee Klinger Lesser and Chris Fortin in 2008 to "provide returning veterans a safe environment and enable them to rediscover meaning, purpose, and joy in their lives through mindfulness, meditation, and community. The letters P, A, T & H of Veterans PATH are an acronym for: Peace Acceptance Transformation and Honor. The SAF was happy to donate to Veterans PATH in 2015. Besides a monetary donation, to date, we have donated over 60 copies of the journal "Every Moment is a Moment", which the veterans use during and after their retreats. This program has grown from a few veterans to full retreats and a mentoring group of veterans who have been involved in HPW for some time. We hope to see this kind of comprehensive program spread to other areas. It has literally saved lives. Congratulations on your non-profit status!
Educación para el Desarrollo de la Comunidad:
Education for Community Development is a program developed in Mexico. Luzma Ramirez, a Sensory Awareness leader, trains teachers to offer simple sensing experiments every school day to over 300 students in 15 schools. Initially, the program worked with kindergartners only, but it expanded to include the mothers of the students. There are more teachers in training and fathers are also asking for a Sensory Awareness group. Ms. Ramirez states that the donation from the SAF will allow her to offer training to more teachers. "We felt this was the way to reach the most people." She has been training a group of students at the University of Iberoamericana in the Psychology Department. These college students, in turn, are leading adolescent groups in simple sensing experiments.
Students in a Sensory Awareness class in a school in Mexico City.
Since this program has existed for 30 years, Ms. Ramirez has been able to observe changes over time. She reports significant decreases in bullying and violence in the schools and a higher graduation rate. This program offers parenting classes and other support as well. "This kind of change ripples out into the homes and the whole community. We had to expand because the mother's and father's of the students saw the positive changes in their children and wanted to experience Sensory Awareness for themselves. Adolescents also wondered why they couldn't be in this program. We are grateful for any support that helps us to share this work with more children and their families. It is also beautiful to see the impact of Sensory Awareness on the lives of the teachers.  As they attend retreats to learn how to offer this work to their students, they become more confident in themselves."

Upcoming National workshops  
In May 2016, come to our annual West Coast workshop at the Vallombrosa Retreat Center in Menlo Park, California, May 13 - 15, 2016!  More information will be available soon on our website. You can contact Sara Gordon @ 415-507-0996 to register early.
From left: Aniisha Condon, Miren Salmeron, Cathy Edgett with an ancient Ginkgo tree at Vallombrosa Retreat Center for a West Coast Workshop. 
The East Coast workshop was so successful that we have already scheduled one in 2016 at the Garrison Institute in New York, October 7 - 9, 2016. This year we will be in the larger hall pictured below. Last year there was a waiting list, so be sure to sign up early when we send out the e-flyer later this year.  Join us!
The main meditation hall at the Garrison Institute, formerly a monastery.
The Garrison Institute is a beautiful locale on the Hudson River, surrounded by woods and sloping, green lawns. Garrison hosts many contemplative and mindfulness oriented retreats
and workshops every year.

Upcoming Workshops in New York City  
After the East Coast Workshop, we asked Leaders to offer Sensing classes in New York City so that people in that area could continue to experience this work. Penny Smith has offered regular sessions in NYC for many years. Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt is returning to New York regularly and Louise Boedecker offers one-day workshops there several times a year. We'll keep you posted!

One Day Workshop in New York City
with Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt
Playful experiments with gravity 
to re-calibrate our sense of orientation and skillful effort.
Explorations of everyday movements.

Quiet presence and lively interactions with life.
Sunday, March 20, 2016
Times: 10 am to 5 pm Where: Nola Sound Studios, 250 W. 54th Street, Studio 2, 10th floor
Cost: $95 (student rebate by request)
To register please send Stefan an email:
and mail a check with the full payment of $95 to:
Pathways of Sensory Awareness LLC
PO Box 185
Hancock NH 02449 
Logo for Stefan_s website
Click on this image to visit Stefan's website.
Monday Nights in New York City with Penny Smith 
In 1972, two years after Charlotte Selver moved to California, Ray Fowler and Mary Alice Roche started up a Monday night Sensory Awareness class in NYC. Any of the many leaders who attended could lead the class in sensing experiments. That class is still going!
Penny Smith leads the class most often, but anyone who is authorized to lead can still ask to lead an experiment. If you are in NYC on a Monday night, consider attending this class!
When: Monday evenings through the end of April (Possibly beyond)
Time: 5 - 6:30 pm
Where: Keystone Studio, 252 West 30th Street, #4B (Between 7th and 8th Avenue, near Penn Station)
Fee: $10 for drop-ins. (The fee changes with regular attendance.)
Call Penny Smith @ 718-541-0875 for more information.

Submissions: Articles, comments, photos, etc.... 
Do you have an article to submit about Sensory Awareness or a related topic? Perhaps a report on a workshop, lecture or event? Maybe just a comment or question? Or a relevant photograph or other material?
Please send them to me, Pamela Blunt by e-mail: sensoryawareness@outlook.com
  We will consider publishing your materials in our newsletter or on our website, with your permission, of course. If you need your submission translated into English, let me know and we can discuss some possibilities. We'd really like to have some articles in other languages.   We'd love to hear from you! 
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