We missed our usual January Winter newsletter to our entire email list due to the vicissitudes of aging as well as the yearend busyness on the backend here at The Cornerstone Forum office. Chores, these days, seem to take longer than they did a decade ago. As technology advances, I feel I fall further behind. Both Gil Bailie and I find we can only do one thing at time, which usually means we now only have one spinning plate on a stick. And even then, it’s a challenge to keep it from shattering on the floor.

Our complimentary downloadable MP3 this month (being made available to all on our mailing list) is the first of a two part series on the poetry of WH Auden. Click on the button below to download the MP3 audio file. Our sustaining donors are being mailed the complete 2 CD sent this month, and our regular donors will have part two of the series emailed to them in March.