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Cheers to 2021! May next year be full of joy! May it be filled with new possibilities and hopefully a mask-free life!

2020 will soon be behind us. We wish we could have done more for our community, including you. We've had misfortunes such as cancelled classes, National Convention, not meeting Michael Phelps, and so much more! We are determined to help make 2021 more productive. So be on the lookout for a Spring virtual class, our virtual annual meeting, our LIVE National Convention in Tampa, and so much more! Stay tuned!

Happy safe and healthy Holidays!
~Elizabeth A. Cain, AMTA IN Chapter President
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Happy 30 years, MTF! Not only are they celebrating with a webinar, but they are also hosting a free webinar February 3rd about Massage Therapy and the Immune System. visit massagetherapyfoundation.org for details.
Notes from your GR (Michelle Bailey):

Hello chapter members!
It's been quite an interesting hike since late spring when I accepted the appointment to this position. I am learning as I go and I want to take you along with me. 
I have learned that there is A LOT to learn! #themoreyouknowthemoreyougrow
I would like to keep things as simple as possible while conveying information to you.
Please know that while the wheels of our government move extremely slow at times, your Indiana Chapter Board members are working hard to continue to make forward progress.
Currently we are focused on working with the Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) Board and the Governor's office regarding the status of our massage licensure. At this time the rules for our licensure are back "in process". This means that in March of this year the rules were pre approved but stalled due to COVID-19. The rules are again under review and moving through the approval process. We have not been given an estimated final date for approval. I will do my best to keep you updated.

If you want to follow the PLA board activities please check out the quarterly PLA board meetings. You can find more information at https://www.in.gov/pla/massage.htm
We value you and your dedication to the profession of massage therapy.
~ Michelle

MY STORY! by Erika Hoff

Hello, massage therapists!
My name is Erika Hoff. I have been massaging since May of 2018. During the short amount of time in this industry, I have experienced many ups and downs. Similarly, as many of you, I was extremely concerned about the outcomes of shutting down my practice during the mandated quarantine. I hated having to contact each of my clients and explain why they would not be receiving their massages that month and the uncertainty of when I would be returning.
I am privileged to have extremely understanding and loyal clients. I was able to start back massaging the beginning of May and took all the precautions to ensure my clients remained safe and secure in the facility where I work. I also went back to performing in-home massages with extra caution. Not all my in-home clients where ready for my return due to their individual reasons, but most of them were ecstatic to see me.
As we progress through the stages of reopening, the need for continued, proper, sanitation practices and will become even greater. I strive to provide my clients with an environment they can trust and the quality service they remember.
Keep your head up, everyone!
We are AMTA!
~Erika Hoff, BCTMB

It's almost 2021!!! Our Massage Certificate expires in May! Don't forget to renew!!!
Interested in volunteering??? AMTA IN has positions available! Contact us for details.

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