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Your AMTA-WY Winter Newsletter 2020
Happy Holidays everyone! Hope everyone is staying healthy.
Upcoming Events
We look forward to bringing everyone together again for the next AMTA 2021 National Convention in Tampa, Florida August 26-28, 2021 to celebrate the massage therapy profession.

President's Letter
Welcome to December. There is not a lot to report but I have included the updates about AMTA's COVID policy on in-person meetings and the push to get state licensure in WY.
There are some amazing opportunities for CEUs that I post to the Facebook page and also through AMTA. Many of these are free or reduced due to the pandemic.
Our annual meeting and elections will be held virtually this spring. I will let you know when a date is set.
Thanks for hanging in there.
Bethany Taylor
State Licensure for Massage Therapists in Wyoming!
The American Massage Therapy Association - Wyoming Chapter is considering recommending legislation that would extend licensure to massage therapists practicing in Wyoming. Forty-five states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands require massage therapists to be licensed. In every one of these states and territories a clear set of practice and educational standards were developed for a massage therapist to gain licensure consistent with the best available data and research on the practice of massage therapy and what is necessary to protect the public. 
Before we move onto the next steps in this process we are seeking your thoughts on the matter. Do you support the professional licensing of massage therapists in Wyoming? If so, do you have any preexisting relationships with Wyoming State House or State Senate members?
Licensure would result in creating a uniform scope of practice, place Wyoming on par with neighboring states, allow for easier movement to other states, and could also reduce the administrative and financial burdens massage therapists currently face from the patchwork of regulations needed to comply with multiple city ordinances and regulations. 
We believe licensure provides assurance to the public by setting minimal qualifications and competencies for safe entry-level practitioners and provides another level of protection for the public by setting massage therapists apart from those who seek to corrupt the good name of massage. 
Your voice matters! If interested in seeking licensure in Wyoming, please email your name, contact information and any relationships with Wyoming legislators to Jason Richie, AMTA Program Manager, Government Relations, at
Please feel free to forward this message. Thank you for your support of massage therapy! 
Virtual Meetings until 5/31/2021
AMTA’s Executive Committee of the National Board has determined that AMTA will not be conducting any face-to-face meetings through May 31, 2021. This includes National and Chapter meetings, board/budget meetings, planning sessions, and retreats.