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"The best pruning job, when completed, should look like it's never been pruned at all"
Step #1
The first thing you want to eliminate is any of the dead wood. This is what the insects, bacteria or fungus feeds on. Once you remove the bad guys, the tree or shrub can focus on healthy growth.
Step #2
Identify and remove the oldest canes. Once you remove the least productive parts, it makes room for younger, woodier shoots that produce more prolific flowers and keep your shrub thriving longer.
Step #3
Focus on shaping the shrub by making cuts as close as you can get to the union of branches. Find branches that are crossing and rubbing, and cut them back at the source. This will avoid rot and decay.
Spring & Summer Shape:
Fall & Winter Rejuvenate
If you want well-manicured, evenly-shaped shrubs with health and vitality all spring & summer, it's important to get into the inside while they are dormant.

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