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The Silver Perspective   

Another year is starting and this one promises to be unlike the others in the midst of tax reforms and financial regulatory changes. One thing is for sure, we're in for a bumpy ride. With that in mind, I decided to ask a select group of hospitality executives from ownership, management, asset management, financial and branding companies to share their opinions on where we are headed as an industry. The executives had some differing views, but the answers provided some clear trends. The first question was if they thought it was going to be a better year for development. It was a fifty/fifty split. Some key reasons included rising interest rates increasing labor and constructions costs, as well as the lending market remaining tight. Others felt the new year was already yielding new deals and the investor community seemed bullish. I'm optimistic as well and believe this year will be better too. 

The second question asked if the new tax regulations would help or hurt development. Overwhelmingly, people felt it would support development. The third question asked for their opinion on financing for conversions. The majority felt there would be no impact over last year closely followed by the opinion that financing will be easier.

 The last question asked for an opinion on financing for new construction. The answer again overwhelmingly showed my panel did not think there would be any impact different from last year. There were some though that thought it would be harder. So my thoughts on financing are that we should remain about the same as last year, and conversion financing will be easier to obtain than new construction. 

I appreciate the input from my friends and colleagues and look forward to seeing how 2018 shapes up! 

Coming soon! A new website and a new look!  

It's the start of a new year and we decided to freshen up our website to celebrate. After more than 6 years in business, it was time to take a look back through all of the milestones so far along with our great friends and clients and highlight them online.

You'll be able to find information a little bit easier and hopefully you'll love the updated look as well as the professional quality and service you get working with the Silver Hospitality Group. Thanks for your business and we look forward to working with you! 

Check back with us soon for the new website unveiling......
See you at ALIS next week! 

January 22-24, Los Angeles, LA  at the JW Marriott and Microsoft Theater

Nearly 3,000 attendees came to ALIS last year and it kicks off the New Year on the right foot. I hope you'll be joining your colleagues in sunny California shortly and I look forward to seeing you there. 

Don't miss the opening session on technology where the panel will discuss hot technology topics like robots, AI and machine learning. This technology isn't just the future, it's here now and you need to get ahead of it!

Want to chat about ideas related to hotel real estate and finance? Or talk about how to jump start projects in 2018? You can reach me via  e-mail  to schedule a time to meet in person at the event.