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The Silver Perspective   

I've always been a person who looked at the glass as half full and not half empty. As we begin the year 2017, it's more important than ever that we all try to be optimistic and not focus on some of the uncertainties that surround our industry. 2016 started to show the stress in the market not only with slowing RevPAR and group business but with the election as we all wait to see how President-Elect Trump will fare with key economic and monetary policies which affect future business investment among many other things. We know we will have more supply in 2017 and a slower demand which will put further pressure on occupancy levels. And potentially a  weaker dollar which could mean less travel to the US. So, what's on the positive side? Corporate and personal taxes should be significantly reduced which means people in the US will have more money to spend on personal travel and an increase in corporate profits. We also might be looking at a stimulated economy with internal infrastructure plans that will mean more jobs and more people with discretionary income along with a robust GDP. Plus, more efficient management of TSA and Homeland Security will help boost travel to the US as some of the barriers to entry are removed. With all that being said, I feel like we truly are looking at a year that can have a mix of both positive and negative influences, hence my reference to a half full glass. As we start of the New Year, I encourage you to look at it positively and find opportunities to succeed. Here's to a great 2017!

The Revenue Strategy Summit (RSS) 2017 Will Be Held July 26 in Washington DC!

The annual RSS dates for 2017 have been announced but don't wait until July to learn more about the show! Make sure to catch up on what happened last year from our keynote....hint- it starts with a "D" and it's not disruption  ( Differentiation is Best Revenue Strategy).

Interested in attending? The summit is perfect for any hospitality professional in expanding their knowledge in the new discipline of revenue strategy. There is no other show that covers this topic in depth like RSS and that makes it a opportunity you can't miss! 

Summit dives deep into Revenue-Management Strategy 

Registration will be open soon! Stay tuned for more information. 

Interested in sponsorship opportunities to reach this valuable audience? E-mail me to find out how you can participate.  

Hope to See You on the Sunny West Coast!

January 23-25 Los Angeles, California 

Last year's event brought together nearly 3,000 delegates to discuss important trends and identify new opportunities for the year ahead. Not only did the show host a massive group of hospitality professionals but 1/3 held the title Chairman, CEO, President or Owner so that means the most important minds in the industry were in one place. Knowing that, I hope you plan to be with us in LA to take part in ALIS and start your year off right! 

Want to chat about interesting ideas? Talk about a 2017 strategy? You can reach me via 
e-mail to schedule a time to meet in person at ALIS.