A Winter Rest
The holidays are now a warm memory and winter's cold has settled in. This is a time that we all use to slow down and recharge. It's the same in our orchards. Growing those lovely Asian Pears is hard work! Our orchard team will start pruning soon but right now our trees are using these chilly days to rest after the growing season and absorb the energy they'll need for next years' crop!
Speaking of Pears:

The best of 2022 to all of you at Subarashii Kudamono and we look forward to more of your Asian pears this fall!" - Rebecca, Lehigh Valley, PA
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Happy Valentines Day!
Whether your Valentine is a gourmet chef or a humble home cook, every culinary artist loves having Subarashii Kudamono pantry products within easy reach in their kitchen! Choose from these must-haves for your favorite Valentine's Day foodie.

Dried Asian Pears - Naturally sweet with no added sugar or preservatives, perfect for baking or snacking, and available in several package size options.

Asian Pear Spread - This creamy spread adds amazing Asian Pear flavor to everything from tangy barbecue sauces to cheese and crackers.
Aged Asian Pear Vinegar - This exceptionally fragrant and rich vinegar is aged 5 years and bottled, un-cut, to bring a perfect subtle "tang" to your dishes.
Asian Pear Flavor
Here's a delicious salad, originally served at the Fairmont Hotel in the heart of fabulous downtown Pittsburgh.

Line the bottom of a dish with our luscious Asian Pear Spread. Add fresh salad greens tossed with Aged Asian Pear Vinegar and top with fresh berries. Add toasted nuts for added crunch. Yum!

Visit our recipes page for even more great Asian Pear product ideas!
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