Greetings Friends!
I hope this letter finds you all safe, healthy and happy. It seems from analyzing our huge real estate sales that many families decided to escape the heavily populated cities and enjoy a simpler life. The last few years of the most expensive sales occurred in the downtown core of Aspen where you can walk everywhere. Those prices started topping $3,000 per square foot. In addition to that this season, we see homes in demand that are more secluded surrounded by additional land. As I have said for a while, the value of getting in your car and driving a short distance saves millions in your purchase price too.
In terms of the projected opening for ski season, our ski company added large heated tents adjacent to the Sundeck at the top of Aspen Mountain for spacing and your comfort. We all need the joy of skiing/boarding/skinning in the great outdoors now.

The City of Aspen is working hard to keep our restaurants and shops open with reasonable guidelines. Remember, many of our new residents and guests appreciate the joy of easy access to the outdoors by hiking, cross country skiing, and skinning. There are always options to downhill skiing with many joys of winter and our natural surroundings!

Who knows where the local government Covid restrictions take us. I am extremely hopeful that our powers that be fully understand that shutdown will kill our local friends’ businesses and all our friends whose lives depend on working here. Aspen real estate will continue to thrive because people have learned to successfully work remotely, and the Aspen lifestyle with or without the major events continues to draw people who understand the peaceful love of nature and escape from continual pounding by outside sources on our freedoms.
 Also, with the announcement of impending vaccines, and many therapeutics being vetted, we will get through this.
Aspen City Council on Tuesday voted to make Rio Grande Park the venue for December’s World Snow Polo Championships after several residents raised issue with a previous decision by elected officials to use Wagner Park.
Located next to Popcorn Wagon
A new sushi restaurant is coming to Aspen this winter season! Praised for its quality and preparation Sushi Nakazawa in NYC & Washington D.C. is a metonym for excellence in the art of raw fish.

The Surf Lodge’s alpine outpost, The Snow Lodge is back for its second run, and for its next iteration, the team has tapped world-renowned chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten to bring his famed vegan concept to the food and beverage offering.
Chanel - fans of the très chic brand will welcome this “ephemeral boutique”

traditional Italian craftsmanship with a cool, contemporary sensibility

As the seasons change and winter approaches we are getting many requests for the ski season. Events are starting to be announced and looking forward to the snow and winter activities!

Please let us know how we can help you.

We wish you all great health and happiness at this crazy time!