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December 2016
Greetings Dear Friends, we are approaching the Winter Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) and we all have a lot to reflect on this year as so much has taken place in the world in the past 12 months.

There is no better time for each of us to love who we are, to have the courage to share our gifts and to see light in the world around us!

We can each use the time of reflection provided by the Winter Solstice to gear up for the year ahead and architect the future according to our dreams and inspirations!  Share the joy of our soul with the world!

In this newsletter, we share thoughts on this Winter Solstice, a Full Moon Meditation and a way to simplify your vision this holiday season! 
Thank you again for sharing this journey with us! 

Blessings and peace,

Wolfram and Sappho
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Winter Solstice  
December 21, 2016  
10:44 AM Greenwich, England

In the northern hemisphere, each year in December, the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn on the day with the least amount of visible sunlight for the year (and the longest night) marking the Winter Solstice, which is seen as a time of quiet when we turn inward to reflect upon the activities of the past year.

The moment the Sun enters Capricorn sets a theme for the year ahead until the next Solstice in 2017. This year the chart for the Winter Solstice has a wonderfully inspired set of aspects between Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus that make this year's solstice special and energizing!

Energizing your dreams and inspirations are essential this year because on the Winter Solstice 2017, Saturn will join the Sun at zero degrees of Capricorn making Winter Solstice 2017 particularly potent in a demanding way.   So, you want to be prepared for that powerful dose of Saturn by taking excellent advantage of the next 12 months to gain momentum!

Let's discuss the energy of Capricorn and its ruler, Saturn. 

Sun in Capricorn

Each and every Winter Solstice begins with the movement of the Sun into the sign of Capricorn and each and every year we talk about the Sun's passage into Capricorn as being a time of reflection. But why? I mean really.

Isn't that just convenient because it is colder and maybe snowier than at other times?  Don't we need to take the time to warm our hands and feet, maybe our nose and ears after coming in from the cold? This is all true, but there is much more to reflection when viewed through the lens of Saturn.

Capricorn is connected with themes like time, history, truth and wisdom. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is known as the Lord of Karma as he is concerned with the actions we take in life.

The Winter Solstice invites us to explore
the meaning of TIME by reflecting upon
the HISTORY   of the past year with clarity so that  
the TRUTHcan be revealed and  
WISDOM can unfold.

That was a really long sentence, so let's break it down.

Saturn as Father Time
Capricorn is connected to the concept of time. The Earth moves around the Sun once each year, giving us the concept of a year. Given the way the Earth spins on its axis, over the course of the year, we have the four seasons, giving us the concept of a quarter. Astrologically, the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn for one month out of each year.   As Saturn transits our chart, he marks time by defining large chapters of our life in the first and second Saturn Returns.

Saturn is concerned with the effectiveness of our efforts that evolve over time in the context of the real world.  Saturn wants us to use our time wisely.  He does not demand action today, but well thought out action that we execute over the course of our life.

Ceiling fresco with Saturn The Reaper flying over the ruins of history and time.
In this context, history is the accumulation of our actions and events that take place over the years identifying key events in the course of our life. Capricorn supports our ability to look realistically at our experiences over the past year and encourages us to act somewhat like a historian, taking note of what actually happened in the physical or external world.

Capricorn brings a demand to view events from a rational and external perspective. You could say that Capricorn is like the quote from Detective Joe Friday from the old TV show Dragnet, "Just the facts".

Capricorn wants us to know that, while there is a place for feelings and reasons and emotions, he does not want us to get entangled during the review of our history via judgement, fear, anger or other emotions.

Saturn wants us to view our history objectively and with love so that we can learn from it and grow.

Saturn revealing the light of truth
When we look back at the history of the past year from the perspective of the facts, Capricorn will guide us to realize the objective truth. When we look to the past year, we might say, "You know we really had to work hard and there was always another obstacle we had to overcome. But in the end, we did it. We proved that we have the skills it takes to take action in my world and that I am strong." That's the truth.

Saturn supports us by encouraging us to take mature action.  When he transits our chart, he demands that we view our world realistically as seen by the light of truth.  This is not meant to introduce fear, but rather to allow for an objective assessment so that course corrections can take place if necessary.

Ultimately, Saturn wants us each to feel the warm comfort of wisdom and not fear.

The Hermit
According to Capricorn and Saturn, there are three main chapters in life and wisdom emerges with time:
  • Chapter One - Learning how to be an adult (period until the First Saturn Return)
  • Chapter Two - Becoming effective as an adult (period between the First and Second Saturn Returns)
  • Chapter Three - Becoming wise and content (period after the Second Saturn Return)
Wisdom emerges as we reflect on our history over time and identify the greater meaning of our life and experiences.

Wisdom requires that we look at the efforts and events of life from a larger perspective.  For example, if you completed an effort, Capricorn wants you to ask if the effort was worth the result. If you abandoned an effort, Capricorn wants you to ask why and if you know more about what you will now embrace.

Sometimes we focus so much on the struggle to accomplish our goals that we forget to celebrate our successes. Likewise, if we abandon something, we often forget that we also had very good reasons for this.

Wisdom is found in identifying the meaning in our actions in life - both the successes and failures.

Saturn wants us each to find wisdom so that we take actions that lead us to inner-warmth and security and away from fear.

A Friendly Gathering of Heavyweights - Energizing  

For this Winter Solstice, the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are making favorable aspects with each other:
  • Jupiter is opposes Uranus.  
  • Saturn trines Uranus and sextiles Jupiter.
Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn
First, Jupiter opposing Uranus energizes a time of aware
ne ss. These two planets share a love of optimism for a future that can be decidedly better than the past. This aspect is calling on you to spend some time exploring what it is at the heart of your unique vision for the future.

They seem to be calling out to you, "If you want it to happen, you n
eed to know what it is!"  

Second, Saturn is not concerned what you "envision", but rather what you take action on. Said better, Saturn wants you to take action and do the work that will bring your vision into physical reality.  Becaus e Saturn is trine Uranus (trine being a harmonious aspect), these two powerhouse planets can play nicer together in the sandbox than normal.

With Saturn trine Uranus, Saturn does not shout out his usual "No", but is open to a conversation to discover how Uranus' need for individuality and breaking away from the norms can be accomplished in a practical manner.

Similarly, Uranus does not need to be in a perpetual state of rebellion against Saturn's status quo. He can work with Saturn to take what is unique and allow it to find a practical expression.

Jupiter and Saturn are natural builders, who actually seek to work together. The symbols of these two planets are based in a cross, representing the material world of daily life.

Jupiter has a lightning bolt of inspiration descending to the cross of the material world that we live in. Saturn turns the lightning bolt into a plow that is plunged into the earth and brings the inspiration into material reality. The sextile of Jupiter to Saturn notes that this is a time when their efforts can be more easily coordinated.

Together, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn are asking you to spend the time to reflect on your goals and inspirations and then to take the practical next steps (or first step) toward bringing your vision into reality.

Allow yourself to dream and to plan and take steps to make the dream real.

Finally - Mercury Retrograde

On December 20, 2016, transiting Mercury will turn retrograde or backward and then turn direct or forwards on January 7, 2017. 

The thought of Mercury being retrograde during the holiday travel season probably gives many of you chills.  So:
  • Confirm all of your reservations (multiple times if necessary)
  • Pack well ahead of time
  • Simplify your plans (with fewer complexities, less can go wrong)
  • Take any family drama lightly as Mercury Retrograde can cause messages to not be accurately received
  • Give yourself plenty of time for everything you need to do (hurrying only makes Mercury Retrograde worse)
  • Back-up all of your technology and pack your chargers
Beyond this Mercury retrograde has a greater purpose and asks us to see the world from a different perspective for a few weeks and this Re-view of events should be extra powerful during this time of reflection offered by the Winter Solstice.

Just as Capricorn implores to gain wisdom by exploring time, history and truth, Mercury Retrograde is telling us that the only way to discover wisdom is to look at life from a new perspective.

Embrace Mercury's energy by having some fun, maybe even be a bit mischief. Laugh! Mercury's perspective on the past just might make it lighter and therefore, more instructive and more fun.

Summing It All Up

Set aside some time during this winter (and perhaps directly on the Winter Solstice) to reflect on both your past experiences and your visions and goals for the year and years ahead.

Clarify your sense of purpose and then prepare to take action. If you do, then next year with the Winter Solstice in December 2017, you can look back at 2017 with satisfaction, fulfillment and joy, as you review your progress and accomplishments and all you have learned (from both your successes and failures).

In the time just following the Winter Solstice marks a time when we experience the return of the light and the eternal hope of Spring! In Germany, this is when the 'blooming branches' become available in flower shops and is a true delight!  May hope spring eternal in your world! 

Photos From Our Bavarian Adventures
Simple Holiday Treasures

The world around is moving at an ever faster pace.  Life feels so hurried and time simply slips away.  This holiday season will likely have more demands than ever from the external world on your time and energy. 

In order to find calm amidst the chaos, be sure to take time and enjoy the simple pleasures of the season.  This can take the form of quiet with candles and a cup of tea or having eyes to see the simple beauty all around at every moment!

We wanted to share some simple visual pleasures that captured our joy over the last couple of weeks in our new home of Partenkirchen, Germany.

May the light shine brightly for you this holiday season!

This video contains a truly delightful holiday joy from a bygone era!

Most older homes here are painted with outdoor frescoes.
In this region, the topic of most every house painting is Catholic in nature.
Here the vibrant expression of compassion is so lovely!

Stacking firewood is an art form here. 

This house painting contains a representation of the six beloved alpine wild flowers.

The same wood stacker as before again put even more love into his work!

All of the photos below were taken under the influence of snow and ice!

Much love!

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Full Moon Meditation

This month's Full Moon Meditation for December 13, 2016 is dedicated to silencing the mind so that insight (discrimination, Buddhi) can arise to guide your journey.

You can listen to the meditation on our website:  Full Moon Meditation Page.


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