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'Callings' 2014 at KO Fest (Photographer Davis Photo Graphics)
The Carpetbag Brigade 

 Winter Solstice 2014


Thank You 2014!

It has been an amazing year to be grateful for.

Carpetbag Brigade performed "Callings" at the Mesa Arts Center's Spark! Festival in March and had a lovely rehearsal retreat in Ajo. In May we hosted the 2nd annual Global Stilt Congress teaming up with old friends from Flamchen and Wise Fool and new friends from the Brooklyn Jumbies and Bosie Sage. The seeds of the craft were nourished deeply and the network of acrobatic stilters supporting one another grew. In June we performed "Callings" in Director Jay Ruby's hometown of Uniontown, PA and then toured the performance, visiting the wonderfully inspiring "KO Fest" produced by Sabrina Hamilton. Following that we toured New Brunswick, Canada and collaborated in "The Robes of St. Anne"  with Co Julie Danse, Circus Stella and Poetique Desordres. We finished our summer season with a presentation and workshop hosted by Earthdance in Western Massachusetts and then a quick presentation hosted by Julio Thiijs in New York City over Labor Day. 

It is a great blessing to be able to share our work with the world through teaching, touring and performing. 

It is a miracle each year that we succeed in bringing our unique form of spectacle-based drama to the world. As a small non profit 501-c-3 arts organization we are grateful for any support that comes our way.

Our visions far exceed our financial capacity and if you believe in our vision and want to support us and help us thrive we would like to offer you the chance to make a donation before the end of the year. 

All Donations over $50 will receive a complimentary CD with our amazing soundtrack from the Robes of St. Anne, created by the musical duo, The Body Builders (Isabelle Kirouac and Willoughby Arevalo)

Please consider supporting us as we journey into 2015. 

Please make your donation via our PayPal Link 


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Coming UP in January!

 is scheduled for January 2015

and we will be hosting a 
featuring Jay Ruby of Carpetbag Brigade, Nick Slie of Mondo Bizarro, Laura Anderson of Transcommunality and Nadia Hagen of All Souls Procession.

Mark the dates for 
October 3rd through October 18th 2015 
at Arocsanti. 
More opportunities, more activities, if you have joined us before it is going to be the best yet, if you still haven't made it to do not want to miss out on 2015.


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Jay Ruby and

The Carpetbag Brigade 





The Carpetbag Brigade is a 501-c-3 organization without annual granting support. Our ability to continue depends on performance contracts, conducting workshops and donations.
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