December 22, 2021
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Celestial Greetings!

Bright Solstice Wishes! We’re looking forward to the days getting longer, which is true, in general. But it’s not immediate. In the days following the solstice, the length of daylight doesn’t increase much at all. In my location, after a week, the increase is only two minutes, and that comes in days five and six following the official shortest day. The origin of the word solstice tells us exactly what’s going on: “sol” = sun, “stic” = stuck. The Sun appears stuck in the same spot at its most southerly point in the sky (as seen from the northern hemisphere) for three days before it begins moving in the opposite direction. And the length of the day is likewise stuck. (Check your preferred weather app or site for your location’s time of sunrise and sunset.) Sorry to burst your bubble. But it won’t be long before the longer days become perceptible. Yay!
At the 2021 winter solstice, the most prominent planetary interaction is the team-up of Venus and Pluto in Capricorn (25º-26º). This signals a time for soul-searching regarding our deepest values. It’s a time to put our money where our mouth is and stand up for what we feel is important. That stance will carry on throughout the winter because it stems from an influence present at the start of the season. Since Venus is now retrograde, this is one of three times Venus joins with Pluto. See my latest blog, Mercury and Venus Overlapping Retrogrades, for an explanation and dates to mark on your calendar.
Uranus multihue blue
What are the planets up to?

We're coming to the end of the tug o' war between Saturn and Uranus (discussed in my Summer 2021 newsletter) - or are we? The third of three exact occurrences is 12/24, but next fall, there's a reprise.
Third Exact Saturn-Uranus Square

The planet of status quo (Saturn) clashes with the planet of breaking away from the past (Uranus). Some people want to throw out the old; some want to cling to a past that is moving on. Saturn is associated with order and control; Uranus, with rebellion. This conflict comes in a trio (as many planetary connections do, due to retrogradation). It was exact twice already in 2021, on 2/17 and 6/14, with the third exact occurrence on Christmas Eve, 12/24. It’s not really over, though. They are within 1º of a square (positions 90º apart) in the fall of 2022 from 9/15 to 10/24. Financial astrologers note that many of America’s financial downturns, crashes, panics and depressions occurred during difficult aspects between Saturn and Uranus. Defying that pattern, most of 2021 has been bullish in the markets with great gains overall. Can that continue? We won't know until almost a year from now. Usually the planet that’s farther out in the zodiac has a greater power and influence. In this case, that’s Uranus (correlating with volatility), and furthermore, it’s the ruling planet of Aquarius, where Saturn (an indicator of stability) is travelling. This sign location for Saturn inclines people to accept more modern notions and to take more risks than they ordinarily might. In our personal lives, many people are experiencing disruptions (associated with Uranus) in their work and plans (related to Saturn) and learning to be more spontaneous, responding to changing tides and currents.

2022 Lunar Cycles Spotlight Uranus
The New Moon on January 2 is the first of multiple New or Full Moons in 2022 that have a strong connection with Uranus. This one features an easy “trine” (positions a third of the sky apart). There will be a harmonious sextile (one sixth apart) at the 3/2 New Moon and a mildly positive semisextile (one sign apart) at the 4/1 New Moon. The 7/13 and 9/10 Full Moons find the Moon and Sun trine or sextile Uranus. But it’s not all easy. There are harsh aspects from the Moon and Sun to Uranus at the 3/18 Full Moon, the 8/11 Full Moon (a T-square with the North Node close to Uranus) and the 9/25 New Moon (intertwined with Saturn’s near square to Uranus). The 4/30 Solar Eclipse is only 4º from Uranus and the Lunar Eclipse on 11/8 has the Moon less than 1º from Uranus with the Sun opposite them. All this attention on Uranus signals the potential for restlessness, rebelliousness, strange events, volatile markets, and on the plus side, technological advances. Uranus is related to air travel, and by extension, space travel, and perhaps any beings that travel our way from outer space. Uranus is associated with all that is non-mainstream and weird or different. Maybe we’ll find out about ETs and UFOs. There’s a new federal government department tasked with exploring these topics. X Files, for real!

Remember last year’s Winter Solstice (12/21/20) when Jupiter joined Saturn? They appeared fused into one big, bright object. They were together at 0º Aquarius, ushering in a strong Aquarian phase, one might even say even the Age of Aquarius itself. So many lunations emphasizing Uranus adds to the power of this sign and its ruling planet. A Venus-Mars pairing (“conjunction”) at 0º Aquarius on 3/6 harkens back to the Jupiter-Saturn meeting. (There won't be another Venus-Mars conjunction for almost two years, so this one will wield its power for a while.) It promotes humanitarianism and actions from the heart on behalf of the masses. It’s good for trying new fashions or financial strategies. Friends may become lovers. There could be a snag, though: both Venus and Mars are semisquare (45 away from) Jupiter, which expands or exaggerates whatever it contacts. Venus-Mars can mean a love (Venus) of fighting (Mars), which Jupiter could inflate. Tough connections of the “square family” make it more difficult for us smoothly utilize the energies of the planets involved; there are bumps. The positive uses of the Venus-Mars combo will be harder to access. It’s not that you can’t act (Mars) from the heart (Venus) or initiate (Mars) a new relationship (Venus), it just that this takes more effort, time, attempts, etc. Not only are Venus and Mars semisquare Jupiter, this occurs within days of when the Sun passes Jupiter, involving the Sun in the friction. This brings in the Sun’s associations: leaders, ego, children (and the “inner child”), and creative endeavors.

Nodal Shift Underway
The Nodes are the intersections of the two most important orbits to us here on earth: our orbit around the Sun and the Moon’s orbit around Earth. There are two intersection points, always exactly across the zodiac from each other, in the same degree of opposite signs. Their normal direction of movement is backwards through a single sign pair for about 18-1/2 months before entering the next lower sign pair in the zodiac. As we change from 2021 to 2022, the Moon’s Nodes change from the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity to Taurus/Scorpio. Emphasis for the past year-and-a-half has been on communication (and we’d have to add, communicable disease) and international relations, describing a global pandemic of a respiratory virus on point. Information (its quality and reliability) and the media (and its influence) also received a lot of attention. Over the coming year-and-a-half, resources (natural and financial) and the ways these are shared (or not) will be the focus. Scorpio is a sign related to evolution (usually the slow kind) but it and Taurus are signs in the “Fixed” modality (along with Aquarius and Leo), reluctant to change.

The Nodes are measured in two ways, True and Mean. True Nodes take into account variations in movement, zigzagging with both direct (forward) and retrograde (backward) motion. Mean Nodes are an average over time and always move retrograde. (Astrologers usually have a preference for using one type or the other. I’m a Mean girl.) The Mean Nodes shift to the new sign pair on 12/22/21 (remaining there until 7/12/23) and the True nodes shift signs 1/18/22 (staying there until 7/17/23).

Eclipses occur when New and Full Moons are in the vicinity of the Nodes’ degree in the zodiac, within about half a sign. The closer to the Nodes, the stronger the eclipse. Total eclipses can only occur very close to the Nodes’ degrees. The Lunar Eclipse on November 19 was the first eclipse in the new polarity. The last eclipse in this polarity series will be October 28, 2023, although by then we will have had two eclipses in the next polarity, Aries/Libra.


Not only do these two quick planets' retrogrades overlap for more than two weeks, they also crisscross a tiny slice of the zodiac where they each pass Pluto three times. Yikes!
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