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Dear Friends, we wanted to write about the upcoming Winter Solstice on December 21.
Then, in our next newsletter, we will write about the very important January 2019 partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn.   
Many of you are starting to feel that now.  Those with planets or angles in the mid-degrees of the cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra) may experience that strongest impact.   
With so much Capricorn energy, go easy on yourself during this busy time of year. 
Thank you for sharing this journey with us!
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Winter Solstice 
A Time of Reflection 
December 21, 2018 at 2:23 PM US Pacific

Tis the season of Capricorn! Each year around December 21, we have the Winter Solstice corresponding to the movement of the Sun into the sign of Capricorn for 30 days. This date marks the official start of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and historically has been viewed as a supportive time to contemplate the 12 months that have passed since last Winter. 

As time seems to move faster and faster, slowing down to honor these markers can be very supportive and grounding.

In our modern world, this is the time of year when we turn on all the lights, as if we are attempting to deny Capricorn and the cycles of light and dark. As you set aside time for your contemplation, embrace the darkness as prior generations might have.

Start a pot of stew and light a candle as the sun sets and gently move into the evening to create a warm space for thoughts to arise. Let the light of the candle illuminate the room as you revisit the cycles that took place in the past 12 months.

The themes in the chart for the Winter Solstice cast a light into the months of winter ahead until we reach the Spring Equinox and we have two powerfully contrasting themes, that make this time of reflection an extra potent one:

  • First, the Sun, plus Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn present a time to explore the past (South Node) and to see the truth.
  • Second, Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius present a time when we can see the big picture (Jupiter) and the details (Mercury) in the optimistic light of what CAN be in the future (Sagittarius).

Sun in Capricorn

It all begins with the Sun entering the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. He is known by many titles and father time is one of them.

Saturn is often depicted holding an hour glass to demonstrate the passage of time that he rules.

Winter is a time of reflection, when we look back and review the year that is coming to an end.

The winter is the end of a cycle that began with the new shoots of growth turning to the blossoms in spring and then fruits in summer with the harvest of the autumn.

What successes in the past year are you celebrating?
How did this last year bring your journey in life to a place of greater clarity?
What growth took place?
What did you learn from your joyful moments?
What loss has taken place?
What challenges were you presented?
Where are you now compared to this time last year?

The Sun in Capricorn bids us to sit for a while and reflect.

Before we jump to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node's role on the Solstice, let's wander over and see what Jupiter and Mercury are doing this Winter Solstice.

Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius

This year, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter at 9 Sagittarius. Mercury and Jupiter are the planets of "navigating your future".  Bring out the colored pens for this journaling!

Jupiter With Eagles
Imagine Jupiter as the eagle, floating high above the ground on unseen currents of air. With his keen eyes, the eagle sees far into the distance, the future.

Because he flies higher than other birds, his view is unobstructed as well as clear. Jupiter helps us see our future. That is why Jupiter is called the "Guru Planet".

Allow yourself to see through his eyes and recognize the big picture of the events of the last year.  Do a couple of themes arise to the surface?

Now come down to the ground and sit next to Mercury.

"Strap these wings on your ankles", he bids you. As you do, you begin moving down the path, navigating the twists and turns and details of life.

Mercury never gets lost because he stays very present. So, remain in that space of presence with him.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter and Mercury bring an optimist and fun approach to life. One thing these two planets share is a love of humor and laughter.

Remind yourself to smile as you feel their presence and their guidance.

This is a new phase conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter and, hence, a time of new beginnings and especially welcomed at this time of year.

Are any new areas of focus emerging in your field of awareness at this time?
What made you laugh over the last 12 months?
When were you most playful?
What brings great optimism?

This playful and optimistic and future oriented spirit from Jupiter and Mercury will help make your time in contemplation less burdensome (especially as we move on to discuss Saturn and Pluto) and will help make sure you don't get lost in the past! 

South Node, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

In preparation for the contemplation of the season ushered in by the Winter Solstice, let's wander through the spiritual view of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn. If you have a concentration of Capricorn or even Cancer, Aries or Libra, you might be feeling these planets in Capricorn in a more pronounced manner.  Again, the same signs impacted by the upcoming partial Solar Eclipse.

Saturn and Pluto are the two "heavy dudes" in the zodiac and both are associated with our karmic past, which is the past of this lifetime, meaning the sum total of all actions that have taken place prior to now. Additionally, for those who believe in prior lifetimes, karma is also the sum total of our actions in all prior lifetimes. This is why we say some karmic fears feel ancient.

While both Pluto and Saturn's highest expression is to promote transformation and wisdom, we often experience them as oppressive, especially when we get stuck in their energies feeling the pain they remind us of and the fears we can't seem to escape.

This is pronounced in the sign of Capricorn, which represents the weights society places upon us and the structures we must adhere to. For those in any stage of individuation or spiritualization and are trying to embrace authenticity and their own spiritual path, this energy can be particularly burdensome to navigate.

Pluto moves slowly and brings us to wisdom by exploring our fears and invisible wounding from the past. Saturn moves methodically through our chart bringing wisdom by testing the structures of our world and our ability to maneuver reality.

Let's start with Saturn because his cycles through our chart are easier to identify than Pluto's slow movements.

Saturn Rubble Of Time
Saturn wants us to accept the reality of our world by showing us the light of truth. It is this exact light of truth that can result in fear. Though, the goal is to show us where we need to focus our attention and take mature action to eliminate our fears. If we can accept what Saturn's light of truth has revealed, we can take the first steps to being free of the fear.

Saturn wants for us to live in the light of truth and to accept the reality of our world so that we are confident to take mature action in the world, not to live in denial and with the corresponding fear that generates.  Remember, Saturn rules the passage of time and Saturn does not want you to be contemplating the same topics year after year at the Winter Solstice. 

Accepting reality and adopting a mental framework to remain in acceptance, means that we lessen the impact of fear and increase our chances to achieve the results we desire. Hence, the freedom from fear.

Pluto seeks something deeper. Within our wounding from the past is a deeper truth and he wants us to navigate the pain and fear of our wounds so that we can see the deeper truth that leads to transformation.

A good example might be the wounds and pains we feel because we were not allowed to express our feelings as a child, which can be a deeply wounding pain and cause many fears and relationship blockages in adulthood. What is the deeper truth?

As an adult, we are in control of our feelings and reactions and we get to feel our feelings. We get to establish boundaries with those who want to suppress us or deny our emotions. We can take our time and respond to the world around us versus reacting out of past programming.

Both Pluto and Saturn want us to see the deeper truth of things. Saturn wants us to see the truth so that we take mature action where needed. Pluto wants us to let go of things that no longer serve and recognize we get live from our truth and not our fear. 

The truth revealed by Saturn is more obvious (finances, health, career, etc.). 

The truth revealed by Pluto requires more work to identify.  Don't make that process harder than it needs to be.  Remember, the wounds are complex and deep, but the deeper truth is often quite simple and awaiting us if we allow it to arise!  Again, this is where Jupiter supporting the 'eagle's eye' view is helpful!

Finally, the South Node has joined Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for roughly the next 18 months. Think of the South Node as a "window into your karmic past". This is an excellent time to be on the lookout for karmic themes and write the story of your life or lifetimes.  How did the past 12 months contribute to the story of your life?

What are the golden threads of inspiration and of karma that are woven or waiting to become a new fabric. The dance in life is to move from karma to dharma, to free ourselves from the oppression of the burdens of the fears and wounds allowing us to feel greater freedom related to our future beyond the karmic wounding of the past.

Remember, these "heavy dudes' of the zodiac are watching from within Capricorn the Sun entering Capricorn.  As you reflect on the past year, you will identify areas where you have overcome wounds and accepted the truth!  Celebrate that!  In other areas, you will see areas where the work needs to continue as you observe blockages or resistance.  That is simply awareness.  No judgement.  Just awareness.

In the light of your candle, allow the 12 months now passed since last Winter to unfold before you. Take notes and ponder this information we you gather seeds for the potentials that Spring will bring.

Accepting the Past - Envisioning Your Future

Together, the Sun, Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn are inviting you to recognize and accept your past and the experiences and habits you developed in response to those experiences.

Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius combine to bring the vision for your future and what your life can look like.

If the time feels right, consider our Annual Life and Transit Review designed to support the process of Accepting the Past - Envisioning Your Future. 

Here's a link to that service.


Tis the season for reflection, for accepting the past and then envisioning your future.

As you do, you just might feel that the light of the candle before you is growing brighter.

Have a bright and optimistic vision for the year ahead!

May you moving in harmony  
with the Sun, Moon & Stars!


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