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   Winter Solstice 2016
Make a Plan and Work it!
Hello Dolfriends!

Over the past three months, I have learned (again) that when you m ake your plan clearly known to the Universe, you will marvel at how everything just seems to works out. Let me explain...

First off, I said I wanted to sell my business. (Not so anymore!) I was then given the awareness that I have built a business that will serve me through the coming years as my retirement income. So, why sell?
Second, I said I wanted to travel more with my husband.  Check! I just added up all the days we were off exploring the US so far this year......94 days!!!!! That was spread out over 8 months and some of you called only to be given my recommendation to another charter and I do apologize for that. However, I had never left Key West in the Spring or Summer before and what a thrill it was to see the beauty of nature in the north. We don't call it a bucket is a life list for us!
Coming down Channel 5 bridge

Third, I clarified my plan with the Universe and now, things are in the works for me to start training a lovely lady that wants to buy into my Living Legacy as my Partner. Let's watch and see how that unfolds.
Drink your Watt-Ahh!
I have some very exciting NEWS for you and it's all about water, I mean, Watt-Ahh. I am writing this in the truck on the way home from Sarasota, Florida where Watt-Ahh is made. It's a polarized water. I call it medical water because it has so many applications that work medicinally. We have 20 cases aboard and last night we started on it.
Rob Gourley, a chemical engineer, invented the process that turns clean water into a gaseous state that is stable and it works wonders on the body and our mitochondria. Rob and his wife Dana, who run the business together, chartered me and had a fantastic day with the dolphin! They even poured some of the water in for them as one was right behind the boat. Check it out on this video that they captured of the event..........
Gourley adventure
They wrote about their magical experience in their newsletter and now it's my chance to share the magic with all of you. You can get Watt-Ahh online, but we visited them on their ranch to get a good supply straight from the source. The Spring Equinox 2017 newsletter will surely be fantastic news as we report on our health and what improvements we have made since adding the Watt-Ahh to our daily lives. So stay tuned for a full report. To investigate for yourself what I am so full of anticipation about, check out the facts at:
The dolphin came and gave a spectacular blessing on these folks and their gift to the planet. You can tell I am effervescing now......more later.
~ A few of my favorite things ~
Happy Holidays!

As all of you have experienced, I play music to match the behavior I see displayed by the dolphin. I thought you might like to have a connection to that music and finish up some last minute holiday shopping.

Healing Sounds for quiet times: by Jonathan Goldman
Running music: Chris Spheeris....Eros
Tummy Rubbing: an amazingly fun piano man and he is a KW local legend.
Connecting metaphysically: The lovely Faerie Elaine Silver Great Goddess music and the dolphin love her!


Some of you have experienced how I amplify my energy with crystals when I am with the dolphin. You can use my favorite local sources to get some before your n ext charter, but don't forget to get one to keep and one to leave with the dolphin.  I love to visit Debra Kupchok at the
  Crystal Cottage  and Monika Wilkins at the  Mystical Key
Support Reef Relief with your holiday shopping!
A gift that keeps on giving. Every time you shop the Reef Relief store, you are helping to save a little more reef, educate one more person and create a relationship to sustainability. Click the photo and stuff those stockings today! 

Upcoming retreats
Debra Kupchok at the 7th Annual Crystals and Dolphin Retreat
Crystals and Dolphin Retreat
October 2016- May 2017 Open dates
The wonderful Debra Kupchok is going to be with us in the Keys from October-May and we want to open to you a chance to meditate with the dolphin and powerful crystals when you want to! Contact me to set up your next Crystals and Dolphin retreat.
Sacred Sound Healing
with Captain Victoria Impallomeni
Open Dates

I have always been in-tune (pun intended) with the healing that sound can bring. I have opened myself fully to it of late and have found the effects, well, astonishing. As you can probably tell, I am on yet another footing on my path and that is one of the ways of healing through sound. I want to share this with you! So take a day or a half day and join me in the medicinal world of the dolphin and mother ocean and experience the power of sound healing. 
Laurie Winn
Groovy Gals Getaway: A Land and Sea Retreat
with Laurie Winn and Captain Victoria
March 3-5, 2017
In the 2-1/2 days of retreat, we will explore the vibration and therapeutic healing of the drum and align our heart with the play of the dolphin. This is not one to be missed! 
Claim your spot early for this retreat!
Evolution Therapy
with Priscilla Cox and Heather Hunziker 
Call to Book this Retreat

Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters and Energy Light and Information Inc. have joined together to provide you with a unique healing experience. This half day tour will take you out on the warm, negative-ion rich waters of the Atlantic or Gulf to experience Evolution Therapy, a treatment for the mind, body, and spirit.
You will be swept away to turquoise waters and along hidden sand bars, while nearby dolphins frolic in the healing waters of the sea. Captain Victoria will drop anchor, while Mother Ocean rolls gently beneath you, and you will experience a session of healing therapy that is like no other.

Please contact Priscilla for more info and to register 817-455-0686.
Mermaid Victoria photo by Gary Sadler
Next Spring Equinox 2017
 I will be offering a Mermaid Sacred Sound retreat day on March 17th on my 41st anniversary and then Fairie Elaine Silver, who sings with a Silver Stream of Consciousness, will be performing a concert called GODDESSES IN THE GROVE. Plan ahead to be sure and be here. That would be the weekend of March 17th, 18th and 19th so make your plans!!!
Retreats and Private Charters
Create your own ideal boat day! Contact the Captain to dream awake your next adventure, healing session, or group/private retreat.