Dear Spiritual Partner,

The Winter Solstice is a time of unmistakably large new beginnings. By the time of the Winter Solstice, everything that began growing at the Summer Solstice has contracted into one seed of potential, and that seed begins to expand. Add to this the Christmas story, and Hanukah, the Season of Light, and the point is unmistakable. New beginnings happen, and they are wonderful when they do.

These three events happen annually, but the energy of them happens continually in the lives of countless people at countless times. It happens when a depression breaks for a moment, when grief lightens, anger subsides, jealousy eases, and life without pain seems a possibility again. Darkness begins a long or sudden disappearance, and a ray of light becomes visible.

This experience can be created by recognizing fear (anger, jealousy, overwhelm) when it appears in you, and deciding to act with love ( gratitude, appreciation, patience) even while the fear you experience demands expression without cessation. That moment is the moment of creating authentic power. How often you experience it depends upon your choices, but the more often you do, the more the darkness you experience (anger, jealousy, vengeance) begins to lighten, and the world becomes more inviting.

These are the great moments. When you find yourself wanting one, or needing one, or desperate for one, remember the Winter Solstice and cultivate one in yourself.

No one else can.

With Love,
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After having many most-dark times in my life, I began to see how I could more quickly know that what I was experiencing was temporary. Once I realized that the dark times came from the perspective of a frightened part of my personality, my life really began to change. I knew then that it was my choice to either believe that I am a victim with no choices or to see clearly that creating authentic power was a choice to create my life from love in that moment rather than from the distorted perspective of a fear-based part of my personality.

What was difficult at first was not being able to distinguish between the frightened parts of my personality and the loving parts. In the past when a frightened part of my personality, for example jealousy, was active I didn’t recognize it as fear. I felt that I was jealous, and I had a right feel that way. I believed that I was, in fact, a jealous person.

As I began practicing creating with love rather than fear – creating Authentic Power – the frightened part of my personality that felt jealous would still be triggered in me. The difference was that my focus was no longer outside of me on what I thought activated the experience of jealousy, but instead on the interior dynamic (frightened part of my personality) had been activated. I allowed myself to feel the physical sensations of this frightend part and notice its thoughts rather than focus outside myself to blame, judge, or change others. 

Over time as I became more skillful I would see much more quickly when this part or any frightened part of my personality was active. Because I was looking from a multisensory perspective I also knew that all of my experiences were for my benefit. That the “dark time” was actually an opportunity for me to see clearly a part of my personality that was based in fear, and that I could choose to act from it or to act from a loving part of my personality instead. 

I am so grateful for truly understanding the purpose of the powerful dark times that led me to the Light. It is a matter of my choice. And for you it is a matter of yours.

With Love,
Linda Francis