Winter/Spring 2023 Newsletter


2023 Security & Parking Industry update on what's new…or starting to get old now!

Video Surveillance

  • Fastest growing segment in 2022, realizing the largest gains in market share within security product sales.

  • Remote Video Monitoring- Video verification or interactive video, along with video guard tour is available through traditional 24/7 Central Alarm Stations and implemented and administered for our customers by i2 Security. We partner with Rapid Response Monitoring Central Station for this service. Click Here for more information or contact us.

  • Minimal product shortages for most major camera manufacturers we represent with typical delivery in 4-6 weeks.

Access Control

  • Mobile Credentials gaining momentum-User convenience & product availability sited as the biggest reasons for increased interest. Most major access control manufacturers offer fully integrated mobile solutions. Apple Wallet is also capable of holding the card key with several manufacturers. Click Here to read a Security Infowatch article written this past summer.

  • The global semiconductor shortage that affects HID card readers and credentials (card) shortages (125KHZ) will continue well into 2023

  • Facial recognition is gaining some momentum but still mostly implemented in high security access areas at this point in time.

Parking Control

Rethinking Inground Loops

The parking industry has forever used copper loop wire installed by saw cutting 1 inch into an asphalt or concrete roadway, with wires connecting to a vehicle detector to sense a vehicle passing over the loop. This practice works for detecting vehicles and holding gates open while a vehicle is present or closing gates automatically after a vehicle passes over, but it requires cutting into roadways and has other esthetic and maintenance drawbacks.

While infrared or microwave sensors are not exactly new to the parking industry, they have become very good at detecting cars AND people, while loops can only sense the metal in cars. As a result, trust in these types of sensors is growing and they're becoming a popular alternative.

Click Here to view a short video from one of our manufacturers represented 

Customized Wraps on In-Lane Parking Equipment help our customers with consistent brand advertising and messaging to their customers at the perimeter of their properties. Gate systems and revenue control in the parking lot or garage are the first location where the customer experience occurs. Working equipment is obviously the most important thing and a familiar look might also make a good first impression!

Customer Spotlight

Toll Brothers Rivercrest Community

Managed by CAMCO

CAMCO is a locally based Community Management Company that has been in business for over 45 years, managing hundreds of communities in the area. i2 Security Solutions provides and maintains security systems at several CAMCO managed properties.


Recently, we were tasked with repairing, upgrading, and replacing certain components of this Community’s perimeter and building security systems equipment (supplied by another integrator) to get their systems back to working order. We successfully completed the repairs (where applicable), and replaced or upgraded their Parking Access, Video Surveillance, Club House Security/Intrusion & Telephone Entry systems. All systems are now in working order and integration between systems makes the resident and visitor experience a good one.

Our work and ability to meet the customers timelines for systems crossover has led to two additional service opportunities at other Camco communities.

The Water Cooler

Welcome Skip Heck

We're happy to welcome (back) Skip Heck. Skip has over 30 years experience in the electronic security industry. Skip brings a wealth of experience with engineering and design/layout of security systems, and can provide Visio or CAD drawings for customers. He also makes a 360 degree walk through virtual tour of building layouts. This assists our installation teams greatly and can also a benefit for our customers.

When he isn't working, Skip enjoys power motor flying and wood working.

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