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WINTER 2015-2016
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ABC's of Safe Sleep
For many of you who are parents of young children, a sleeping baby is a good sign and deserves a sigh of relief. However, can you always be sure that your little one is safe when they are asleep?

Unfortunately, many cribs and sleeping spaces for our children are not as safe as we believe them to be. For little ones under one year of age, the leading cause of injury-related death is unintentional suffocation. Nearly 75% of suffocation deaths among children this age are from accidental suffocation or strangulation in bed. To keep your little ones safe while they are sleeping, just remember your ABC's.
  • Alone - Although stuffed animals, bumpers, and all the cute accessories available now make your baby's crib seem warm and cozy, they can often do more harm than good. In addition, soft bedding can block a baby's airway while they sleep. The best space for your baby is one where they are alone, and on a firm mattress covered with a tight-fitting crib sheet.
  • Back - Each time you put your little one down to sleep, be sure to lay them on their back. This is the current best practice to reduce the incidence of your baby suffering from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Crib - It has been found that most infant suffocation takes place where the infant is sleeping. For this reason, babies should sleep in a safe crib, bassinet, or pack-n-play every time they are asleep. While it may seem more convenient for feeding to have the baby in bed with you, room-sharing is a safer option than bed-sharing. Place your baby's crib, pack-n-play, or bassinet in your room so they are closer when it's feeding time. Finally, remember to always return your little one to his or her own crib when you're ready to go back to sleep. This can be tough at times, as you may be more tired than your baby, but it is much safer. 
Click here for more information on safe sleep for your children.

Button Batteries in Toys/Household Items

As more and more advances in technology are being made, we are seeing smaller, slimmer, and sleeker electronic devices, such as mini remote controllers, key fobs, watches, and musical greeting cards. Hidden in all of these objects, as well as many children's toys, are button batteries. 

While the batteries may seem harmless because they appear to be difficult to get to, think about how many times your baby and toddler play with these objects and try to put them in their mouth. Just a loose screw, or pop of a tab could result in your little one accidentally swallowing one of these batteries, which could have some disastrous effects if the battery is not removed immediately.


To prevent your little ones from swallowing button batteries, the best thing to do is keep all items that may contain button batteries out of your children's reach. This would include:

  • remote controls
  • singing greeting cards
  • watches
  • hearing aids
  • key fobs
  • calculators

However, if this isn't always possible, the next best thing is to place a piece of duct tape over the item to prevent the child from accessing the battery. As always, keep all loose batteries locked away and out of reach.


For more tips on button batteries, visit the Safe Kids website.
Safe Winter Travel

Before long, winter weather will be setting in, and the roads will be covered with snow and ice.  As always, if the roads are bad, it's best to delay your trip. However, if you must travel, follow these safety tips:
  • Slow down
  • Be sure windows are clear of ice and snow
  • Check vehicle fluids
  • Fill gas tank often - don't let your gas run low
In addition, be sure you and your family are prepared for winter travel - whether it be here in Cincinnati or across the country - so that everyone stays safe. Below is a list of a few items you may want to have along with you for the ride in the event that you get stuck or stranded:
  • first aid kit
  • jumper cables
  • flashlight
  • batteries
  • ice scraper/snow brush
  • blankets
  • warm clothes
  • boots
  • gloves
  • bottled water and snacks
  • cell phone charger
  • music/games
Finally, in the event you do become stranded, do not walk away from your car - stay with it. Put your flashers on and call for help with your cell phone. Last but not least, keep calm.
Partner Spotlight
Working Together to Build a Safer Cincinnati

Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation (ACDC), The Community Builders, & HGC Construction

Thanks to a grant received by ACDC, HGC Construction and The Community Builders have begun partnering to renovate nine different apartment complexes in the Avondale area.

Now, the CCIC has also joined the partnership to help provide and install free home safety equipment in each renovated apartment to help keep families safe. Through collaboration, we have been able to provide over 70 new apartments with our home safety equipment bundle.

Thank you, ACDC, The Community         Builders, and HGC Construction for helping to take care of our community!
Promote Our Message
Give the Gift of Safety this Holiday Season
This time of year, it is always fun to buy gifts for your friends and loved ones. However, before thinking of what toys or clothes you can buy, consider giving the gift of safety this holiday season. For instance, many families may be looking to move to the next stage of car seat; or their growing baby is now crawling all over the house, and mom or dad need a safety gate to keep their little one away from stairs or another room in the house.

Oftentimes parents may need these items and don't realize it, or they do, but the items are too expensive, and they can't afford them on their own. Here's an opportunity for you and/or a group of your family/friends to be a real lifesaver for that child and provide a piece of equipment that can keep them safe for years to come. Depending on the safety equipment you decide to purchase (e.g. car seat), just be sure to get the correct size for the child's age, weight, and height.

Have questions about different safety equipment available to purchase? Check out our website!
Quick Tips
Helpful Hints to Keep in Mind this Winter
Car Seat Covers...
What Not to Do

We all want our babies to stay warm when they are in their car seats. However, when buying infant car seat covers, be sure they go around the seat, as pictured above, instead of covers that go into the seat and over your baby. All covers that go behind the baby's back may interfere with the harness system, thus not allowing you to get your baby restrained as securely as he or she should be.

Stairway Safety

Pressure-mounted safety gates are a great way to keep infants and toddlers away from the stairs in the home. If you do use a pressure-mounted gate, be sure to set it up in a doorway, hallway, or at the bottom of the stairs. If placed at the top of the staircase, the child could potentially fall forward and slide down the stairs if the gate is shaken too hard.
Appropriate Dress for Outdoor Winter Activities

One of the top activities kids love to do in the winter is play in the snow. Be sure your kids of all ages are dressed in warm clothes, a winter coat, and snow pants, as well as a hat, gloves, and boots before playing in the snow. This will prevent their bodies from getting too cold, and also add cushion if they happen to slip and fall. Wearing a helmet is also a good choice when kids are sledding.
Expert Advice
Practicing Safe Sleep Around Cincinnati
Ask an Expert
Jessica Seeberger
Cradle Cincinnati

Q: What is being done in Cincinnati to encourage safe sleeping habits?

A: Organizations and community groups in Cincinnati are rallying around safe infant sleep. In the medical sector, prenatal care providers and birthing hospitals are teaching parents the Safe Sleep ABC's (Alone, on their Back, and in a Crib), modeling safe sleep, and connecting families with cribs.

In the community, home visitors help families set up safe sleeping environments in their homes. A parent who lives in Hamilton County, is WIC eligible, and has a baby under the age of 1 can qualify for a free crib! Call 211 for more information.

In addition, we're excited that the Kappa Alpha Psi - Cincinnati Chapter has identified safe sleep as the 2016 initiative and will be hosting men-friendly safe sleep training and outreach events throughout the year. Finally, Cradle Cincinnati, in partnership with several local families, developed this video, to be shared with families throughout Cincinnati.

For more information on Cradle Cincinnati's work in the community, visit their website.
The Doctor is In
Sam Hanke, MD

Q: What is Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center doing to promote safe sleep?
A: In an effort to continue to deliver exceptional and safe care for every hospitalized infant, Cincinnati Children's Hospital has instituted a new safe sleep policy to ensure a safe sleep environment here in the hospital and at home. 

This policy ensures the safe sleep practices endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics are being taught and modeled when medically safe. An ongoing multidisciplinary effort has made great strides in providing education to inpatient caregivers, parents, and auditing policy compliance across all inpatient units.  · 513-636-7865, "Option 1"