February 2021
Winter Greetings
It looks like there are reasons to be hopeful for music and art in our not too distant future!

We began the 2020 new year with hopes that it would be our best season yet, but we had to cancel 28 out of 30 shows due to the pandemic.

We were thrilled to have had a couple of virtual shows that people really enjoyed! Paul Johnson, our theater director, put together a great little show featuring Three Lakes talent - local choruses, etc., in locations around town. Randy Sabien and Corky Siegel created an absolutely delightful show, and we were thrilled to receive some nice donations as well! Our followers are true and we are so appreciative.

Watch past shows, and see notices of upcoming shows on our Facebook page.

The good news is that many of the bands we originally scheduled last year want to return, and a few have already booked dates for this year in late summer or early fall. We also have a lineup of artists for the gallery all set to go.

Our planning is underway for a great season, and we continue to monitor recommendations on event safety.

Please continue to support us in any way you can – and we'll do what we can to never disappoint you!

Remember, we all need art and music in our lives to feed our spirits and our souls! 
Gay Scheffen
Live Events Director
Mark Your Calendar
Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!