Thank you for joining us for our 12th winter season. While many of you are returning, there are many new members so this newsletter is devoted to processes and house-keeping items.

In particular, it is important that the Carnivores read below. The carnivore share is structured differently than our usual program and has a few different policies regarding vacations and cancelations.

Thank you again for supporting local farmers this winter and we look forward to seeing you all out there!

Trevor, Allyson, Lauren, Katie, and the rest of the FFM staff
This Week's Promotions
Winter is a tough transition for some of our farmers. On industry in particular doesn't slow down - dairy - but our demand in the winter is less.

Please remember to support Edward and Aden with the Guernsey cows this winter. If you haven't tried our fantastic A2A2 Guernsey milk, it is on sale this week:
Guernsey Milk - $0.25 off per unit.

Also, beef chuck blade roast. This is the cross-cut shoulder roast, similar to a boston butt roast in a hog. The shoulder blade separates the tender flat irons, mock and petite tenders from the beefier shoulder clod. This is the best beef pot roast cut on a steer.

Grassfed Beef, Chuck Blade Roasts are $1 off per lb.

All items are listed for sale online. Please order by Midnight tonight.
The Winter Schedule
Winter Times are Different than Summer Times
Please note, the winter pickup times are different than the summer times. We also have a few less pickup locations. See above for the schedule.

Winter Schedule starts out weekly, then goes every other week
This schedule works best for our growing season. For the first 3 weeks of winter season, we go consecutively. Here is the winter schedule with all the pickup dates.

That means pickups during these dates:
Week 1: Nov 3 thru 7
Week 2: Nov 10 thru 13
Week 3: Nov 17 thru 20

Then the week of Thanksgiving is NOT A WINTER pickup. However, Thanksgiving week we do run trucks for our Thanksgiving deliveries. Thanksgiving orders are separate from the winter season and must be placed separately. You should have received several emails already about our Thanksgiving offerings and schedule.

Then we resume our schedule for winter. Starting the week of Dec 1 thru 4, we will go the following schedule:
Pickup on Dec 1 thru 4
No pickup the week of Dec 8 thru 11
Pickup the week of Dec 15 thru 18.

At this point pickups will be every other week.

We will continue to send out a Tuesday newsletter on each delivery week as a reminder.

Special Orders Must be Placed by Tuesdays at Midnight
Each delivery week we update our perishable inventory on the website. By time the newsletter comes out, the website is updated.

Please place your order by Midnight on Tuesdays.

Special orders are to be picked up at your primary pickup location. The pickup location will be listed in your confirmation email. Special orders not picked up will face a restocking fee. Please alert the greeter that you have a special order. We cannot transfer or resend orders not picked up.

Like the summer, we allow you to skip up to 4 deliveries. For each delivery you skip, you will receive credits that may be used in our online store or at the back of the truck. We cannot offer you credits if you do not notify us first.

Vacation holds must be entered by Saturday by midnight before a delivery week. For example, for delivery Week 2, the deliveries are Wed, Nov 10 thru Sat, Nov 13. Vacations must be entered in the website by Sat, Nov 6 by Midnight.

When you return, credits will display on your account. They will not be available before your actual vacation skip. The system checks to make sure you don't actually pickup that week.

Credits must be used within 4 weeks of return - that's 4 weeks, or 2 delivery cycles. After 4 weeks, if you don't start to use some of the credits, the value will diminish. The clock restarts after you start to use the credits.

Why do they expire? Previously, credits didn't expire and then on the last week everyone tried using their credits up. At that point, we could not pull the orders and could not fulfill them all successfully. In that scenario, the customer and our staff was miserable. We encourage you to use your credits promptly upon return.

Please bring a bag, box, or tote
As with the summer, we attempt to package your share in the way that best protects the products. Frozen items and meats are generally outside the liner bag - that way the meat package doesn't touch your vegetables, which in theory could be eaten raw.

Please bring a reusable bag, box, or tote to transfer your products to. Here is a video with best practices.

CARNIVORES...Please Read
The carnivore share is quite different. I designed the carnivore share in a way that it works for the farmers, the processing plants (butchers), the consumer and the budget.

This means, we have to have a few different policies, including:

No Cancelations. We have a strict budget across the season of how many of each cuts each member gets. No two weeks are worth the same retail value. For example, on the weeks with steak included, 2 T-Bones are worth considerably more than the cost of the weekly share. That same week a member gets steak they will also get food in 4 other categories of products.

As a result of the difficulty in applying a dollar amount to each week's share, we cannot offer cancelations or refunds on the Carnivore share.

Complimentary Products
Each week's bag includes 5 items. The 5th category is either a meat -derived product (like bone broth or lard) or complimentary items such as eggs, butter, or even beans and sauerkraut (like this week, kraut with the pork roast, beans with ham hock).

Pickup at Your Primary Location
Each member is assigned to a group. We send exact numbers on each truck. That means you have to pickup at your assigned pickup location.

Vacations - no credits - please do read
We offer the chance for you to skip. A skip for the Carnivore bag is more like a "hold." We hold your share until you return and ship it the following week.

For example, if you select that you will take a "vacation skip" on the week of Nov 17 thru 20, we will send your Week 3 Carnivore share to your primary location on the following delivery week - the Week 4 dates of Dec 1 thru 4.

As a result, vacation skips do not create credits that are available for our online store.

Please continue to enter your vacation dates so that we send the proper amount of product on each truck. Vacations are due by Midnight on the Saturday before a delivery week. For example, in the situation above the delivery week is the dates of Wed, Nov 17 thru Sat, Nov 20. A vacation skip for that week is due by Sat, Nov 13 at midnight.

Winter Omnivore
Whole Chicken
Multi-color carrots
collard greens
Pink Lady Apples
Green Peppers

Winter Vegetarian
Multi-color carrots
collard greens
Pink Lady Apples
Green Peppers
Butternut Squash
Daikon Radish
Sweet Potatoes

We are backed up on paperwork and assigning the carnivore accounts is a very manual process.

We will notify you at pickup tomorrow as to which group you are in. There will also be an email later this week once the dust settles.

You will always be in the same group - A thru E - for the rest of the season as we rotate products.
For more recipes, visit our archive at https://freshforkmarket.com/recipes/