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Welcome to Week 9! This week's bag features a hearty pork roast for the chilly winter nights that are still ahead of us. There are several tasty recipe links below from our family company, Fresh Fork Market. Also included in the bag is a jam-packed jar of sauerkraut that will pair nicely with the roast. The sauerkraut is a living, fermented product that needs to be stored in the refrigerator. Because it is a fermented product, you may see some bubbles in the jar, the lid may look under pressure or you may hear a pop when you open the jar. This is a completely normal and expected!

This time of year, there is so much going on. The greenhouse is bursting with seeds and sprouts. The farrowing barn is full of little piglets (each sow has at least 8, and there are 8-10 sows in the barn at any given time). Little baby peeps are filling the peep shack. Once the piglets and peeps get bigger and the weather gets warmer, they will move to the outdoors to graze on pasture. The maple woods are flowing with sap and the Keim family has been working all night in the sugar shack boiling the sap into maple syrup.

Just 2 weeks ago we were talking about all the seeds we had planted in the greenhouse. Since then, the greenhouse has become completely filled with tomatoes, broccoli, kale, peppers, celery, herbs and more! The sun and heat over this past weekend really gave a jolt to the sprouts. We keep wishing for more sunshine and warmer weather now that spring is officially here! The cool nights and clear skies keep us on our toes overnight, as we have to make sure the greenhouse temps don't drop too low and cause any shock to the baby plants.

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Did you know...?
  • Cool, below freezing temperatures at night and sunny, above 35 degree temperatures during the day make for the best conditions for sap to make syrup.
  • The sap running through the lines from the trees to the sugar shack is clear like water (top picture). It's quite a transformation turning the sap into syrup (bottom picture).
  • It takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make just 1 gallon of syrup!

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Bag Contents
Week 9
Pork Roast
Sauerkraut (quart)
Green Beans (frozen)
Feta Goat Cheese
Sunflower Oil
Chocolate Milk (1/2 gal.)

We're getting to the time of year where the fall storage crop supply is dwindling and we are anxiously awaiting the fresh early spring produce in the fields. Part of our mission at Wholesome Valley Farm is to preserve the bounty when it's picked fresh so we can enjoy the bounty off the farm even in the winter months.

The frozen green beans are picked and processed in the summer. We wash, prep and cut the stems off the green beans right after they're harvested. They're packed into quart containers and stored in the freezer for winter meals. They're an easy side dish (recipes below) or in a soup.

Sauerkraut is another preserved product made here at the farm. In the fall, we chop thousands of pounds of cabbage in the bowl chopper. It then goes into a salt + water brine in a 55 gallon jug to ferment. The fermenting process can take months, and the kraut is jarred up during the winter months when the taste is just right! The fermented product is full of healthy bacteria and it will continue to ferment (slowly) in the refrigerator. Eat it plain, or pair it with pork and potatoes.

Have you checked out the recipes from Fresh Fork Market yet? Click here for more recipes & inspiration from our family company!

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