November 2020
Best defense against germs? Just wash your hands
Proper hygiene is important every day, but it’s especially critical in minimizing the spread of germs that cause the flu, the coronavirus and more. Louisville Water’s product, Louisville pure tap®, is essential for overall health and hand washing. As we head into winter, Louisville Water offers this fun Hand Washin' Germ Stoppin’ jingle that promotes the importance of soap, water, and a good scrub.
Take Me to the Tower!
Visit Louisville Water Tower Park
on Sun., Nov. 8

Looking for something to do this weekend? Come see a 100-foot-tall steam engine, examine the inside of a fire hydrant, and learn how drinking water gets to your tap!

All you have to do is buy a ticket to our Open Day on Sun., Nov. 8. This timed entry ticket includes a visit to the WaterWorks Museum, a look inside Pumping Station No. 3, and a guided tour of our property.

Please note that face coverings are required, and social distancing will be enforced at the event.
Need help with your bill?

We understand that the pandemic has made paying bills difficult for some. But Louisville Water can help. The Drops of Kindness program offers a customized approach to resolve unpaid bills. It starts with a confidential phone call -- give us a call at 502.583.6610 today.
Where are the statues going?
Did you know there were 10 statues that sat on the iconic Louisville Water Tower? On Tues., Oct. 27, Louisville Water removed Mercury, Neptune, Flora and the rest of the statues. Learn why and what's happening to them!
Leaving a lasting legacy at Louisville Water

As Director of Water Quality, Dr. Rengao Song has maintained Louisville Water's rich tradition of research and innovation. When he retires after 20 plus years with the company, he leaves behind his own legacy of excellence in water science.
Art with a message of hope
As part of a community-wide effort to move forward, Louisville Water is participating in the Tearing Down Walls Together program, a showcase featuring local artists sponsored by the Global Economic Diversity Development Initiative. Louisville artist Tone Vallejo painted a remaining panel of plywood near the front entrance of Louisville Water’s corporate office. Her work, along with others, will be auctioned off to support the initiative.
Where were these minions? You could win a prize if you know!
Boo? No. Boo hoo! We had to cancel our annual Trick or Treatment event this year due to the pandemic. But we did dress up our favorite walking/running path the week of Halloween with fun hay bale minions for visitors to enjoy. Hope you had a chance to check it out. Do you know where this walking/running path is located? Here's a clue!

The first five people to answer correctly will receive a Louisville pure tap® prize pack. Good luck!
Congratulations to the winners of the October contest: Michelle Moser, Randy Moore, Benjamin Scholtz, Debbie Jo Riddle, and R. Clay. The answer to the October photo contest: Any new car we add to our fleet will be white with reflective decals.
Thanks for participating!
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