We often get asked: "What we do in the winter?"
Although the lawn and shrubs are not growing, we are still quite busy cleaning up from the stormy fall and are already preparing for spring. So many important tasks are completed in the winter that reaps major benefits throughout the spring and summer. We think January and February are the most important months in landscape maintenance as the impact of our work now impacts the entire spring and summer season. 
Shrub Bed Clean-up
Following the messy fall and early winter, we perform a comprehensive raking and grooming of the shrub beds. This gets them ready for pre-emergence and re-barkdusting (if planned). 

Winter Pruning
Pruning during the summer is mostly focused on managing the new growth. Winter pruning is more focused on structural and rejuvenation. These efforts help ensure the plants are ready for their spring growth flush.
Winter Fertilization
Virtually all lawns, shrubs and trees get fertilized during the winter as this is the most important time.

Shrub Bed Pre-emergence
To prevent weed germination through the spring and summer, we treat all shrub bed areas.

It is not the best time to spend outdoors but and important time for us to prepare to help ensure your landscape is beautiful and healthy this coming season.
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