Got Cabin Fever ??
Tired of being indoors? Miss getting outside? FOFAH has a few suggestions to help shake off the winter blues. Think of the Open Space at Hilltop Farm for a hike, snowshoeing, birdwatch or cross country skiing. Since there has been very little snow you may enjoy walking your dog in the Open Space.  Mother Nature is waiting for you at Hilltop Farm.  

2016 Great Backyard Bird Count
The Great Backyard Bird  Count  

FOFAH invites you to participate in the 2016 Great Backyard Bird Count. This annual four-day event is  February 12-15, 2016.

The Great Backyard Bird Count was the first online citizen-science project to collect data on wild birds and to display results in near real-time. Since 1998, more than 100,000 people of all ages and walks of life have joined the four-day count each February to create an annual snapshot of the distribution and abundance of birds.

Simply log on and register, then tally the numbers and kinds of birds you see for at least 15 minutes on one or more days of the count, February 12-15, 2016. You can count from any location, anywhere in the world!

In 2015, Great Backyard Bird Count participants in more than 100 countries counted 5,090 species of birds on more than 147,000 checklists! See the full 2015 summary at the website.

Help make this the most successful count ever by participating this year! Log on to http://gbbc.birdcount.org. 

The Eagles at Hilltop Farm
Bald eagles have been part of Suffield birding skyline for decades. In part, this is due to the fact that conservationists, like FOFAH, have taken steps to secure their safety.

Winter, January and February, is their mating season and it will be springtime before we know if eagle chicks have survived. The CT DEEP requires that visitors keep to the trails and not to go inside the fenced in areas from now until May. 

Bald eagles may be spotted year round but sightings occur regularly during the winter months, when they're particularly active on cold, breezy days. Our eagles may be seen perched atop dead trees, circling around carrion, or fishing in the CT River.
That may be one reason why the property has not been developed for homes and FOFAH volunteered to be the caretakers of the Town's beautiful Open Space.

The bald eagle is the only eagle unique to North America. Its distinctive brown body and white head and tail make it easy to identify even from a distance. However, most bald eagles don't attain the iconic white head and tail feathers until their fourth or fifth year. 
When flying, the bald eagle very rarely flaps its wings but soars instead, holding its wings almost completely flat. Its hooked bill, legs and feet are yellow.

Walk the lane-ways at Hilltop Farm, let's help Mother Nature. Please. No Loud noises and stay on the trails! 

A Winter Event 
Come Learn about Bluebirds and Build a Bluebird Box

Join FOFAH and the Suffield Land Conservancy on Sunday, March 6 from 1:00 PM- 4:00PM to learn about Eastern Bluebirds. 

The Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) lives in meadows and trees that offer suitable nest holes. Thanks to the proliferation of nest boxes, these royal blue birds are now a common sight along roads, the edges of fields, and other open areas. 

You will be able to leave the event with a Bluebird box for your own backyard or donate to the non-profits that care for open spaces in Suffield; the Suffield Land Conservancy or FOFAH.

This program is open to adults and families. Children should be accompanied by an adult. The program is free, but a donation is greatly appreciated to continue this work. Space is limited. Registration is required prior to March 4. Please register by calling 860-758-0668.  

An Information Kiosk at the Public Entry of Hilltop!

The information kiosk has been recently built and installed by Jon Hagenow, an Eagle Scout candidate from Suffield Troop 66 and with the financial support of many local people. This kiosk will serve as information center for Hilltop Farm and the Open Space.

Thank You's to Our Own Friends  of the Farm

FOFAH is very fortunate to have so many people and organizations supporting the mission and sharing our vision.
Electricity in the Garage    
FOFAH is very grateful to Power Line Electric, LLC and owner, Rob Henselder for underwriting the installation of electrical service to the newly rebuilt garage. Power Line Electric, LLC has been a longtime supporter and sponsor of FOFAH events.
High School Student Volunteers
FOFAH wishes to thank the students of Pine Meadow Academy of Windsor Locks for their continuing community service projects at Hilltop throughout this winter. These students have been scheduled to work with our adult volunteers, and Board members, Bobbie Rodgers and Rodger Ives, to clean out and restore corners in the Barn and throughout the Farm. A special thanks goes to David  Berube, a key volunteer teaching some students the art and science of de-construction of a farm shed.

Since FOFAH is an all volunteer organization, we are always welcoming to those people or groups wanting to volunteer or do a project or can share their skills and talents. 

Regular work days are scheduled for the second Saturday of most months.
The next scheduled work day will be in March.

If you have any questions, please call us at 860-758-0668 or check the website


 FOFAH Wish List
As you are cleaning out your garage or basement this winter, remember FOFAH. Your donations will be put to good use. 
We are in need of

Garden tools
Rakes, shovels
Hand tools
Power tools
'Gator- 4-wheel vehicle
Truck for Farm use only

If you have something that you would like to donate, but are not sure, just call 860-758-0668.

FOFAH is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to restoring Hilltop Farm into an educational and recreational resource for the community. All donations go to the improvement of the farm. Many thanks to the volunteers for their dedication and community support that has allowed FOFAH to advance the restoration of the Hilltop Farmstead.