Dear friends,
Wishing everyone much love as the world confronts the challenges of 2020. Happy International Women's Day, March 8, and sending our support and care out to all those already impacted by the global issue of the new coronavirus, COVID-19. 

It is a scary situation and reminds me of our deep embodied connectedness and vulnerability, as well as the ongoing group process about how we care for each other as a human community. 

Working together is the only effective way forward, and might be one of the secondary processes underneath such frightening global disturbances! 

For PWI it has been an exciting and busy start to the year. PWI has been buzzing with creativity, deep, playful and powerful processing of all kinds.
Our second year MAPOF5 group hosted their Open Forum and facilitated a community conversation about whether Oregon is doing enough about climate change, with a great turn out.

Our MAPOF6 cohort went deeper into process-oriented relationship and dreambody work.

And our 2020 Winter Intensive gathered 27 participants from 18 countries. (Read more below from Susan Kocen, our Winter Intensive Coordinator.)
At the same time, we have been continuing the process for renewal of accreditation for our academic programs, and submitted a big compliance report on time for Valentines Day. Wish us luck with this ongoing project to increase recognition for Processwork! 

On the more difficult side, we received the sad news of the cancellation of Worldwork BC due to the threat of the new coronavirus. Our hearts go out to the organizers holding this agonizing decision, and everyone impacted - see below for a note from the organizers.  

As a result, Arny and Amy Mindell asked PWI to host their Spring Seminar . This will be a one-day online event on May 30, and will be available via live-stream and video-recording. 

We hope many of you will join Arny and Amy live or via recording, as we seek the help of technology to overcome physical barriers to connectedness, and continue to learn together in these volatile times.

Hellene Gronda, Executive Director
Ph.D, PW. Dipl, MA, BSc/BA(Hons) 
Hellene has a life-long interest in personal and collective change and has been inspired by Processwork for over 30 years. An experienced leader in government and nonprofit settings she values the deep optimism and courageous spirit of Processwork, and its ability to find creative and unexpected solutions to the most difficult, confusing or inexplicable challenges.
Co-Creating Politics:
Interventions for our Political Discourse with Dawn Menken

Saturdays, March 14th & April 11th 11am-1pm PST

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Join us online!
New World Leader-Facilitator Training Seminar To Realize Your Greatest Dreams For Our World
with Arny & Amy Mindell

Saturday, May 30th
10am - 1pm & 2-5:30pm PST

 Live Stream & Live Stream recording options

Our innerwork, relationships, groups and world suffer from persistent conflicts. Come learn more about your own special way to work best and flow with inner problems, relationships, communities, and international conflicts. Realize your special WORLDWORK STYLE and ALTERED STATE and GREATEST DREAMS!

Early registration deadline May 16th

Arny in Berlin

Large group, organization and worldwork supervision & learning … for everyone!

Monday, June 1st
4:30 - 7:30pm PST

Live Stream & Audio recording options

Early registration deadline May 16th

Winter Intensive 2020 Highlights
This year we celebrated the 35 th Portland Processwork Intensive with participants arriving from 18 countries (and more countries, languages, and cultures of origin), for their 5 week immersion in the art, science and wonder of Processwork. The weeks were structured around the Fundamentals of the work, a Dreambody focus, Art, Creativity and Innerwork, Relationship theory, Altered States & Addictions, Lab Class theory & practice, Small Group explorations, Group Work experience, Integration and personal therapy sessions. There were Friday classes with Arny Mindell and seven Brown Bag Lunch events with presentations from the larger Processwork community. It was a deliberately full program, offering as much as was possible to the participants while they were with us in NW Portland.
Every year this extraordinary event holds mysteries and didactic learning. Participants arrive to a Portland winter, rain, often snow, and our cloudy weather with moments of sunshine. Some folk have already met the paradigm, and some come with little practice or exposure, driven by story and dreaming. All give 5 weeks of their lives to an unknown group, a new team of teachers, and what will lie ahead.

This year’s group followed its unique and energetic Tao. The Process Work Institute was filled with movement, sound and song, with art and innerwork, with group and interpersonal conflicts, dreams, altered states, and the vitality of various tricksters and critics. There were fights and resolutions, parties and celebrations, departures, arrivals, and the altered states and time out with winter time body symptoms.
Our team of 20 staff: teachers, assistants, facilitators, supervisor, field worker and therapists worked together to support the flow of the group, learning together, with deep gratitude for the opportunity to be part of this event.

On the final night the group hosted a No Talent Night with fourteen performances from participants and staff. Music, song, movement, poetry, humor, clown and dance filled the Institute. Colorful art work covered the walls and dancing continued late into the night. It was a tremendous end to the event; honoring the multi-layered, the deep democracy of our shared and unique experiences. A finale for WI2020. Now beginning to dream of the 36 th .
Susan Kocen, MA Dipl.PW
Organizer of the 35 th Winter Intensive, 2020.
Processwork in Practice:
Free Online Intro Class with Dawn Menken

Engaging with Dying, Death and Grief

Thursday, April 2nd, 5:30-6:30pm PST
Masters in Process-Oriented Facilitation & Conflict Studies

Our next masters cohort starts this October!
Join us for a 2 year deep exploration into processwork!

We are now accepting applications!!!
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 by Jeanell Innerarity
Check out this class series with Gary Reiss!
Dreambody and Deep Bodywork

Saturday & Sunday, July 18th - 19th

Early registration deadline July 3rd
Altered & Extreme States

Saturday & Sunday, September 12th - 13th

Early registration deadline August 29th
Healing History - Working with Personal & Historical Trauma

Saturday & Sunday, November 21st - 22nd

Early registration deadline November 7th

If you would like to attend all courses please call PWI (503-223-8188) to register and receive discount pricing.  
Letter from the organizers:

Dear Worldwork Community,

We have some very unfortunate news with regard to Worldwork 2020. We have decided to cancel the Worldwork2020 Musqueam territory event due to the Corona Virus being declared uncontainable by the World Health Organization. 

As you may know, organizing Worldwork is a labor of love based on a vision for community, awareness and a making the world a friendlier place for more people and communities. We are saddened by this loss as well. We will miss having this time of learning and connecting with you. And we will miss the opportunity to work on the issues of the world with you. We know too that this dream will continue to live on in many of our other world and community efforts.

We are contemplating the possibility of an online event, and will be in touch with more information. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

The Worldwork Team
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