An early fall arrived in September and it has been quite cool with snow in the mountains. What will the winter bring? Hard to say but ERF, our private weather forecast we subscribe to says:

"The cold air pooling over the Columbia Basin will lead to low level snow or ice events over Western Valleys during December and January. I have already gone on record saying that we could certainly see snow event(s) before Christmas, and I will stay with that notion for now."

At this point, the forecast is not that accurate but we receive some sort of winter weather each year that will have most commercial property owners in need of service. Thus, we are already preparing for winter weather. As you know, we are well equipped to serve our customers and are taking orders now.

We believe we provide the best winter weather service in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area out of our 3 offices: Hillsboro, Sherwood, and Parkrose. We provide sidewalk shoveling and deicing, parking lot plowing and sanding, as well as parking lot deicer pre-treating. You can sign up for any or all of these services and can designate whether you want them provided on weekdays or all days including weekends. We monitor weather throughout the winter and recommend you allow us to make the determination on when to deploy but leave you the option of making the call.

We do, however, give priority to those who designate us to make the call. If plowing is desired, we will charge for mobilization when plow-able snow is predicted as getting equipment to site must be done prior to the storm. We also provide deicer pre-treating but do so only if plowing and sanding is also ordered. Pre-treating with deicer only prevents black ice or heavy frost and is ineffective if snow falls.

Remember, we offer preferential pricing and priority service for maintenance customers who order service before November 1st.  If you have questions please call your Area Manager to discuss.


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