Hello Fall

Mark Your Calendars and Prepare to have a

Tulip-tastic Time at the

28th Annual Camp Ray-Ray's "Flower Power".

It's going to be an event that's just


July 19 - 22, 2024,

at Snow Mt. Ranch in Granby, Colorado

Camp Updates


"Hey there, campers! 🌼 Get ready to bloom and blossom at Camp Ray-Ray's "Flower Power" extravaganza! 🌸🌻 We're petal-tively thrilled to welcome you to a fantastic floral adventure. 🌺🌼

We want to give a special shoutout to our talented t-shirt designer, Sofia! Way to go, Sofia, and thank you for adding a burst of floral creativity to our 2024 Camp gear!

Now that Halloween has left the building, it's time to hunt for some far-out deals on hippie or flower-themed outfits for our Camp fashion show and talent show. Or, why not come dressed as your state's official flower? Prizes will be up for grabs at these groovy shows!

Exciting news! Camp is extending its petal-powered magic for an extra day. We'll kick off the fun on Friday, July 19, 2024, at 3 pm, and we won't wilt away until noon on Monday, July 22. Mark your calendars now campers! Camp registration will start blooming on March 1, 2024, and the deadline to join the floral fun is June 1, 2024.

What's in store for Camp this year? Well, we have a bouquet of new classes, workshops, and classic fun for you to enjoy:

🌟 Stargazing 🌿 Nature Walks 🦉 Wildlife Observation Walks 🌼 Nature Arts and Crafts in Steffanie's Sunshine Room 🍽️ Tracy's Friday night catered meal with Teen Assistance 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Buddy Families 💬 HIV Disclosure Conversations 🎯 Minute-to-Win-IT and Family/Volunteer Bingo 🔥 Teen Camp Fire with S'mores 🏹 Camp Staples: Archery, Zipline, Sledding, Arts and Craft Center, and Keva Center activities - wall climbing, skating, volleyball, and swimming.

Remember, Camp is absolutely free for eligible families. To qualify, someone in your immediate family must be living with HIV, and there must be a child or young adult under the age of 24 in your home. If you know of any eligible families, be sure to spread the word about Camp and encourage them to join the floral festivities!

Now, let's talk dollars and daisies. Here's what it costs Angels Unaware for lodging and food per person for Camp:

🏨 $209 for a room each night, or $627 for three nights at Camp.

🍽️ $51.00 a day for meals, or $116.50 per person for Camp.

But wait, there's more! There are additional expenses for

meeting rooms, the arts & craft room, t-shirts, Friday night's catered

meal, and Snow Mt. Ranch activities like ziplining, archery, and horse riding.

We're not quite at the end of our rainbow just yet; we still

need to raise $18,342.00 to cover Camp's expenses. As we approach World AIDS Day (December 1) or during the holiday season, please consider making a heartfelt appeal to your family and friends. Let them know that their donations to Angels Unaware will support Camp, and there's an anonymous donor who will double the love by matching those contributions.

Together, we can make Camp even more bloomin' awesome! 🌻🌈💖

Care Circle Team

Angels Unaware Care Circle is an initiative created to foster togetherness, compassion, and support for Angels families, volunteers, and donors associated with Angels Unaware/Camp Ray-Ray.

The Care Circle utilizes text messaging as a means of communication. Circle members, regardless of where they live, will receive (or send text) messages requesting uplifting thoughts, prayers, personal notes, or any other form of outreach that can celebrate, show concern, or offer encouragement. Each member has the decision how they wish to participate and contribute to the circle.

If you are interested in joining the Care Circle, or if you have a request to share, email AngelsUnaware@att.net or call 303-456-4050.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great opportunity to give back and actively participate in camp's operations. There are numerous benefits to volunteering on the Board of Directors, the Camp Committee, or the Fundraising Committee that include:

  1. Giving Back Contribute skills, experience, and time to ensure Camp continues to provide positive experiences for others.
  2. Decision-Making Help shape the policies, activities, and overall direction of Angels Unaware and Camp.
  3. Transparency Witness how donations are used and ensure funds are allocated effectively.
  4. Camp Experience The chance to attend camp allowing none eligible campers the chance to relive the positive experiences they had in the past while contributing to the current camper's enjoyment.
  5. Personal Satisfaction Volunteering often brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction by making a positive impact to a meaningful cause.

All Board and Committee meetings are done remotely so you do not need to live in Colorado. If you're interested in applying, email AngelsUnaware@att.net or call Kathy at 303-456-4050. This is a wonderful way to remain engaged with the Camp Community and play an active role in its continued success.

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