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The Cultivator - November 2017
Winter's Knocking - The CobraHead Newsletter

´╗┐Marinated Brussels Sprouts  Brussels sprouts taste better when harvested after a frost. Here's a great marinade recipe from a 2012 blog post. Perfect for Thanksgiving. Here's the recipe.

Horseradish  Frosty weather means it's a good time to dig up some horseradish. This easy to grow perennial packs a tasty punch when it's shredded and prepared into a condiment sauce.
Blistered Shishito Peppers These little peppers were a hot item in the culinary curcuit, last year. We finally got around to growing them. They are unique and flavorful. Here's a recipe Judy tried and we liked.   The recipe.
It's Here! The CobraHead Broadfork
CobraHead Broadforks
We are pleased to announce the
CobraHead Broadfork.
´╗┐Strong, light, easy to use.
Gardeners, most especially vegetable growers, will find a broadfork an exceptionally useful tool. It can loosen compacted soil, help weed overgrown areas and can be used to help harvest crops. I've used a broadfork for 30 years and I couldn't garden in my open raised bed system without it.

Working with Structures Co., a local Cambridge machine shop and fabricator, we have built several prototype forks for design and testing. They turned out exactly as we had hoped and we will be selling our new fork, shortly. We are sure our forks are the best in terms of strength and usability.

We can offer great deals on these prototype tools. So if you've been thinking about a fork, now would be a good time to invest. Contact us for information.
Contact Us for Broadforks
Please forward this announcement and our newsletter to your gardening friends.

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