Spring or Winter?
What to wear while the  seasons change!

Brooch on jean jacket

Here in CA we are having days where it's 80 degrees followed by days of 50 degrees so just what the heck do you wear?!?  Are you still in dark cozy sweaters dreaming about when you can be wearing lighter, brighter spring clothes?   I want to offer you ways to wear what you have, but with a twist toward spring! Ready for a style lift? Here goes!
Take a look at your winter coats. Do you have one or two coats that are lighter in color and weight? Instead of wearing your black coat, you could opt for one in light gray, beige, or a shade of teal.
If you're wearing warm, plaid scarves around your neck, rummage through your scarf collection and see if some of them have light-colored backgrounds. The lighter the background color, the more spring-like the vibe will be.  Also think about the material of the scarf and instead of opting for wool choose a lighter weight cotton on warmer days.  
This spring you'll be seeing capes, ponchos, and shawls in the stores. A fun idea is to accessorize your coat (on days you need it) with a large shawl draped over your shoulders on the outside of your coat. This is an opportunity to "dress up" your winter coat and give it in a "wow" look using brighter colors and prints.
Tops in floral prints or polka dots give off a spring feel and if you add a denim jacket over the top it will be a great weight for this transition time.  Brooches are big for spring. Don't hesitate to add a few to your jean jacket.
Did you get into plaid and check patterned clothing items this fall? If so, go ahead and pair those floral prints and polka dot tops with your longer, plaid jackets or plaid pants. Not all plaids or checks are equal. Choose to wear the ones that have lighter colors in them for spring.  Pattern mixing is a ton of fun and you can see my YouTube Video here where I teach you the basics steps to do it!

How to Mix Patterns! Outfit ideas to mix patterns and prints.
How to Mix Patterns! Outfit ideas to mix patterns and prints.

Wear a white top with anything. White tops are a big trend this spring.  It can be bright white, soft white, or ecru. Wearing white from the waist up makes any outfit look fresh for spring. For extra pizazz on a button up white blouse, leave the top one or two buttons of your blouse unbuttoned, and slip a chunky gold, silver, or bronze choker around your neck. That necklace is right on trend for spring.
Take a look at your handbag. Is it looking tired? A handbag could be a great first purchase this spring. Go ahead and shop for it now and start wearing it right away. Look for bags with chain straps (if it's not too heavy for you) or choose a color that stands out. Bags offer pops of color, which will be uplifting and a great way to inch toward the arrival of spring.

If you would like to see the full Spring trend list for 2020 shoot me an email and I will happily send you the entire list!  
Would you like my help? I can help you create lighter-looking outfits from your winter wardrobe, or we can head to the stores and do a little shopping for pieces that will serve you for spring and summer. Believe it or not spring fashion is in the store full force.  Just give me a call and we'll get started!

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How To Create Outfits From Your Closet 101
How To Create Outfits From Your Closet 101

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