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Jan. 15, 2015 

The month of January is speeding along! Our toddler mornings are filling up, and next week, the Winter Season of our Big Kids Club classes kicks off for 10 weeks of cold weather adventure! 

Flexible childcare has some obvious uses, but Buddings offers a lot more than an easy drop-off spot when you're not around (though we do that really well!). 

Between our engaging, interest-led toddler mornings, and the Big Kids Club classes in the afternoons, everyone benefits from regular attendance - on your schedule, of course!

We're extremely proud of the mix of elements, and balance of activities for both age groups. If you're wondering if your child is ready to move into some structured play and learning, you can check out any of this season's afternoon classes for free in January!

Consistency is key when if comes to making kids comfortable, and when kids come to Buddings on a regular basis, you'll be amazed at the learning they bring home. Talia's post on the blog explains the benefits. Her suggestion: The Twice a Week Plan.

Find all the details the articles below!

Big Kids Club Kickoff Week - Jan. 19, 2015
Sign up Now!

You've been hearing about our program of structured play and learning for a while, and now that the winter season is starting next week, it's time to sign up! 


Classes run weekly, each day from 1 - 4pm, and participating children get to take field trips, enjoy presentations, hear stories, and connect with their friends and teachers through the lens of learning. 

It's especially designed for our flexible centre, with no mandatory attendance or minimums, so the more often children attend, the more they get out of it!

Launch Week Field Trips - Wednesday and Thursday!

To get things rolling, on Wednesday, our new Neighbourhoods class will be taking the season's first field trip down to our favourite bike shop: Bikes for All. And if Wednesday doesn't work for you, Sarah and the Alphabet Adventurers will be heading down to the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library on Thursday. 


preschoolers@buddings.ca                                                              denet@buddings.ca
                          johanna@buddings.ca                      sarah@buddings.ca

With five amazing classes, there's a field trip every week until the end of March! Watch the booking calendar for details, or better yet, shoot an email to the teacher of your favourite class to try it out for FREE. There are three free spots available every afternoon through January, so be sure to book yours right away!

For Best Results: The Twice a Week Plan!
Learning through Repetition... again... and again...

Three years has come and gone, and Buddings has grown and developed as much as any baby business. We've learned about integrating new kids, developing programs according to their interests, and helping everyone get along!

Developing new techniques is always exciting, but there's a lot of research into development and learning, and the evidence shows that repeated exposure, over time, is the number one way to make learning stick. 

There are lots of reasons to bring your child to Buddings, and if you're a member, you already have access to our fabulous staff, inspiring space, and the social environment! 

Check out our blog post about how to make the most of your membership with Buddings!

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