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helmet-goggles October 9, 2017

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town
I had originally planned to go to Alaska to fly with Jamie Klaes, Jason Motyka    and Amal Ajmi, but it was getting late in the season and the new PA12 needed some work, so I cancelled the trip and I've been working in the Squirrelwerks and consulting with Avionics technician, Barry Foote on getting the PA12 set up the way I want it.  I've kept that a secret and my plan has worked, 'cause my phone hasn't been ringing.  It's also provided a chance to do the one thing that brings me delight... teaching daughter Janet to fly.  That's been a ball.  So far, so good!
Janet Tommy Lansburgh in "Clyde".
We had a wonderful Young Eagles day.  The Young Eagles program at Sisters is a bit different from others in that our EAA chapter actually exists to provide support for the flying program at Sisters High School.  So Flight Science teacher Sheryl Yeager organized last week's expedition in which a gaggle of us killed two birds with one stone, providing a bunch of kids the opportunity to fly AND using our airplanes to get them to Madras, where they got a chance to tour the Erickson Aircraft Collection.  The kids had a ball and the day was a real success.  Many thanks to pilots Jim Hamilton, John Dunlap, Benny Benson, Julie Benson, Sam Monte and Dave Hoffman, the gang at ESI and Outlaw Aviation.  Erickson Aircraft Collection's manager Mike Oliver and Assistant Manager Michelle Forster and their staff were very welcoming and if you haven't had a chance to tour this great collection I can't recommend it enough.
I strikes me that this has been a great week in personal aviation history.  Luka Perle soloed.  Luka has been flying
A much younger Luka Perle with the Big Yellow Glider at Sunriver, Oregon.
with me since he was a little kid and I ran Sunriver Soaring.  His dad, Ben, would bring Luka to the airport and we'd all fly in the Big Yellow Glider.  As he got older, his parents transferred him to Sisters High School just so he could take Flight Science.  Many thanks to Luka's mom, Maeve, for supplying the pics! Sam Monte took over Luka's flight instruction as I gradually began to specialize in tailwheel instruction.  I now have only one primary student and that is Janet. 
She just became a member of Ladies Love Taildraggers and if you haven't yet, be sure to visit their website.  So now you know why I think this is a great moment in aviation history.  Luka has soloed, Janet is flying the 140 and to put a cherry on the top of this flying Sundae, Matt Haines earned his tailwheel certificate this week and Michael Harper started on his.  It's been a good one!
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 "FEAR" is this week's article.  It's just a poor man's psychological musing, but maybe it will address something that most of us keep in the very depths of our consciousness.... Or maybe we don't think about it at all!
Old Article
All this talk of learning has caused me to recommend an older article that was previously featured on the Tailwheeler's Journal.  It is "Student Pilots" and I think it's really appropriate, considering all the learning that's been going on at Tailwheel Town.  I hope you will enjoy it.



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