Feb. 11, 2021
Ray-Pec Parent Community,

From a weather perspective, this has been a rough week. The current extreme cold spell has caused Ray-Pec and other school districts to move instruction to a virtual format at various times this week. I know this is an inconvenience for many of you, and if there was anything I could do to make this weather go away, I would. Please know that we are doing everything we can to provide learning opportunities while also considering the various situations of our students and the various modes in which they travel to and from school: student drivers, bus riders, car riders, and walkers.

I wrote to you in October that one of the truisms of being a superintendent is that not everyone will agree with a weather day decision, no matter whether that decision is to go virtual or remain open for that day. I will own that upfront, and ask for your patience and grace. Our team will strive to make the safest, most prudent weather-related decisions. We rely on weather experts, their forecasts, and information from our public works partners in Raymore, Peculiar, and Cass County. With over 95 square miles of varied terrain and road conditions, I have to take the entirety of the school district into consideration when making the inclement weather decision. 

Thank you for your understanding this past week. I also want to recognize and thank our outstanding staff for being ready to provide instruction in various formats no matter what the weather holds.

Better days are ahead. We just have to get through our current days first. 

And we will.

Thank you for entrusting your children to the Ray-Pec School District.

Mike Slagle

I am passionately driven by the belief that Everyone Is Created To Flourish