November 26th, 2018
Hello friends!

 All over the world t he darker months inspire celebrations of light .  On Main Street here the lamposts are hung with wreaths, storefronts are bright and beautiful.  In the store we offer lovelinesses for you to decorate your homes, adorn yourselves and gift with love.  Through all our offerings and service we hope to provide an environment of beauty that allows a reconnection with soul.  Our deep wish is that everyone who enters the store connects with their own beauty and sense of wholeness and that their spirits are brightened too. 

Here's a seasonal selection of what's in store...

Beautiful, whimsical decorations to reflect, refract and sparkle.

Lovely, luxurious lavender spa goodies including mitts, booties and
 neck wraps that can be warmed in the microwave as well as
 adorable heat-and-hug-me snuggable friends!

Hardworking honey and beeswax lotions that soften, heal and protect hands, feet and lips which really need some extra love in these chilly months.  Our friends at Honey House put our logo on their pretty embossed tins too :)

Gift certificates always brings a smile and a twinkle to their eyes.  
And you can  order online or give us a call.

Mark you calendars and set your alarms!!!

The Early Bird Sale is this Saturday!!

Join us at 6am for the best deals Downtown is magical at that hour but plan on staying for the day and enjoying all the special offerings and events from over 40 downtown retailers and restaurants.  Our sale is on clothing on hangers and the earlier you get here the deeper the discount!   Details here

This book has been around for a while but is always wise and comforting.  
Here's an excerpt: 

Whenever you can, offer the gift of your time.  People who feel lonely and disconnected often think that no one cares about them.  Instead of plopping down on the couch to watch TV for a few hours each night after work, why not pick up the phone and call someone you know who struggles with loneliness?  Or, better yet, get together with her in person.  The gift of time is a precious commodity nowadays.  If you can take even an hour here or there to devote to one who needs support, you'll be performing an act of great kindness.  There's nothing more uplifting to someone who struggles than to see a friend walk through her door ready to listen.

This is the reverse side of the card at the top,  one of the deck of 64 Heart Thought affirmations by Louise Hay to help you look within and see your light.

Please call us for the quickest response. Emails are checked less frequently. 
Thank you! 

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