Winter 2017
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NoteFromLynne A Note From Lynne

Lynne and Mayor Elect Lucy Vinis
With so many changes in the air this season - holidays, vacations, weather and elections  - I try to review and remember what is really and truly important. For Parenting Now!, that's pretty clear. 
First, our wonderful families are what keep staff going - motivating us, thrilling us with their successes and impressing us with their persistence and resilience. And of course, having beautiful children in our building all week just makes everything better!   
Second, our donors and volunteers are some of the most generous and compassionate people around.  From bringing in clothing to share with our families to generous financial donations, these folks are the life-blood of the organization and keep us going.
I know I speak for our entire staff and board in saying thank you to each of you - families, donors and supporters - for making a difference in our communities and our individual lives throughout the year.  

Lynne Swartz
Executive Director
Upcoming events

Enjoy and support Parenting Now! at these events. 
  • February 11, Preschool Fair at Parenting Now!
  • February 13, Fisherman's Market Fundraiser 
  • February 21, Alumni Lunch (to attend, email: 
  • March 2, Panera Fundraiser
  • March 17, PN! Annual Gala and Auction
  • April 10, Mazzi's Fundraiser  
Parenting Now! events are added regularly. Check out our calendar or Facebook page (and "like" our page) to keep up to date with new and exciting opportunities and offerings.
teens Program Highlight:  Program for Young Parents
by Anita Huffman, Program Manager, Make Parenting A Pleasure

The first time I met "Bob" he was wearing an oversized t-shirt and a backward baseball cap that attempted to cover his long, shaggy blond hair. When you passed him on the street, you would never guess that he was a 16-year-old father.  When Bob attended our Program for Young Parents (PYP) for the first time, he sauntered into the room with a large backpack on one arm and a skateboard on the other. READ MORE
News and Updates

New Staff:  Please help us in welcoming Parenting Now!'s newest staff member.
  • Min Yi Su, Children's Program Coordinator
Foundation Update:
So many foundations and organizations support us. Thanks so much for recent support from:      
McKay Family Foundation for Parenting: The First Three Years and Children's Program
Quest Foundation, Challenge Grant
Chambers Family Foundation for Parenting: The First Three Years 
Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation for Parenting: The First Three Years 

Meet Our Board and Staff

Rita Gillihan, Volunteer Coordinator/Resource Guide Editor
1. When did you join Parenting Now and how did you find out about the organization?
I  joined Parenting Now! in August of this year.  I learned about Parenting Now! by becoming familiar with their Resource Guide. Through previous volunteer work, I have used the Resource Guide to help parents involved with Child Welfare connect with needed resources in the community.  READ MORE

Photo Gallery
We can't help but to share some of the great events we've been having at Parenting Now! We hope you will be able to join us at future happenings!

We were thrilled to have Mayor elect Lucy Vinis come visit us. Here she is with board members David Smith, Laura Illig and Kathy Smith.
We are so grateful to our Parenting Against the Odds panelists and hope to continue to make connections with many communities.
There were lots of yummy treats at our development luncheon. Next one is February 21st! Email: to attend.

Our esteemed staff gathers regularly for our staff meetings!

Join Us For A Wee Bit Of Fun!
Our biggest party of the year is just months away.  Our 
2017 Auction and Gala  is just around the corner, this year on March 17, 2017.  That's right - it's St. Patrick's Day and there are so many ways to be involved!   The auction will be held at Valley River Inn, from 5:30-9 p.m. There are many plans in the works for yet another grand event with our signature over the top decor, robust silent auction, thrilling live auction and  READ MORE
Thank You for Your Support!
Whether you refer parents to us, have joined our Sustainer Fund, shop for us on Amazon Smile have designated us as an eScrip beneficiary , or are one of our steadfast donors, we thank you for your belief in us and our vision to create a world where all children are raised by nurturing, supportive parents.