Newsletter: Week of September 25, 2017

From the Program Director

Sarah Chandonnet

We all experience moments when we feel isolated and alone. A 2006 Purdue University study found that twenty-five percent of Americans cannot name a single person they feel close to. Yet every single one of us is hardwired for close relationships. The key to more satisfying relationships -- be it with a significant other, a family member, or a colleague -- is to strengthen the neural pathways in our brains that encourage closeness and connection.
This Sunday, join us for a conversation with Dr. Amy Banks, Director of Advanced Training at the Jean Baker Miller Center for Relational Growth, and aut hor of  Wired to Connect: The Surprising Link Between Brain Science and Strong, Healthy Relationships . She is a national speaker on the neuroscience of relationship and a psychiatrist with a practice in Lexington, MA.
1:30-3:00pm, 30 JFK Street. Read more here.
Upcoming Programs
Oct 8: Pardeep Kaleka and Arno Michaelis: Standing Together Against Violence and Hate
Join us for a conversation with the founders of Serve 2 Unite: an organization founded in the wake of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting on August 5th, 2012, which engages young people of all backgrounds to value humanity and the aspiration of living a genuine, honest life as a peacemaker. 
1:30-3:00pm, 30 JFK Street.  Read more here.

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Weds 10/4: We're offering an Intro to Humanism course, taught by Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein. Spaces are limited: enroll here. Special rates available for members! *Note: the start date has been postponed 1 week from 9/27.
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View our entire Fall Speaker Series on the website here. We anticipate that this season will be very popular and we recommend arriving early to get a seat! See more here. 
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