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Wireless Upgrade

The Liquor Enterprise has contracted with RF-Works to conduct a wireless upgrade for all Contract Liquor Agencies. This upgrade will begin in February and is an integral part of Phase 2 of the Liquor Modernization Project. Its purpose is to ensure Agency facilities have secure wireless coverage and speed adequate to support LMP’s enhanced scan guns, which will be used across retail and wholesale activities, and a wholesale terminal.

The upgrade consists of three elements:

  1. The installation of a new Wireless Access Point(s) (WAP(s))
  2. A test of the connection of your hand-held scanner to the new equipment
  3. An assessment of the RF connectivity throughout your Agency after installation.

During the next few weeks, RF-Works will contact you to schedule your Agency upgrade. You will work directly with RF-Works to schedule your upgrade. Flexibility in scheduling times is appreciated and will be necessary to ensure all Agency upgrades are completed in a timely fashion.

RF-Works will require access to three areas of your facility: your retail sales area; your storage areas or cages; and your receiving area and/or loading dock. If you have other areas of your store where you think wireless access should be, e.g. office or wholesale pick-up, please notify the RF-Works contact. 

Your Aruba device will be replaced with new Cisco WAPs. The RF-Works team will assess where and how many of the WAPs will be needed to ensure adequate coverage of your retail, wholesale (if applicable) and receiving areas.

RF-Works will mount the WAPs and any necessary repeaters (signal strength boosters) on the ceiling or on walls to reduce counter space clutter. RF-Works estimates two hours will be needed to complete the upgrades.

You should anticipate minimal disruption to your operations. However, if your Aruba, Internet Router or new WAP is in a work area, RF-Works will need access to that area.

The Liquor Enterprise will cover the cost of the installation, which includes equipment, parts and materials.

If you have any questions, please contact please contact the Help Desk – at 877-812-0013 or  

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