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Word of mouth is how burn victims in Nicaragua learn where they can receive a compression garment to help in the healing of their wounds.  This Nicaraguan woman experienced a severe burn while working in a baking factory, and came to the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners (W/NP) office in Managua for help. There are Nicaraguan women involved with W/NP who have excellent sewing skills and volunteer their time in the office to make much needed custom fit garments for burn patients. When they asked the woman who was burned why she didn't start her own business with so many years of experience, she explained how she did not have the resources to purchase the supplies needed.  Thanks to the many people who help support the programs and understand the value of helping others to be able to help themselves, W/NP was able to not only help her with compression garments for her burn, but also the supplies needed to begin her own business. 
As 2018 comes to a close, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed, and remind those how are thinking about it, your support does matter and is very much appreciated. 
The Learning Center program continues to be very effective in improving personal, professional and community development.  This chart highlights 4 of the 60+ Learning Centers and illustrates the longevity and impact: 

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