W/NP Open House    December 13

If you have ever thought of coming to a W/NP gathering, this is the one as we have 3 amazing Nicaraguan women who will be sharing their stories and providing exciting updates on a variety of projects taking place between the people of Wisconsin and Nicaragua.  PLUS....through a Thrivent Action Team, there will be no cost for first time attendees!  Bring a friend! 

RSVP to wnp@uwsp.edu   or   715-346-4702

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Learning Center Program  
CLICK HERE for report  where  63 people participated, representing 29 Learning Centers
(Special thanks to Leonor and Sharon for preparing this!) 

"Everyone was happy with the activities...participants felt engaged in art experience because they have reductions in stress, anxiety and increases their positives emotions. It is such a great opportunity to share with others new knowledge  and help their communities back home, especially teaching to children so they can have fun and they can create the sense of achievement and happiness."

Elizabeth says, "That through these meetings has been rehabilitated as she has a stroke. She believes besides learning, she feels much better. It has been a difficult stage since some people made fun of her because of the way of speaking, however today she feels happy to be here being supported by everyone in the NGO."
End of year Library Activity in Buenos Aires

CLICK HERE for amazing report put together by Sharon 

Comments from the parents, " As Dennis' mother, I am very happy because my child was rewarded for reading, which motivates him to continue reading more books and other children to worry and encourage them to read more so that they can be awarded equally. I thank Mayra Mendoza who has the love and vocation to serve the children of the community to whom she dedicates time, work and love in teaching, by
transmitting her knowledge to each one."

We thank everyone who made this event possible in Wisconsin and Nicaragua. Thanks to your support, W/NP is able to continue the lending library program. We are hopeful next year we can reach and motivate more children in more communities. 

Water Filter Project   

Special thanks to WAHCE ( Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education) and Portesi Pizza, for their support to provide 40 families in Nicaragua with water filters. 
CLICK HERE  for report and  CLICK HERE  for more photos 

Annual Fund Drive 

2018 brought many unexpected challenges. We witnessed the strength and tenacity of the Nicaraguan people banding together and making the best of difficult situations.  Please join us as we enter our 54th year of working together, your support is important, please consider the following ways that will greatly help W/NP to continue important, life changing programs:
  •  A year end financial donation
  •  A monthly recurring donation
  •  Including W/NP in your estate planning
  •  Financial gifts in the form of stocks, bonds, or negotiable securities
  •  Designating W/NP as the beneficiary of IRA distributions  (In addition to designating W/NP as the beneficiary recipient of current IRA distributions, a QCD - Qualified Charitable Distribution, is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA custodian, payable to a qualified charity and excludes the amount donated from your taxable income)
Thank you for your support and best wishes for the New Year,
Linda A. Weber, W/NP President
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