Wisconsin 12 Days of Christmas   12/17/2018
Seven and Eight Day
Seven Pounds of Cheese Curds...

What better item to serve your visiting guests or give as a gift during the holidays than Wisconsin cheese curds? 

Cheese curds are famous for their squeak – an indicator of freshness - but why do we hear the squeak when we eat them? The sound comes from elastic protein strands in curds rubbing against the enamel of teeth.

Ellsworth Wisconsin - known as the Cheese Curd Capital - is home to Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery. Founded in 1910, the Cooperative began selling packaged cheese curds in 1968 and today produces 160,000 pounds of cheese curds daily. Ellsworth Cheese Curds are sold nationwide and can be found in 49 states. And this is just one of the many producers of delicious Wisconsin cheese curds.

TDA's Wisconsin 12 Days of Christmas - A celebration of the magic of the Wisconsin holiday season and the transportation system that delivers it.  
Eight Biking Santas...

Wisconsin is truly a bicycle-friendly state – so much so that when Santa doesn’t want to use his sleigh, he has his bike to use as a backup.

Organized events, like the Santa Cycle Rampage in Milwaukee, have been sweeping across the state. The Milwaukee event was started many years ago by a handful of people, all dressed as Santa, who wanted to encourage winter bike riding. (And yes, it has worked.)

Bicycling is big business in Wisconsin boosting the economy by $1.5 billion annually, through manufacturing, retail, recreation and tourism. Bicycling provides more than 13,200 jobs to state residents, and it brings in $535 million in tourism from out-of-state visitors.

Happy, safe, and warm bike riding to all. And to all a good night.