Volume 7 | April 2, 2018
Wisconsin Dairy Traceability Symposium
The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board invites all industry stakeholders to participate in the Wisconsin Dairy Traceability Symposium scheduled for April 12th at the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Our modern dairy supply chain is extremely complex! In most instances, the supply chain works remarkably well and ensures that quality, safe dairy products are available to consumers across the globe. New regulations and standards are developed to keep consumers safe. Emerging technologies promise us greater traceability and transparency. Unfortunately we don’t hear much about the food supply chain until a failure in the system results in a product recall or food borne illness outbreak.

This workshop is designed to provide participants with an overview of traceability across the Wisconsin dairy supply chain; and help companies understand, implement and/or optimize systems that adhere to recommendations set forth in various industry guidance documents.

The Wisconsin dairy industry has a history of working together to enhance and deliver best practices covering food safety in dairy products and this collaboration needs to extend to all industry stakeholders.

There are four objectives for this symposium:
  1. Connect stakeholders across the dairy supply chain to ensure effective traceability from farm to fork.
  2. Identify traceability gaps across the dairy supply chain and develop an action plan to eliminate gaps.
  3. Provide resources and guidance on traceability initiatives.
  4. Provide a solid foundation for our food fraud / intentional adulteration workshop series scheduled for Fall 2018.
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Meet Our Members
The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) is a non-profit organization funded entirely by Wisconsin's dairy farm families. Their goal is to increase the sale and consumption of Wisconsin milk and dairy products.

WMMB is farmer-owned and farmer-directed. Their 25-dairy farmer board members are elected by their peers for three-year terms. WMMB’s farmer-directors have direct involvement in planning and monitoring the organization’s marketing and promotional programs which are conducted by a staff of marketing, research and communications professionals.

Thank you to WMMB for their support of WLIC as a gold member!

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