Dear Elite Members,

According to the Wisconsin & local government guidelines, face coverings (masks) are required indoors during all activities when other people are present — for more details and exceptions please review the Executive Order and FAQ. We are doing our best to comply with this new order while still providing a wonderful sport and fitness experience for you. Please understand that we are simply adhering to the Executive Order and be respectful of our team members if they ask you to comply with it. Below you will also find tips and guidelines for navigating this new requirement here at Elite Sports Clubs.
Exercising in Private Enclosed Spaces Indoors
Elite has a few options for you to workout indoors in private enclosed spaces, where other people are not present, and therefore you will not be required to wear a face covering:
  • Our workout pods can be reserved online in advance, and now for no additional fee. These pods include dedicated pieces of cardio & weight equipment which can be reserved through the member portal for one-hour blocks. Between each use, the pods will be disinfected by one of our team members.
  • When classes are not in session, you are also welcome to use any of our studio spaces for your workout. These will be available on a first come, first served basis.
Outdoor Classes & Workout Opportunities
We currently offer a wide array of classes outdoors, in open spaces where members can socially distance, and plan to move even more of our classes outdoors in the coming days. So, please check the schedule online and outdoor classes will be indicated in the location/room section. Moving forward we are looking to offer many outdoor exercise opportunities as weather and resources allow.
Elite Virtual Studio
This is also a great opportunity to check out our Virtual Studio, which offers a library of on-demand class videos you can participate in from the comfort of your own home. This is available free of charge to our members, click here to sign up and get started.
What to Expect During Indoor Classes
The Executive Order does indicate that those giving instruction for classes indoors who can remain at least 6 feet from class participants are exempt from wearing a mask so that they can be clearly understood. Some of our instructors may also opt to wear a mask, so please let them know if they are hard to hear or understand while teaching and they will adapt accordingly. Also note that we understand it will take some time to get used to exercising while wearing a mask, so our instructors will be modifying the intensity of their indoor classes over the coming weeks to allow time for members to adapt.
How to Exercise While Wearing a Face Covering
  1. Make sure your mask is big enough to cover your nose and face for proper protection.
  2. The mask should feel comfortable and snug around your cheeks and nose. Try not to fidget with the mask while you are working out.
  3. If the mask restricts your breathing prior to exercise, it will not be good to wear during exercise.
  4. Wash your hands PRIOR to putting on your mask. Soap and water are fine or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  5. Make sure you do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth when removing your mask. Wash your hands AFTER taking off your mask.
  6. It is best to remove your mask by the ear loops because the front of the mask is where germs will collect.
  7. A great advantage of a cloth mask is that it can be washed. Exercise enthusiasts who exercise regularly are encouraged to have a few masks so there is a clean, dry mask ready for each workout. Any laundry detergent will be fine for washing cloth face masks.
  8. When you talk, keep your mask over your nose and mouth. Do not pull it down as this defeats the purpose of blocking respiratory droplets from being released in the air.
  9. If you tend to sweat a lot when you workout, perhaps bring a second mask with you and replace when it becomes damp.
  10. For people who wear glasses, sometimes they fog up if too much air is released near the nose of the face mask. Readjust the mask to be snug over the nose. Furthermore, it has been shown that washing glasses with soapy water, without rinsing, and letting them dry prior to wearing a face mask reduces fogging. Also, folding a tissue and placing underneath your glasses may absorb any escaping moisture from your breath.
  11. Monitoring exercise intensity is always essential for a safe and effective workout, with or without wearing a face covering. However, wearing any type of covering over the nose and mouth while exercising is likely to reduce the flow of oxygen into a person’s lungs. To minimize early symptoms of fatigue during exercise with a face mask, members should not push themselves as hard as usual. Allow your cardiorespiratory system time to gradually adapt to the slight restriction of air flow from the face mask. Fitness adaptations to changes in overload during workout programs usually take weeks to occur. Therefore, it may take several workouts before you are fully training at your regular exercise intensity.
  12. Note: As described in the Executive Order and FAQs, wearing a face covering while swimming is not required. Nevertheless, please make sure you keep one on hand to wear while on the pool deck or in other common areas throughout the club.
Medical Exemptions
With all that being said, we understand that some people simply cannot exercise while wearing a face covering for medical reasons. If that is the case for you, please send a letter from your doctor to which will be noted on your member account. We will then provide you with a reusable wristband that you can wear throughout the club, if you so choose, to indicate to other members that you are exempt from wearing a face covering.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

Your Elite Management Team