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Volume 4, Issue 2
Meet Xavi - A Teen With Promise...

She's like most teenagers... she hangs with her cats, dances with her friends, and loves Criminal Minds. She's also going to have a lung removed. She's a youth with Promise, on a journey to achieve her personal, educational, and career goals. Xavi shares her dreams, challenges, and the steps she's taking with Wisconsin Promise to plan for her future. Watch the video here  

Thank You

Thank you to the Wisconsin Promise participants who completed the first survey!  We appreciate you taking the time to complete them and value your feedback.  Stay tuned for more opportunities... Your input matters

Ellie's Updates: 
Wisconsin Promise Participants

Wisconsin communities are working with Promise to help Promise participants succeed!  A Promise Counselor recently reported she is amazed at the tremendous community support her Promise youth are receiving. Her youth, who are brothers aged 15 and 17, were both able to find work in two separate restaurant chains in their very small, rural community. Both brothers experience significant ADHD and were offered assistance from job coaches to help them succeed in their jobs. But because of the wonderful natural supports in their workplaces, both are succeeding without the assistance of job coaches. One of the brothers independently took on an extra shift at work even though he is still in high-school.   Read Ellie's blog to learn more about how Promise is working in Wisconsin. 
A New Year Brings New Dreams...

January is over, but you can still find ways to meet your goals and fulfill your dreams with our helpful resources for teens and families. 

Parents, do you want resources on how to help your child transition to adulthood?  Learn about advocacy?  Explore your own career goals?   Find them here

Teens, are you looking for resources to help you get what you want out of life?  Find a job?  Manage your money?   Find them here 
Wisconsin Promise Offers New Service to Address Challenging Teen Behaviors

Wisconsin Promise Telehealth Behavioral Consultation Services addresses problem behaviors through a practical and innovative method - behavioral consultation services over the phone, tablets or desktop computers. The service is now available through Wisconsin Promise and seeks to provide immediate answers for parents about their teens' behavior related issues and more. More about Promise Telehealth Services
Twin Brothers and Mother Succeeding Together...

A Promise Counselor reported that twin brothers who are both enrolled in Promise and their Mom started working with a job developer last month. Within 2 weeks one youth got a part-time job at McDonalds, Mom started an internship at a local mental health support center, and the other youth has been interviewing for jobs. More about this family and how Wisconsin Promise is working for them.
Promise Meet Your Family Advocate

Elise Butterfield, Madison, WI; WDA 10 & 11 
Elise has worked with children with disabilities for the past 3 years in the Madison Metropolitan School District. She is a parent of children with disabilities. It is her belief that if we work with our children and their families to help them succeed and achieve their goals that they will be able to live a more productive and fulfilling life. A saying she tells her son is that you may have a disability but your disability doesn't define who you are or how far you will go in life. 
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