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Volume 4, Issue 1

Thank You to All Participants Who Completed Their Promise Survey!

This survey was essential in telling us what Promise services will best help you and your family. We'll use this information to better serve you and others in the future. 
Ellie's Updates: 
Wisconsin Promise Participants

Services to youth enrolled in Promise grew substantially during 2016. Nearly one-third of the youth have already had a paid, community- integrated job! More youth are completing Promise services, with referrals continuing to increase each month as youth and families are becoming more comfortable engaging in Promise.  The introduction of family "advocates" who provide peer support to Promise families has contributed to the completion of services, including the self-advocacy modules. Read More

Discovering Ourselves

We make discoveries about ourselves throughout our lives... This is true during different periods of our lives, like college for example. We are constantly learning new things about ourselves. This is especially true when you are given more responsibility as a college student. Up until this point other people, our parents, grandparents, or other caretakers have been the ones guiding us.  Read More
Promise for Parents and Family
Promise Youth Could Benefit from Section 301!

Promise for Parents and Family: Promise Youth Could Benefit from Section 301!  We're excited to share information about a little known work incentive that's becoming much more common in Wisconsin: Section 301. Social Security conducts medical reviews for everyone who receives a Social Security disability benefit. When someone loses their disability status during this process, they might be eligible for this work incentive. Could you be eligible? Read More
Promise for Teen Participants
Teens - Have You Made a New Year's Resolution?

Your Promise Counselor may be able to help you meet your goals for 2017. Contact your Counselor today to learn how Promise can help!
Promise Family Advocates

As a Promise participant, you have access to a family advocate in your region of the state. Your family advocate will... 
  • Connect with you in your home or in your community to share information about the transition process and employment planning 
  • Assist you in navigating service systems as needed 
  • Strive to organize small, local learning communities to help you meet and share your experiences with other families 

 Family Advocate Services


Steering Committee Profile Members and Emails

Project Director
Meredith Dressel
Project Manager
Ellie Hartman


Cayte Anderson
Nancy Molfenter
Wendy Henderson
Jenny Neugart
Suzanne Lee

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