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Volume 3, Issue 12
All Six Promise State Grantees Meet in Washington DC 
for the Annual Promise Meeting

All six Promise states met at the Department of Education (DOE) in Washington DC for the annual Promise meeting on November 15th and 16th. On the second day of the meeting, DOE and the six Promise state grantees provided a presentation on Promise to date. The federal partners are encouraged by the results to date and talked about how lessons learned in Promise should be used to better programs and policies in the future. They look forward to learning more from the upcoming last two years of the grant.  
Teens and Family 
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Ellie's Updates: 
Wisconsin Promise Tells Federal Partners What's Working in Wisconsin 

On November 16th, Ellie Hartman, Wisconsin Promise Project Manager, presented to the Secretaries Innovation Group (with Secretary Eloise Anderson in attendance) in Washington DC.  Secretaries from different states were interested in learning about how Wisconsin Promise is helping Wisconsin youth and families meet their education and employment goals and increase their financial self-sufficiency.  Learn more about how Promise is working in Wisconsin here.
Success Story

A Promise Counselor helps family get correct SSA amount  by working with a Benefits Counselor. Read More 

This family got a lump sum payment from SSA for $2,000!  Could a benefits counselor help you better understand your benefits? Learn More
Promise Blog - The Graduation Speech

On December 18, 2013, I stepped up to the podium to give my graduation speech. I walked up to the microphone, and a crowd of graduates, professors and family members sat quietly expecting to hear about my journey... Read More
Promise for Parents and Family
Tips for Healthy Living

Our lives are busy and having a disability can add a layer of complexity to it. Sometimes, it feels like it takes all we have just to make it through the day. It's moments like that when we should stop and think about how healthy our life style is. Are there changes we can make in our diet that could give us more energy? Are we involved in physical activity or are we glued to our screens? How well are we sleeping? These are all factors that can affect how well we manage stress. Get the facts and useful tips on how to combat stress with a healthy lifestyle. Read More
Promise for Teen Participants
Teens - Get Your Working Papers

If you're under 18, you may need to obtain working papers (officially called Employment/Age Certificates) in order to legally be able to work.   Here's How
Meet Your Family Advocate
Sherry Gundlach

Sherry has worked with youth with disabilities and their parents for the past 21 years. She has facilitated Parents In Partnership for 5 years and is a co-founder of the Yippe (Youth in Partnership with Parents for Empowerment) program. For the past 9 years, Sherry has been a Youth facilitator and trainer for the Yippe program. 
Sherry has four wonderful adult children, one with a disability. Sherry is passionate about helping youth with disabilities set and reach their goals. 
Steering Committee Profile Members and Emails

Project Director
Meredith Dressel
Project Manager
Ellie Hartman


Cayte Anderson
Nancy Molfenter
Wendy Henderson
Jenny Neugart
Suzanne Lee

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