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Volume 3, Issue 9
Ellie's Updates: Wisconsin Promise Participants 

As more Promise kids and families take advantage of opportunities and access Promise services, we're beginning to hear more and more feedback from participants whose lives are changing as a result. 
Read just a few of the responses we've received from families this month, and learn more about Wisconsin Promise participants.

5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask at Back-To-School Night

Many schools host a Back-to-School Night, but sometimes parents struggle with finding the right questions to ask their child's teacher or principal. 
Promise for Parents and Family

Building Better Relationships Series: Express Care - The best way to increase the likelihood of your child's future success is to improve the quality of family relationships. What can you do to strengthen your relationship with the child in your life? 
Promise for Teen Participants

Not sure what career is best for you? Take some time to explore the possibilities. These tools can help!
Meet Our Family Advocates 

Tara Adams, Milwaukee, WI; WDA 2 & 3
Tara has been working with children and families with disabilities in the Milwaukee area for the last 8 years. However, through family and friends' referrals, she has also helped family members and friends in other states as well. She has attended various workshops and conferences as a means to increase her knowledge and better connect families with resources. 

Her child was diagnosed with Autism approximately 11 years ago. Not knowing anything about Autism or anyone diagnosed with it, she was very devastated to say the least. Retrieving correct information, support, and actually getting "early intervention help" was more overwhelming and stressful than the diagnosis itself. 
What started out as a personal journey to help her child, has ultimately became her personal and professional passion to help others as well. 

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Steering Committee Profile Members and Emails

Project Director
Meredith Dressel
Project Manager
Ellie Hartman


Cayte Anderson
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