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  • Dale Arenz
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  • Tom Lutes
  • Patrick Smith
  • Erich Pitz
  • Randy Hess
  • Raymond Petersen
  • Bruce Urben
  • Brian Hadler
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Gone but not forgotten
  • Les Didier
  • John Holmes
Gone but never forgotten
  • Zoe Regan
Thanks to all those that have cherished the memory of a loved one by donating in memoriam to the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association.
Those recently memorialized were:
Mr. Robert J. Kuehl
Donor: Ms. Penny D. Kuehl
Mr. John Held
Ms. Kathy Shurts

Mr. John Holmes
Dale W. Arenz, Jon Bergquist

Mr. Jay Reed
Donor: Bob & Cookie Olson  

Mr. Norman J. Brady
Dale W. Arenz

Mr. Robert E. Strous

: Bruce Urben

If you'd like to consider a lasting and meaningful memorial fund contribution for that friend, hunting partner, co-worker or relative with WWA, please contact us. Each contribution will offer:
  • A personalized letter to the family of the deceased,
  • A letter from WWA sent to the donor confirming contribution for tax purposes (address & individual donation amount must be supplied),
  • The option for the donor to designate which WWA program they wish their contributions be put towards, and a listing in this section for the duration of one year
The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission focuses on wetland and upland habitat restoration, youth and adult environmental education and environmental- and hunter-based legislation.  
To contact us call (800) 524-8460 or (262) 968-1722, email wwainfo@centurytel.net or visit our website at  www.wisducks.org        
Don Kirby
Executive Director
Wisconsin Waterfowl Association
PO Box 427
Wales, Wisconsin 53183
It's Groundhog Day Again
Don Kirby, Executive Director, 262.224.4949  


Welcome to today's "Groundhog Day" edition.  I looked back, we had to do the same thing last year.  I guess February 1st has been rough, lately.  This year was no exception, as "the wetland bill" AB547, passed out of its Assembly committee yesterday. Our association, as a part of a large coalition of conservation partners, has been attempting since last fall to offer the bill's authors alternatives to address permitting difficulties & delays, but now, on World Wetlands Day, ironically, we find ourselves faced with a real set-back in protections for working wetlands in our state, with only a senate committee vote and votes in both houses separating us from these bills moving to the governor's desk for signature.  We'll keep you posted, as this situation continues to move forward.  Meanwhile, reaching out to your state senator's office, via phone or email, is one way you can let them know that Wisconsin can do better than this effort, to better balance development and conservation.  These need not be mutually exclusive concepts.
Moving on, this newsletter is once again "chock-full" of great submissions, just awaiting your review, so I'll keep this brief. We've got some great opportunities to come together, over the next month, starting with the Central Wisconsin hunting expo in Wausau next week, the return of our Northern Wetlands chapter dinner event, our Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel sport show booth, and the WI Waterfowl Hunter's Conference, in Wisconsin Rapids, on the 9th & 10th.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our "full house" Annual Meeting, last weekend.  I've gotten some great feedback about all the information that was presented on a sample of some of the programs we're most proud of.  None of that would be possible without the support of our members, volunteers, donors and sponsors.  Thanks for your time, attention & support.  We might have "lost a battle" on AB547, but we're still standing, and we'll be here to help (or fight) again.

See you on the water, Don
2nd Annual Hall of Fame Class Induction
Hall of Fame posthumous inductee Bob Kuehl's daughter Kelly speaks while Kuehl's wife Penny looks on.
In 2016, WWA's Board of Directors wished to honor those that have gone above and beyond to create, enhance and/or further the mission of our Association. Later that year a motion was made, and unanimously passed, by the Board to create the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is dedicated to the recognition of the outstanding WWA Members, Sponsors, Board of Directors and/or Staff who, through their exceptional service, educational and legislative input, high personal standards, dedicated principles and contributions, have thereby enriched the general welfare of WWA.

On Saturday, January 27, 2018, WWA held the induction ceremony for our Second Annual Hall of Fame Class. Please join us in welcoming the following to  Wisconsin Waterfowl Association's Hall of Fame.
WWA Executive Director Don Kirby (left) and Board Member Rob Monette (right) present a plaque to Hall of Fame inductee Stephanie Grenzer of Cabela's Richfield
  • Robert "Bob" Kuehl - Board Member
  • Lee Graves - Board Member & Volunteer
  • Dave Bente - Volunteer Member
  • Stephanie Grenzer/Cabela's Richfield - Sponsor
To learn more about our 2nd Annual Class inductees and to see additional images from the ceremony, please visit the Hall of Fame page of our website

Mike Alaimo Named WWA Volunteer of the Year

Mike Alaimo, left, accepts his Volunteer of the Year award plaque and bench from Executive Director Don Kirby
Each year WWA staff collaborate on the Volunteer of the Year (VOY)award, given to the individual who has truly gone above and beyond the normal "call of duty" of a WWA volunteer. As happens occasionally, the 2017 VOY seemed apparent from the beginning of the conversation and it was instantly and unanimously agreed upon that Mike Alaimo, chairman of the Waukesha County chapter and lead Adopt A Wildlife Area volunteer, would be the 2017 Volunteer of the Year.

Mike started his WWA volunteer career with our Baraboo River chapter and brought new life to their team with increasingly impressive banquet events before a job change relocation brought his family to the Waukesha County area.  Eager to continue his chapter volunteerism, Mike quickly integrated into the Waukesha County chapter and began to make a difference with his leadership, strong personal example of excellence and absolutely tireless work ethic.  Mike inspires good people to do great work and this year led the Waukesha County chapter to be the top earning chapter of WWA.  Mike also regularly shows up to assist with or attend other WWA events across the state and is a staple and incredibly reliable volunteer helper for staff year round.

As if his countless volunteer hours of chapter banquet and event work were not enough, in 2015 Mike single-handedly got WWA involved with the
Mike building nesting tubes at a work day at Lake Mills Wildlife Area
WDNR's new Adopt-A-Wildlife Area (AWA) program and currently serves as the lead volunteer of the AWA program in WWA. Mike heads teams directly working on the Rome Pond, Lake Mills and Paradise Valley Wildlife Areas and has helped the Wausau chapter adopt the George W. Meade Wildlife Area and the Midland Wings/West Bend chapter adopt Jackson Marsh Wildlife Area.  In the process, according to WWA ED Don Kirby, Mike is now known as "the guy who wrecked the grading curve for all others making action/duty reports, in both WWA and the entire Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources" with his incredibly detailed event and program reporting. 

WWA is truly blessed to have each and every one of our volunteers, and most especially a volunteer leader like Mike Alaimo. Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU to Mike and his family for their dedication to WWA.

2018 Waterfowl Season Public Hearings
By Taylor Finger, WDNR Migratory Game Bird Ecologist
Thanks to everyone that came out for our lively discussion last Saturday at the WWA annual meeting.  I appreciate the input that was provided to us by the attendees, it was a good question and answer session.
As I mentioned to that group, the public input process is ramping up for the 2018 waterfowl seasons.  Trent and I will be attending several public meetings and hearings in February and March including the Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunters Conference which will be held at the Mead Hotel in Wisconsin Rapids on March 10th and public hearings will be held March 12-15. After public comments have been collected, final season structure will be set by the Natural Resources Board at its Apr. 11 meeting in Madison.
The 2018 waterfowl seasons will be based on the 2017 continental waterfowl population estimates which were at near record estimates since USFWS surveys began 62 years ago.
Public hearings will be held at the following locations starting at 7 pm:
  • Monday March 12, 7 p.m., La Crosse, Wis. - State Office Building, Rooms B-19 and B-20, 3550 Mormon Coulee Rd.;
  • Tuesday March 13, 7 p.m., Rice Lake, Wis - AmeriVu Inn, 1710 South Main Street;
  • Wednesday March 14, 7 p.m., Appleton, Wis - Agricultural Services Center, Main conference room, 3369 West Brewster St.; and
  • Thursday March 15, 7 p.m., Pewaukee, Wis - Wildwood Lodge, N14 W24121 Tower Place.
The department will accept public comments on the proposed waterfowl season structure at each public hearing. If you would like to provide input directly or are unable to attend a hearing, comments will be accepted through midnight Friday, March 16. Written comments can be sent to Taylor Finger, Wisconsin DNR, PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707, via email to Taylor.finger@wisconsin.gov or by calling 608-266-8841. Comments can also be submitted to Trenton Rohrer, same address, vial email to Trenton.Rohrer@wisconsin.gov or by calling 608-261-6458.

Paradise Valley Work Day, Rome Pond Contract Extended, Mead Work Day
By Mike Alaimo, Lead AWA Volunteer

On a warm weekend near the end of January, WWA Adopt-A-Wildlife Area (AWA) volunteers Nick Smart, Chris Scheder, Anne Churchill and Ron Churchill (pictured above, left to right) spent a day working at the Paradise Valley Bark River Wildlife Area.   A total of 4 wood duck boxes were relocated over 2 1/2 hours, constituting a nice hike of over 4 miles on foot.  Next year, an ATV permit will be a must in the unit! 
The volunteers moved four of the wood duck boxes that were being used by tree swallows repeatedly over the last three years to a better location near more successful wood duck nesting areas.

In other exciting AWA news, c ongratulations go out to the AWA volunteers
AWA volunteers at a work day on Rome Pond in 2017
AWA volunteers at a work day on Rome Pond in 2017
for Rome Pond Wildlife Area.  On January 18th WWA was approved for our contract renewal for another three years!  This speaks highly of the work that has been done the last two years helping out this great area.
The Wausau Chapter will be helping out UWSP students in wood duck box maintenance and installation on February 17, 2018 as part of their AWA efforts on Mead Wildlife Area.  If have an interest in this type of activity, please contact Melanie Love at (715) 393-5992 for details. 
As always, if you have any interest in helping out on one of WWA's adopted wildlife areas or adopting a wildlife area near you, please fill out our volunteer application form and indicate "AWA" in your area of interest.

Habitat Program Updates
Peter Ziegler
By Peter Ziegler, Project Director

We started out strong in January with favorable weather to knock off one of our targeted winter projects.   Then warm temps and rain delayed us, though it appears frost is still thick where water was not standing.   We are hoping that within the next week the second of our three scheduled winter projects will be worked on as the cold sets in again at least briefly.   If all goes well we will move right on to the third project and wrap up winter construction.   This would be good as I have slough of projects to look at and decide potential for design and permitting for coming year.  
Below are some pictures from our most recently completed project in Green Lake County.   A water control structure and ditch fill will allow flooding of a Reed Canary Grass flat which had been farmed and will now provide some great waterfowl habitat.  

With good frost (14") we were able to make quick work with haul trucks to move dirt and dump it directly into the ditch while creating some deeper pockets for diversity with the material we removed.  

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
By Bruce Urben, President, 920.660.2773
Bruce Urben

The WWA fundraising year kicks off now that our annual meeting has concluded. WWA's annual meeting, which took place this past Saturday, is the forum to confirm election of your Board of Directors and officers for the next few years. It is also a time to announce and celebrate the accomplishments of our highest producing Chapter Teams and our Volunteer of the year! Hundreds and hundreds of hours of preparation are spent by our volunteer teams to organize, procure, and hold events all over the state. From sporting clays shoots, to golf outings, sports show booths, Waterfowl weekends, dinner banquets, the Wisconsin State Duck & Goose Calling Contest and our decoy carving contest are just a few of the events our volunteers help to produce each year. Couple that with educational/environmental workshops, learn to hunt events and boots on the ground work at  our Adopt-A-Wildlife Areas and the Abrams property, our volunteers are very busy throughout the year.
WWA staff are small in number but huge in organizing, reporting, procuring, setting up events and handling of all of our electronic media and website. A huge Thank You and a job well done this year to our staff: Don Kirby (Executive Director), Kelcy Boettcher (Director of Admin.) and Tom Siebert (Regional Director)!
A special Thank You and congratulations to our fund raising teams, especially those honored at the State meeting!  You are the engine that makes WWA run.
Another congratulatory note is in order for our recently inducted Hall of Fame members. The Hall of Fame was established in 2016 with induction of 13
Dave Bente (left), former longtime chair of the Twin Rivers/Jefferson chapter is inducted into the 2nd Annual Hall of Fame, pictured with ED Don Kirby.
members. Our second annual, 2017, class was recently inducated with an additional 4 members. All those honored in this induction were instrumental in establishing WWA and keeping it going for over 33 years!
Finally, Thank You to all of our volunteers, sponsors, members and supporters of WWA.
One thing I can assure you, WWA is in good hands and will continue to serve
you and the wetland habitat and wildlife in Wisconsin.

See you at an upcoming event.

Milwaukee Bucks Outdoor Heritage Night
Love the Milwaukee Bucks?  Looking for a fun night out, at a great discount, with the bonus of helping the Bucks support outdoor heritage education?
Then don't miss out, order your tickets for Outdoor Heritage Education Center Night on March 9th. Check out all the details here.
Tom's Event Corner
By Tom Seibert, Regional Director
Thanks to all of you that joined us at the 2018 WWA Annual State meeting last week Saturday.  Many of you came to honor our Hall of Fame inductees and others to honor the award winning Chapters and Volunteers for their efforts in 2017.  They certainly deserved your applause.  I am glad that so many of you also were interested in seeing our Project Director Peter Ziegler's presentation.  I want to thank many of you for your input to the DNR representatives on the future Waterfowl programs in our State.  I want to thank these same DNR representatives to listening to us and sacrificing a weekend to do that.  This was one of the main reasons WWA was started.  You as a waterfowl enthusiast have a voice in Madison because of WWA.   

Taylor Finger, WDNR migratory game bird ecologist, presents to WWA members at the 2018 State Meeting. Finger focused his presentation on the Early Teal seasons.
Banquet season begins this month with the Northern Wetlands Chapter event on Saturday, February 24th in Rhinelander.  This is one grandiose event with many fine guns and a huge gathering of great prizes.  They also have a 5 Prize Class A raffle going on right now, with some pretty amazing prizes. Check out all the details here.

We have a few of our chapter's Class A (need not be present to win) raffles online now with more to come soon.  Many of these feature multiple prizes and others feature some extremely desirable guns (that you probably wouldn't buy for yourself, but sure would like to own).  If you can't attend every event, and who can, you can still get in on a chance to win the chapter's showcase prizes, most with great odds to win!
Get your WWA wood duck boxes at a sports show this year!
If you want to get your questions asked about where your dollars went last year or anything about our Association and can never find the right time when you see me at the banquet to ask, a sports show is a good time.  You may have to wait your turn as I get busy there also, But I will get to you as I have all day there.  It is also a good place to purchase a Class A Raffle ticket.  Visit us at the Central Wisconsin Sports Show in Wausau on the 9th to the 11th this month and the Milwaukee Sport Show is taking place March 7th-11th.  We will also have wood duck nesting boxes available, complete or in kits for you to purchase at a minor cost. 
As always, please c ontinue to check out our website for the latest news on upcoming events, the latest and greatest in Class A raffle information, the online availability to buy tickets for a banquet, golf outing or shoot near (or not so near) you, and hopefully to volunteer to help one our chapters make a difference by improving the wetlands, waterfowl, and wildlife in Wisconsin.

It's Wood Duck House Time!

With the turn of the month, we're entering the "high season" for wood duck houses, and over the next 6-8 weeks I'm sure we'll turn a whole bunch of inventory into habitat improvements all around the state.  Thanks to Janet Koester of Campbellsport, for being a good sport, and doing a "quick pic" with her house purchase.  Hers is a good example of what we try to do:  our main back-stock of completed houses, and kits-to-build-houses is at my storage unit, just off I-41 near Kaukauna.  We keep a longer-term back-stock in Life Member, Erich Pitz's, equipment shed, further east.  Houses are way too heavy to ship economically, so we'll do our best to line up your desire with some of our extensive travel during this time of year, and find a mutually acceptable meeting time & locale.  I met Janet as I prepared to begin setting up the state meeting, at Cabela's in Richfield last weekend.  I've already had several other sales & deliveries, so we're off to the races!  We'll have a good supply of houses and kits available next weekend at our Wausau sport show booth, and you're welcome to reach out to me at any time, to see if we can hook you up in time for your project, as well.  We charge very low prices, essentially a replacement rate, to encourage folks to install and maintain these nesting structures, as a part of our habitat work program.  Interested?  Start here, in the habitat portion of our website !  
Sponsor Spotlight: Russell Moccasin Co.
WWA has been fortunate to have Russell Moccasin Co., located near the home of our Fox River chapter team, in Berlin, WI, among our state donors and Conservation Calendar advertisers, for a number of years now.  Being able to provide this type of super-quality, made-in-the-USA, better yet, Made In Wisconsin boots to select fundraising events really helps set WWA dinner events apart from the crowd.  Consider this message from their website:
"From its early beginning in 1898 Russell Moccasin has dedicated itself to providing hunters and outdoors men and women with the finest handmade, custom fitted moccasin style boots and shoes available anywhere...at any price.

Russell allows you the flexibility of customizing your new Russell's... choosing from over 100 different leathers of the highest quality in the world....from waterproofed cowhide or bison to alligator to elephant to ostrich to fine French Veal in a variety of hues and colors...selecting one of more than two dozen different sole options...you can opt for taller or shorter boots....two tone if you like. Not only do we make your shoes and boots to "fit your feet"...we allow you to have a say in the look of the final product.

The people of Russell Moccasin take pride in building the finest hunting boots and outdoor footwear in the world.....not "more of" and not "cheaper".... just THE BEST! Russell is a small company employing a small number of highly skilled craftsmen who take their work very seriously. Working at Russell and building the finest outdoor footwear in the world, is part art...part cult...and part pride! Ours is a traditional method of manufacture that has operated virtually unchanged for more than 114 years...and we have no intention of changing what we do. Mass production methods are just not possible at Russell. That's why it takes 20 weeks for your new Russell's to arrive at your doorstep."

Russell Moccasins are custom fitted and made to measure.
All of us at WWA are proud to call Russell Moccasin Co. a part of our family of state sponsors and donors.  Want to learn more about this amazing Wisconsin company?  Just click on the logo-link on in the margin of this newsletter, or find them on the sponsors page of wisducks.org!  Thank you, Russell Moccasin!


MARCH 2018
APRIL 2018


Thank you to everyone who purchased our 2018 Conservation Calendar! This raffle was again an immensely successful fundraiser for our organization's mission.  

Drawings will be held on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of each month and all drawings will be held at Marsh Inn, 220 S. Hwy W in Reedsville, WI, at 6:00 p.m. The drawing is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. 

Winner's results are posted online by noon on the Thursday following the drawing and the month's drawing results can also be obtained by request via email or by calling (262) 968-1722 or writing to PO Box 427, Wales, WI 53183. 
Good luck to all who are entered!

2019 Calendar Edition Advertising Opportunity
I know, I know, you're reading this, and thinking, "Didn't they just finish the Calendar sales effort?". And, yes we did; the Calendar project is one that runs year-round.  Although current advertisers have right of first refusal, we may have an opportunity or two for members/friends who have a business they'd like to promote, while helping the 2019 Calendar effort. 
WWA's February 2018 advertisers

Consider this: for just $350, if your ad is submitted prior to April 6th, you could have an ad appear in 3 months of the 2019 Calendar which will be sold by hundreds of volunteers all over the state and beyond, from July to early January.  Then, these thousands of Calendars hang in homes and businesses for another year, displaying your advertisement for all to see!  Plus, new for the 2019 edition, all Calendar advertisers will be able to have a logo or text link to their website or e-mail address, included in the Calendar page online for the duration of 2019.  This all adds up to tens of thousands of impressions of your business, in-person, in-print, and on-line, over the course of more than 18 months!
Sounds amazing, right?  Well, space is limited, so if you'd like to join the ranks of Calendar advertisers, grab this form and contact us ASAP!
Over Age 70 1/2?
From Fox Valley Scramble Golf Partner Schenck

Over age 70 ½? Changes to tax law favor giving to charity directly from your IRA
January 16, 2018 | Ron Altenburg
If you qualify, consider making charitable donations directly from your IRA. With changes to the tax law, this option may now provide even greater benefit.  
If you are over age 70 ½, you could save a significant amount of income taxes by making a gift to charity directly from your IRA. Recent changes to the tax law make it more likely that you will benefit from using your IRA to make a charitable gift. Thus you should consider using your IRA for charitable giving now, before simply writing checks to charities and later discovering you won't be able to benefit from charitable deductions.  Read on...

Herter's Decoys
By Bruce Urben, President 
Herter's Mallard Cork Decoy, photo: back-n-time-antiques.com 
Well before the big box sporting food stores of Cabela's, Sportsman's Warehouse, or Bass Pro Shops, the sporting goods business was dominated by Herter's Sporting Goods Co., of Waseca, Minnesota. George Herter started his sporting good business in 1936 from his parents' garage. Herter began to manufacture cork decoys for their customers from 1936-1939. A redesign in 1939 covered the cork bodies with a "plastic ink" printed cloth attached at the bottom with a metal ring and wood head. These were their earliest decoys.

George was called to military service in 1942 and returned to the business in 1946. Decoy production never ceased during this time but new models did not come out until after his return.

The first wooden Herter's decoys were produced in 1946 and were hollow. They were advertised as the "model perfect" decoy. Plastic heads were added to the wood bodies from 1953-1956. Santa Malta balsa decoys began
Herter's Balsa Wood Duck Decoy, photo: liveauctioneers.com
to be produced in the late 1940's through 1950 in an effort to reduce weight for hunters in the field. Hundreds of thousands of balsa decoys were produced and distributed nationwide. Herter's model 72 (oversized) balsa decoys are still popular for collectors and waterfowlers to this day. 
Herter's was the largest mail order sporting goods store for years. Many sportsmen looked forward to receiving their yearly advertising catalogs that were 1-2 inches thick!

In the 1950's-1960's, Herter's met customer's demands by producing a
Herter's Foam Decoy
lighter decoy made from styrofoam under the trade name of "durlon". They also produced a line of field shells and fiberboard silhouette decoys during this time. Decoys were also made out of plastic, trade named "tenite", during this period as well. Model 50's tenite decoys were considered as superb decoys at the time!

Needless to say, numerous models and series of decoys were produced by Herter's for their ever demanding customers. George Herter was considered a marketing genius at the time and personally wrote most of the advertising in his catalogs. Currently, old Herter catalogs are highly sought after by collectors of sporting memorabilia.

In 1977, Herter's was sold to Cabela's. While some decoy production was continued by Cabela's of the Herter's line of decoys, most decoy production was discontinued by 1990.

Herter decoys were produced in a variety of species including crow, owls and
Herter's Great Horned Owl Decoy
even rabbit decoys. Herter owls are considered quite rare and very collectible and can exceed $2,000 - $3000 in value!

Old Herter decoys are in high demand today by collectors. The most common today have balsa bodies and heads. The tenite (plastic) model 50's are slowly taking over sales numbers however. Herter's introduced a decorative decoy in the late 1960's and labeled them with a (Herter's Inc. 1893) stamp on the bottom which were produced until 1977.
Many waterfowlers currently use older Herter's "styrofoam" (durlon) decoys and modify them with a "restle " coating or a burlap to provide a very realistic and durable decoy today.
According to Warman's Duck Decoys price guide by Russell Lewis, the following value range can be used as a general guide for Herters decoys:
  • Wood owl decoys: $1000 - $4000
  • Wood crow decoys: $500 - $2000
    A 1967 Herter's #77 Outdoor Supply Catalog 
  • Balsa duck decoys: $100 - $200
  • Ancient cedar/cork decoys: $200 - $500
  • Durlon (styrofoam) decoys: $25- $100
  • Model 50-59's: $25 - $100
  • Catalogs: $5 - 50
As always, some rarer species can demand higher prices. Be sure to consult with reputable decoy dealers for actual values in your area before any purchase.

  Many waterfowlers continue to use Herter's decoys in their everyday spreads, but more and more of these 50-70 year old blocks are ending up on the shelf. Either way, if you have a Herter's Decoy, enjoy their past history as you watch them on your mantel or in the marsh.
Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunter's Conference March 10th
Join your fellow waterfowlers at this independent conference chock-full of Wisconsin waterfowl news!

WWF's George Meyer speaking at the 2017 WWHC Conference
Wisconsin waterfowl hunters are encouraged to attend the 16th annual Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunter's Conference which will be held on March 10,2018 at the Mead Hotel and Conference Center in Wisconsin Rapids. The Conference is designed, developed and managed by a committee of independent waterfowl hunters. It is supported by individuals, conservation organizations, private businesses and government agencies. Our focus since the inception of this Conference has been Preserving and Enhancing Our Waterfowl Hunting Heritage and how waterfowl hunting in Wisconsin can be improved.  Attendees can have a hand in determining the future needs of waterfowl management, research and hunting opportunities. Help determine that direction! The cost of the Conference is only $35.00 if you preregister and $40.00 at the door. The preregistration fee for University/College Wildlife Ecology students and attendees 18 years old and younger is only $15.00 ($20.00 at the door).

Our Conference is open to anyone interested in waterfowl hunting; allows waterfowlers from around the state the opportunity to meet fellow hunters, management biologists and wardens and to share questions, concerns, experiences and information that affect our waterfowl hunting heritage and future hunting opportunities.

The Keynote speakers will be Aaron Yetter, Illinois Natural History Survey, speaking on "Tradeoffs between sanctuaries for migrating waterbirds and recreational opportunities in restored wetlands" and Dr William Hohman, US Natural Resource Conservation Service speaking on "The Ring-necked Duck". Read on for the full press release and see the day's full agenda here.
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