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  • Dale Arenz
  • Ted Olson
  • Jack Olson
  • Tom Lutes
  • Patrick Smith
  • Erich Pitz
  • Randy Hess
  • Raymond Petersen
  • Bruce Urben
  • Brian Hadler
  • David R. VanLanen
  • John Wetzel
  • Scott Zoellick
  • Cal Barstow
  • Terry G. Doughty
  • Bill Peebles
  • Jim Weix
  • Leonard & Arleen Wurman
  • Jeff Nania
  • Rob Monette
  • Guy McFarren
  • John Regan
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  • Arthur Anderson
  • Don Kloetzke
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  • Scott Hedin
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  • Lance Voeltner
  • Benjamin Larson
  • Randy Helbach
  • Don Kirby
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  • Michael Alaimo
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  • Eric Urben
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  • Erich Schultz
  • Jon Bergquist
  • Creed Ferch
  • Gunner Seibert
  • Reggie Rechek
  • Sophie Vanden Boogart
  • Moose Vanden Boogart
  • Max White
  • Eve Monette
  • Ziva Fisher
  • Nixx Urben
  • Pearl Olson
  • Lynard Sitton
  • Phez Bartelmez
  • Jax Braun
  • Sapphire Klug
  • Rolf Timm
  • Neka Otten
  • Reba Regan
Gone but not forgotten
  • Les Didier
  • John Holmes
Gone but never forgotten
  • Zoe Regan
Thanks to all those that have cherished the memory of a loved one by donating in memoriam to the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association.
Those recently memorialized were:
Mr. Robert J. Kuehl
Donor: Ms. Penny D. Kuehl
Mr. John Held
Ms. Kathy Shurts

Mr. John Holmes
Dale W. Arenz, Jon Bergquist

Mr. Jay Reed
Donor: Bob & Cookie Olson  

Mr. Norman J. Brady
Dale W. Arenz

Mr. Robert E. Strous

: Bruce Urben

If you'd like to consider a lasting and meaningful memorial fund contribution for that friend, hunting partner, co-worker or relative with WWA, please contact us. Each contribution will offer:
  • A personalized letter to the family of the deceased,
  • A letter from WWA sent to the donor confirming contribution for tax purposes (address & individual donation amount must be supplied),
  • The option for the donor to designate which WWA program they wish their contributions be put towards, and a listing in this section for the duration of one year
The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission focuses on wetland and upland habitat restoration, youth and adult environmental education and environmental- and hunter-based legislation.  
To contact us call (800) 524-8460 or (262) 968-1722, email wwainfo@centurytel.net or visit our website at  www.wisducks.org        
Don Kirby
Executive Director
Wisconsin Waterfowl Association
PO Box 427
Wales, Wisconsin 53183
MARCH 2018
Raffles, Events, New Sponsors & More
Don Kirby, Executive Director, 262.224.4949  


Excitement is in the air!  We've got a ton of great things going on, coming up, and "in the hopper", so please take a few moments to read through this update. I'll do my part by being brief, despite my enthusiasm for all the good news.
We've added 2 terrific new State Sponsors in the past month, you'll see how they're helping in the stories below.  Each of them is helping power your association forward, and helping us reach out further with the works our volunteers take on, all over the state.  Thanks Bergstrom Automotive, and PEET Boot Dryers for joining the WWA team!
March is a very important month, now-a-days, for waterfowlers, due to all the season-setting processes going on, and other educational opportunities to pursue: next week alone, we've got the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel sports show, the WDNR Migratory Committee meeting, and the Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunters Conference, in Wisconsin Rapids. 
Just this week, I've moved more than 80 nesting structures around in my travels, for AWA teams, for use at Horicon Marsh, and more.  We've also sold a good bunch to happy customers, in the last month.  Remember, if you've got wood duck boxes out on the landscape - prepping them for a new "family" to move in, is important to nesting success!  WWA has wood duck houses, and kits available for purchase - but they're terribly expensive to ship, so we normally try to arrange for a drop off with our travels, and time is becoming short.  If you're interested, reach out to me - we'll see if we can arrange a hook-up.
C ongratulations to the Scouts of Wolf Den #4139 & Den Leader Jeremy Fass for "Get-n-r-Done!" on their woodworking group mission, with a little help from WWA.  This month the team will be partnering with the Village of Allouez & our long-term Abrams project to get these houses on the landscape!
We've got plenty going on, thanks for taking a moment to review it, and for your continued support.

See you on the water, Don
"Chevy Heaven, The Great Hunting Truck Raffle" Is Here!
Image courtesy Bergstrom Chevrolet of Neenah of Chevy Silverado 1500 4WD Double Cab, actual truck won may vary.
Announcing WWA's newest statewide Class A (need not be present to win) raffle, Chevy Heaven: The Great Hunting Truck Raffle. The grand prize winner shall receive a pre-paid, 24-month 10,000 mile/year vehicle lease on a brand new, well-equipped Chevrolet 1500 Silverado Double Cab 4×4 All-Star Edition, provided through Berstrom Chevrolet of Neenah, WI!
Winner must be 21 years of age and have approved credit, determined by the leasing company to be sufficient to qualify for the truck lease.  View the full rules and regulations of WWA's Chevy Heaven, The Great Hunting Truck Raffle here.

The Great Hunting Truck Raffle will be drawn at WWA's Hunter's Eve Bash on Thursday, August 30, 2018, at 7:45 P.M. at Waverly Beach Bar & Grille in Menasha, WI.

Tickets on sale now! Get yours here for:  
  • 1 for $10 or   
  • 6 for $50 but hurry,
  • The Great Hunting Truck Raffle is limited to the first 2500 tickets sold!
  • Must be 21 years of age or older to enter and win. 
  • Need not be present to win.
Thanks to Bergstrom GM of Neenah, supporter of WWA's Truck Raffle, for this amazing offer for our WWA Members!

To redeem, show this email at Bergstrom GM of Neenah or download a printable coupon here.
2018 Shoot Series Dates Announced
Register - Shoot - Win!

Back by popular demand, WWA's 2018 Shoot Series will continue to offer what we've been told are the best (and most!) prizes to win, so if you enjoy fun-filled days of shooting with fellow outdoors-minded folk, mark your calendars & plan to join us at all six of our 2018 shoots in the series, the more shoots you attend, the more money you save.

Each shoot has individual characteristics, including entry price, award/games/raffle structure, duration of the event, "side events" available, etc. Every event includes: your 1 year WWA regular membership AND an entry to win the GRAND PRIZE for 2018 - a Browning Primal 23 gun vault from Chase Outdoors!

Special value for returning shooters: for your first shoot, no matter which one it is, you will pay the full price of entry for that shoot. For your second, and all subsequent shoots (2-6), you will be eligible to receive a $5 discount - IF YOU REGISTER AND PAY IN ADVANCE. If you attend all six events, you have the potential to save $25 on your registrations! Read on for all the dates and details and mark your calendars for:
Habitat Program Updates
Peter Ziegler
By Peter Ziegler, Project Director

We had some more crazy February weather last month, but the migratory birds don't seem to mind and are right on schedule.   I have spotted cranes and Common Mergansers as they return and the increased numbers of Canada Geese and Mallards have been experiencing fine dining in the flooded fields of southern Wisconsin.  

Though the weather seems mild the past few weeks, we still have 12-20 inches of frost in most areas around the state.   Luckily this held up as the 70,000 lb. machine we had working in Green Lake County last week needed the help.   The necessary frost was in fine form with no indication of leaving anytime soon.    We were able to plug the outlets of three ditches draining a large wetland area which will increase hydroperiods and create some open water habitat where none exists.  

This project really went faster than expected as we were able to work with a few neighbors to secure access.   Sometimes it is the small things that make the work go more smoothly that we don't normally think about, but without this cooperation we would have had to track nearly a mile into the project site and at 1 mph on an excavator that can take some time.   

I will be moving toward project reviews and continuing surveys over the next month for upcoming projects this year.   Keep your eyes open birds are returning and it is always fun to see them in their full breeding plumage.
Season Planning Is Underway!
By Bruce Urben, President, 920.660.2773
Bruce Urben

On February 10th I attended the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation's Waterfowl Committee meeting as a member in Stevens Point. This committee provides input to WDNR Waterfowl biologists to establish season structure within USFWS sideboards.
Taylor Finger, WDNR Waterfowl biologist, gave an overview of the past season, the Waterfowl conditions and the USFW proposed structure for 2018. Taylor also gave a presentation on the results of the WDNR Hunter survey and I gave a synopsis of WWA's Waterfowl Hunter survey recently completed. The following is a summary of the committee meeting and proposals brought forward by majority of the 12 members of the WWF Waterfowl Committee:
  • Committee voted to hold an early Teal season in 2018 with a 7 day season starting September 1st at sunrise and closing each day at sunset with a 6 bird bag limit.
  • Committee voted to keep the early goose, morning dove and woodcock season similar to 2017.
  • 60 day Duck season was approved as follows: 
    • North opener the Saturday closest to September 24th with no Wood Duck House split
    • South opener on the Saturday closest to October 1st with a 5 day split.
    • Mississippi opener on the Saturday closest to October 1st with a 7 day split.
  • Goose season was passed for a 92 day season with a bag limit of 3 geese per day.
    • North opener on September 16-December 16th.
    • South zone from September 16-October 7 and October 13-December 21st.
    • Mississippi zone from September 29th-October 5th and October 13th-January 3rd.
  • The committee supported the elimination of the Horicon zone for a statewide exterior Goose zone.
  • Other seasons approved by the committee included a daily bag of coot/moorhens of 15, 25 Sora and Virginia rails and 8 snipe.
  Waterfowlers can attend any of the four public hearings around the state to provide input for the 2018 season structure. Hearings are scheduled by WDNR as follows:
  • Monday March 12th in Lacrosse
  • Tuesday, March 13th in Rice Lake
  • Wednesday, March 14th in Appleton
  • Thursday, March 15th in Pewaukee
All meetings start at 7 pm. Check out the public meeting schedule on the WDNR's website for locations of each and how to send written comments if you cannot attend.

USFWS should approve the final season structure by Mid April so WDNR board approval will be completed at their April meeting! Please voice your opinion at any of the hearings or at the Wisconsin Waterfowlers Conference in Wisconsin Rapids on March 10th! DNR would like to hear from all waterfowlers!

Adopt A Wildlife Area Work Days - We Need Your Help!
A WWA volunteer working at George W. Mead Wildlife Area
By Mike Alaimo, WWA AWA Lead Volunteer
As I am writing this, we just had one of the warmest days of the year.  Flocks of geese streamed overhead this morning, Toms were strutting, cranes could be heard echoing across the countryside, and I saw my first Redwing Blackbird!  The first phases of Spring are here and it made the old anxiety meter peg.  There is much to do and so little time until hens will be looking to nest.  The teams are assembling for work in the field and your help would be greatly appreciated.  Contact any of the leads below for more details and sign up to volunteer online:
A volunteer checks boxes at George Mead WA
Wausau Chapter and George W. Mead Wildlife Area (WA):
  The crew up north just finished working with the UW Stevens Point students on wood duck reporting.  The students provided excellent instruction for the team as they researched the success of the boxes from last season and prepared them for new inhabitants.  In addition to this educational project with the UW Students, the team struck out in to the field and did some fence line clean-up!  The Wausau team is full steam and has a chain saw training day scheduled for 3/31 for its volunteers.  If you are interested in work with the great team, please contact Melanie Love at 715-393-5992 for details.
West Bend / Cedar Creek and Jackson Marsh WA:    Reorganizing and redefining goals, volunteers Mike Depies and Steve Jeffrey are heading up projects this spring to complete the required work hours before their annual report.  A tentative work day is scheduled for 3/10, but will be dependent on mother nature.  The team plans on installing at least 18 wood duck boxes on the property.  There is also a plan to tackle an old blind and refuse removal on Smith Lake some time in April, which according to the DNR is greatly needed.   Please contact Mike Depies at 262-352-9187 for details and look for more postings or emails as dates are firmed-up.
Waukesha / Twin Rivers and Rome Pond WA:   There is a project day scheduled for 3/17 at 9AM.  The rain date is 3/24.  Highlights include an upland clearing project and wood duck box clean-up, depending on ice conditions.  New boxes may also be installed, as last year's audits proved to have a high success rate.  Emails will go out to team members as a reminder, but if you would like to become a new team member, please contact Mike Alaimo at 262-443-4674 for details.
Twin Rivers and Lake Mills WA :   A work day is not scheduled yet for Lake Mills, but a recent clean-out and check of boxes at Mud Lake proved very successful for having been installed as late as early April last year.  If Rome Pond goes without a hitch on 3/17, expect an impromptu project day scheduled for 3/24 to get even more boxes added to these properties.  Contact Mike Alaimo at 262-443-4674 for details.
Waukesha and Paradise Valley WA :  After the project that moved boxes in January, there are still more boxes to relocate.  A small team will try to squeak this in over the next few weeks while there might still be some ice.  A project day is still pending and will be announced once firmed-up with the DNR.  Contact Mike Alaimo at 262-443-4674 if you are interested in joining the Waukesha team!
NEW!!! Columbia County members - Mud Lake WA :  With the help of a volunteer that would like to make a difference with his buddies, Scott Hamele of Windsor has stepped-up to head an AWA team!  The DNR is pleased to receive help with a contact being submitted this week, which will be the first of its kind in Columbia County.  The biologist stated that Mud Lake WA is a challenging property as it has one of the largest concentrations of invasive species in the county, along with a challenging marsh environment with bogs impeding access and taking out refuge signs.  This spring, a new gun range is opening as well, which will need help with clean-up and grass cutting.  If improving this property is up your alley and is close to home, please contact Scott Hamele at 608-235-6307 to sign-up as a team member.
Mud Lake Wildlife Area
NEW!!!! West Allis / Waukesha / South Suburban and Big Muskego Lake WA:   For those of you in the Milwaukee or Eastern Waukesha areas, this is most likely one of your waterfowl and recreation destinations.  Close to home in a large populous, this WA gets heavy use.  The DNR was very excited in partnering with the WWA for an AWA contract.  The submission should be this week and more details to follow.  We would also like to thank Ian Bartelmez from West Allis for taking on the lead for this combined team.  If you would like to be part of his team and make a difference on Big Muskego, please contact Ian at 414-779-1552.
Big Muskego Lake Wildlife Area
Tom's Event Corner
By Tom Seibert, Regional Director
I want to thank all of you who attended the Northern Wetlands Annual Banquet last Saturday held right in the middle of another winter storm.  Thanks for making this a hugely successful event!  Thanks to the Chapter Committee as well for hosting a helluva fine event.  If you would like to join this group in helping to make this event even bigger and better please fill out our online volunteer form & indicate this banquet in your area of preference.   

Banquet season continues this month with numerous chapters hosting great events.  Check the website for the banquet event near you.  Believe it or not, it is also Milwaukee Sport Show time.  Stop in and check out the many fine guns being raffled.  Talk to me about our "Adopt A Wildlife Area" program.  We are always looking for volunteers to help grow our chapters fundraising and now we need volunteers to get mud on their boots and dirt on their hands. See me at the show about making a difference to Wisconsin outdoors. 
We have several of the Chapter's Class A raffles online.  Many of these feature multiple prizes and others feature some extremely desirable guns
Win this Kimber 1911 in our Class A raffle!
(that you probably wouldn't buy for yourself but sure would like to own).  If you can't attend every event and who can, you can still get in on a chance to win the chapter's showcase prizes, most with great odds to win.  You can get information on how to purchase tickets on our webpage.
The attendees at the Northern Wetlands Banquet gave a big thumbs up to the New Cabela's 60qt. Polar Cap Cooler raffle and one of the old favorites the Rig'em Right Decoy package raffle.  Come see these at a banquet near you.  You will see many hunting items but also many outdoor goods or household items to win.
I am sure you will have seen the announcement of another great chance to win a fantastic prize, a 24 month lease on a loaded Chevrolet Silverado Truck. 
Image courtesy Bergstrom Chevrolet of Neenah of Chevy Silverado 1500 4WD Double Cab, actual truck won may vary
Tickets are now online and will be available at our upcoming events, but hurry because we are only selling 2500.  See our website for all the details.  I will highlight more new products to win next month.
Continue to check out our website for the latest news on upcoming events, the latest and greatest in Class A raffle information, the online availability to register for a banquet and hopefully to volunteer to help one our Chapters make a difference by improving the wetlands, waterfowl, and wildlife in Wisconsin.
Thanks for all your past and future support.

Sponsor Spotlight: PEET Dryer
Today we're pleased to announce a new State Sponsor joining our family of supporting companies, one that is celebrating 50 years of outstanding products that simply do the job for outdoors folks of many pursuits!

PEET Dryer company is based out in Idaho, a family organization dedicated to ensuring that one of the most basic elements of being comfortable - dry boots - never has to be a problem again.  One of the interesting quotes off the "who we are" portion of their website:
PEET remains true to its successful heritage by making a product that:
  • solves a problem
    PEET Double Dryer,one of the items you could see at a WWA event near you this year
  • performs as promised, and
  • is made well so it lasts...Period
This simple perspective shines a light on their approach to their business, that makes us proud to feature their products at our fundraising outreach events.  You'll see a selection of some of their more innovative items at select events, maybe even some things you didn't even know were "out there"!
Like all of our sponsor-partners, we encourage you to support those who support us.  We are very pleased to have PEET Dryer join us to support the works of WWA, all around Wisconsin, and to be able to offer their fine products to our membership at our events.  For more information about the PEET Dryer company, simply click on their logo in the sponsors' line-up in the margin on this page, and it will take you right to their website.

MARCH 2018
APRIL 2018


Thank you to everyone who purchased our 2018 Conservation Calendar! This raffle was again an immensely successful fundraiser for our organization's mission.  

Drawings will be held on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of each month and all drawings will be held at Marsh Inn, 220 S. Hwy W in Reedsville, WI, at 6:00 p.m. The drawing is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. 

Winner's results are posted online by noon on the Thursday following the drawing and the month's drawing results can also be obtained by request via email or by calling (262) 968-1722 or writing to PO Box 427, Wales, WI 53183. 
Good luck to all who are entered!

2019 Calendar Edition Advertising Opportunity
I know, I know, you're reading this, and thinking, "Didn't they just finish the Calendar sales effort?". And, yes we did; the Calendar project is one that runs year-round.  Although current advertisers have right of first refusal, we may have an opportunity or two for members/friends who have a business they'd like to promote, while helping the 2019 Calendar effort. 
WWA's February 2018 advertisers

Consider this: for just $350, if your ad is submitted prior to April 6th, you could have an ad appear in 3 months of the 2019 Calendar which will be sold by hundreds of volunteers all over the state and beyond, from July to early January.  Then, these thousands of Calendars hang in homes and businesses for another year, displaying your advertisement for all to see!  Plus, new for the 2019 edition, all Calendar advertisers will be able to have a logo or text link to their website or e-mail address, included in the Calendar page online for the duration of 2019.  This all adds up to tens of thousands of impressions of your business, in-person, in-print, and on-line, over the course of more than 18 months!
Sounds amazing, right?  Well, space is limited, so if you'd like to join the ranks of Calendar advertisers, grab this form and contact us ASAP!
General Fibre Company (General Moulding), Ariduk Fiber Decoys
By Bruce Urben, President 
Vintage Airduk Duck Decoy
A third major producer of paper mache decoys began production after World War 2 in 1949. Their decoys were sold under the trade name of Ariduk. General Fibre Co. also produced decoys for Sears Roebuck and JC Higgins! They produced their model 200 series of decoys in mallard, bluebill, pintail, canvasback and black duck species. They produced Canada geese, crow and owl decoys in the 1950's. General Fibre's factory was located on Locust street in St.Lois Mo. and remained there until 1959.
Duck and goose decoys can be easily identified by the round plug on the back
Airduk hen & drake mallard fibermache decoys
of the decoy. This plug was the manufacturing entry point that allowed the head and body to be made in one piece. The plug completed the watertight seal. General Fibre Co. was a fierce competitor of the Carrylite Decoy Co. which was located in Wisconsin (see previous Decoy Corner article).
General Fibre utilized glass eyes initially but eventually used plastic eyes moulded into the head to compete with other fiber moulded decoys. A number of models were produced including 600 series with a straight neck or feeder version, model 700 series were oversized and model 800 decoys were produced as shells and the heads were detachable.
In 1954 a plastic resin was added to the fiber to enhance it's waterproofing properties. Model 300 (Executive series) was added in the late 1950's which had sculpted side pocket feathers.
In 1959 the company moved to Cedar St. in St.Louis and remained there until 1970. Their final move was in 1970 when they moved to Cherokee St. in St.Louis and changed their name to General Moulding Corporation. They introduced their first plastic decoy in 1970, the model A-20 and stayed in business until 1975.
Hundreds of thousands of decoys were produced by General Fibre Co. and
Airduk Pintail Decoys
distributed throughout the Midwest. The vast majority were mallards.
Ariduk decoys are quite collectible, especially species like pintail, Blackduck and bluebill.
Warman's "Duck Decoys" has a value range of Ariduk decoys of $75-250. Fiber decoys produced for Sears Roebuck and JC Higgins are valued up to $175 if in good condition. Ariduk's are easily identified by their name moulded in the bottom of the decoy. Ariduk geese and swans are particularly collectible and are valued in the $200 range.

General Fibre Goose Decoy
As always, you should consult a reputable decoy collector or dealer for actual values in your area.
General Fibre Decoy
While Fiber decoys began to replace wood decoys, their collectibility has recently increased. Many antique dealers have Ariduk decoys and you can still find good examples at flea markets, auctions and garage sales.

If you have an Ariduk Decoy, they certainly would be considered as a mantel bird but many hunters are still using them in their everyday rigs!

Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunter's Conference March 10th
Join your fellow waterfowlers at this independent conference chock-full of Wisconsin waterfowl news!

WWF's George Meyer speaking at the 2017 WWHC Conference
Wisconsin waterfowl hunters are encouraged to attend the 16th annual Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunter's Conference which will be held on March 10, 2018 at the Mead Hotel and Conference Center in Wisconsin Rapids. The Conference is designed, developed and managed by a committee of independent waterfowl hunters. It is supported by individuals, conservation organizations, private businesses and government agencies. Our focus since the inception of this Conference has been Preserving and Enhancing Our Waterfowl Hunting Heritage and how waterfowl hunting in Wisconsin can be improved.  Attendees can have a hand in determining the future needs of waterfowl management, research and hunting opportunities. Help determine that direction! The cost of the Conference is only $35.00 if you preregister and $40.00 at the door. The preregistration fee for University/College Wildlife Ecology students and attendees 18 years old and younger is only $15.00 ($20.00 at the door).  Read on for the full press release and see the day's full agenda here.
Support WWA with Badger Sportsman
 Subscribe to Badger Sportsman magazine and support WWA at the same time! 

Get Badger Sport
sman Magazine delivered right t o your door six times a year for only $19.95. Plus, with this subscription, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association. Subscribe now and help fund our efforts to restore Wisconsin's waterfowl and wetland resources!  
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