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A life lived in fear (and it’s low-grade best friend Anxiety, along with it’s high-test best friend Actual Terror) narrows a human’s sense of optionality, which is a fancy way of saying that when fear/anxiety/terror grips us for long enough, we no longer see multiple ways out of it, or out of the situation we can’t stand and don’t want. 

If we’re lucky under those circumstances, we see just one way out, and it’s frequently not the best way; fear limits our capacity to think rationally and just outright kills our capacity to think outside the box, make intuitive leaps, and come to creative and insightful conclusions.

Fear really is the mind-killer.

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Take Action

The most basic fear all humans share is our fear of death, and many philosophic and spiritual traditions count it a good thing to occasionally meditate on our own death. Give it a whirl this week: Take five minutes of quiet and think to yourself, ‘One day, I will die.’ Let yourself sit with that thought for a moment before you continue. Then go through the list of everyone you love, ‘One day, so-and-so will die.’ Then go through the second list of everything you love, ‘One day, my country will fall. One day my house will not be standing.’

Let yourself cry. Let yourself grieve. For just five minutes this week, let yourself face the fear that you and I share. It will be diminished for having looked at it head on, even just for five minutes.

And your badass level of internal courage will increase by one.

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