~ Wish List ~
As we wait out the storm at home, we have a choice to make - we can
either wallow in self-pity over our confinement or actually own our time and explore the many brand new opportunities being made available to us.
As realtors, we are naturally hearing about home-improvements -
from organizing/decluttering to building a back deck - by all means, it is absolutely a productive activity right now... yet there is so much more!

 After you've put in a part of your day with that tape measure or paintbrush,
be sure to slot in time for the one (or two...) items on your
"Wish I knew how to..." mental list!

Never before have there been so many fresh extensive onscreen links - some for free, and self-isolated creatives and producers are continuing to upload more novel ideas! It's a new kind of taking action...

You need only ask yourself 'how do I want to spend my time today?'

Music with a live instructor
Take up Knitting
Conversational Language

 So... go ahead! redefine your confinement... get notepaper and pen
and jot down all those things you've been meaning to set aside time for
and bring more meaning to daily living at home.


And remember, staying home saves so many more lives.
Tremendous gratitude to all those on the frontline.

Be well... be safe.